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  1. i am havinf dufficulty logging in to my in to my instagram account as it’s saying “user not found’ and wrongly been disabled

  2. i am havinf dufficulty logging in to my in to my instagram account as it’s saying “user not found’ and wrongly been disabled

  3. My account was hacked over a week ago, I went through the process and got my account back(for a few hours). Meanwhile when my account was hacked I had some of my followers report the hacked account. So Instagram then disabled my account. I’ve been trying for days, submitting every type of form to try and get it back, but i don’t get any responses. What can I do???

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  5. I made an account in instagram. My ID is abdulhaseeb461.
    I lost my Password and when i try to get back to reset the password so i lost my sim number also that was used for log up. Now tell me the way get back to my account because i dont want to lost my account

  6. Hello sir , I am in a big problem . Sir , i mistakenly post my nudes on instagram and the instagram community removed my post immediately . I want to confirm sir , my nude pics has deleted forever or instagram community save that pics? Please help me

  7. Apoorva Sinha says

    i know my email , username and password but i had set up two step authenciation and had lost my phone with the app.Now i m not able to open my insta id with my email , username and password as it ask for security code from the authenciation app.Now what’s the way to open my account , do help please..

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  9. Your article has given it the best shot.

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