How Big Is The Twitterverse?

Once again, Brian Solis and the team at Jess3 have done a fantastic job build a visualization of social media. If you aren’t familiar with the Social Prism that this team developed, definitely check it out, but their new creation is version 2 of the representation of the Twitter ecosystem, aptly named the Twitterverse v2.

The Twitterverse Infographic Created By Brian Solis and Jess3. Click The Image For The Link To The Full Infographic

The graphic assigns each tool that connects to Twitter into rings that  include the following:

Ring 1: Branding
Ring 2: Geographics
Ring 3: Interest Graph
Ring 4: Dashboard
Ring 5: Event Management
Ring 6: Live Streaming
Ring 7: Geo Location
Ring 8: Relationships
Ring 9: Marketing and Advertising
Ring 10: Rich Media Ring 11: Communication Management
Ring 12: Research and Analysis Ring 13: Stream Management
Ring 14: Mobile Applications Ring 15: Trends Ring 16: Social CRM
Ring 17: Influence and Resonance
Ring 18: Twitter Search
Ring 19: Causation

Also, be sure to check out the interactive version of the infographic, put together by the fine folks over at

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