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  1. Emma McCarthy says

    Hi there. Each time I login to my account it says challenge required. I have changed the password and received numerous verification codes to enter and it still says challenge required. Any advice?

  2. I am so frustrated and sad that I can’t get into my ig account. I signed up with an old work email that I didn’t have access to. When I went through the whole “need help” signing in ig emailed me and said I need to send a pic with a code and I did all that but the ig account said I was locked out. So, again…and again…and again (prob 30 or more times) I have tried contacting IG with help on how to get it unlocked and no response at all now. I’m so sad, I don’t want to lose my account. Any ideas how to get it unlocked?

    • Hi, have you solved this problem yet? Now I am dealing with the same issue and I do not know what to do. Ig support also doesn’t response…

      • Hi Lucy and Afton. I was wondering if either of you solved this problem. I’m going through the same thing right now and have tried contacting them in so many ways but no response.

    • Fabian Lyon says

      My IG account clearly has been hacked but after sending six requests to their support team during a week span for immediate assistance, no response. I get to the reset password screen but a Google authenticator was installed by the hacker and I can’t go further. Somebody please help.

  3. Courtney Barefoot says

    Anyone else having trouble setting up the payment details with instagram? every time i go to the payment page and try to start typing it freezes. Any fixes?

  4. I feel like I am loosing my mind, as I can’t find anyone else having the same problem as me. I have found MANY links to the supposed Instagram online bullying form that has a few questions to answer, a place to put a link to the picture in question, and a description of the problem. I have tried completing this form but when I press ‘send’ nothing happens. I’ve tried on my iPhone, iPad, and regular desktop computer. I simply cannot get this to work and I don’t know why. Can anyone help?

  5. I’ve gone to go my Instagram via the app and it’s completely logged me out and it cannot find me. My friends can’t find me on their Instagram. The ones that can are the ones I have inboxed privately and when they see my account it says I no longer exist. I have no idea what has happened. Someone please help me! What do I do, I know I’ve been hacked

  6. Hi I have no more my old phone number . I can not use more my account cause new password comes on my old phone number ..
    What can I do ?I try to sing in my acount whole day.. I have no odea who can help me …or where I can to call

    • Kapadiya riya says

      I have no more my gmail account. I can not use my account my new password reset link comes in Gmail account.
      I have no idea who can help me? What can I do?

  7. Dante Lorenzo Palminteri says

    I have been trying to get in touch with Instagram for almost a year now. My password won’t reset and everytime I try I get a message saying “We can’t send you a reset link, contact Instagram for help.” However there never is anyone to contact and no FAQ explains what to do. Does anyone know how I can get back into my account?

  8. My Instagram account has been disabled by mistake

  9. My email i signed up with has been disabled and they want to confirm its my account by sending a security code to that email i cant access. I filled out a support form and ig emailed me asking i send a photo of myself with a code along w/ some other things in order for them to help retrieve my account. Ive done this multiple times and no one has got back to me. Does anyone know how to help pls

  10. Hi Sean, I followed the classic methods to appeal theInstagram decision to disable my account for violation of terms – copyright infringement. Really I was in good faith e with good intentions, I did not want to steal anything or damage anyone.
    I published as repost a little extract of a video about a martial artist recordman.With tag, and I asked the permission!!!
    So for me is a true injustice.
    The segnalation was made by a huge account.
    I cannot pay for legal assistance for aprocess abroad. The account needs me for job.
    What can I do? Grateful for any advices

  11. Lizzie McHugh says

    My Instagram account has been blocked because I downloaded this unfollowing app that made my account think I was robot. I don’t remember the password to the email that my Instagram account is under so I am unable to log back in to my account. Please help.

  12. Fasan Stephen Agba says

    My both Instagram and Facebook account was hacked
    My phone number, email and password was change
    I have contact Facebook and Instagram, I have also report my both profile but nothing changed

  13. Hello, My instagram has recently been disabled for pretending to be someone else instagram made a mistake this is my account please help someone reported that I was pretending to be someone else. I had my account ever since dec 2019 I have been growing my account ever since I don’t want to start over and lose what is rightfully mine just because someone wants to report my account that I was pretending to be someone else please help.

  14. My action block is over due. The date for it to be unblocked has passed. What do i do

  15. Burt Charlie says

    Hello my name is Burt Charlie knows my Instagram was hacked by someone in personating Mark Zuckerberg no one else will help and I can’t get through to no one I can’t get through my Instagram Facebook or nothing what do I do

  16. I was logged out of my account because I was trying to log in on a unfollow app now everytime I try to enter my password it says I have to type in a security code but the problem is I don’t have that same number anymore and I also tried to email them the picture with a different code they sent to my email, username, and full name but still haven’t got a response. Any help? Thanks

  17. oweis hadi says

    Hi, my dear, you’re fine, I have a question
    Instagram deletes my account once a week
    Please help me need your help. I’m so sorry,
    I love you so much.

  18. Feriha shaikh says

    I was logged out of my account because I was trying to login on a unfollow app everytime I try login to my account am getting a security code on my email id where in am not having that email id I have forgotten my email id it’s not in active status, but I have my mobile number on it am not getting the code, kindly send the code on my number so I can login back to my account. I have my photos and videos in that account. Kindly help me on this issue, I had replied with photo of mine with the code which I got from them and shared it through mail, with my name, user id and code with a clear picture of mine. Kindly sort this out and help me out to get my account back

  19. hello
    I have the same problem Instagram asked me to confirm that this is me and they sent me a code to my deleted my email a long time ago.
    I contacted Microsoft and they said they can’t return my deleted account and I reported a problem to Instagram but still no response.
    Does anyone have any ideas about what I should do next?
    I am so frustrated about this as it is my work instagram

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