HomePipe – A New Way To Stream Your iTunes To Your Android Phone. Kind of.

Having iTunes and an Android phone seems a bit of an odd match, but the iTunes store is pretty much the standard in the industry for buying music and since I have a couple of iPods around the house, it has always made sense to use it as the defacto music source. So when I got my Samsung Moment, I figured there must be a good way to stream my iTunes to my Android phone, right? Wrong. There are a couple of apps out there that claim to do it, but HomePipe seems to be the most commonly discussed. Since it’s free, I thought I’d give it a try.

Setting up HomePipe was simple, just filling out their form, confirming my email, and downloading the app from the Android market. Homepipe does require that you install a desktop app that serves as a media player for your files and music. It’s a pretty good concept and, to be honest, I had the entire setup done in under 10 minutes.

The issues arise when I try to play music. Since I have my music arranged into folders by Artist, I literally have to choose the artist and song I want to play. No random shuffle or playlist functionality from the Homepipe app. Not really the experience I was looking for. On the upside, I can share a folder via Homepipe and have access to all the files in it via my phone. They remain on my PC until I request them from my phone, so I don’t have to use space on my SD Card. Why is this useful? If I want to show my friends the photos of my recent trip to Myrtle Beach, I just bring up the shared folder on my PC and I can run through the pics. If I want to email an Excel spreadsheet, I can download it to my phone and attach it via GMail and sent if from the road.

What I started looking for was a way to stream my iTunes to my Android phone. What I ended up finding was a pretty cool way to share files and media…other than music. Thumbs up if you want to share files, thumbs down if you want to stream music.

If you have experience with Homepipe, I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of iHomeServer for iTunes for a few years – it aims to fill in the gaps that iTunes has as a music server. They released a major update a few months ago which included a web interface for iTunes which works very well from my Android tablet – both for music and video. Haven’t tried Homepipe, but iHomeServer certainly does support playing playlists (or all tracks by an artist) with shuffle if that’s what you were after. It’s not free but there’s a free trial and it does a bucket load of other stuff too


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