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  1. Emma McCarthy says

    Hi there. Each time I login to my account it says challenge required. I have changed the password and received numerous verification codes to enter and it still says challenge required. Any advice?

  2. I am so frustrated and sad that I can’t get into my ig account. I signed up with an old work email that I didn’t have access to. When I went through the whole “need help” signing in ig emailed me and said I need to send a pic with a code and I did all that but the ig account said I was locked out. So, again…and again…and again (prob 30 or more times) I have tried contacting IG with help on how to get it unlocked and no response at all now. I’m so sad, I don’t want to lose my account. Any ideas how to get it unlocked?

    • Hi, have you solved this problem yet? Now I am dealing with the same issue and I do not know what to do. Ig support also doesn’t response…

      • Hi Lucy and Afton. I was wondering if either of you solved this problem. I’m going through the same thing right now and have tried contacting them in so many ways but no response.

  3. Courtney Barefoot says

    Anyone else having trouble setting up the payment details with instagram? every time i go to the payment page and try to start typing it freezes. Any fixes?

  4. I feel like I am loosing my mind, as I can’t find anyone else having the same problem as me. I have found MANY links to the supposed Instagram online bullying form that has a few questions to answer, a place to put a link to the picture in question, and a description of the problem. I have tried completing this form but when I press ‘send’ nothing happens. I’ve tried on my iPhone, iPad, and regular desktop computer. I simply cannot get this to work and I don’t know why. Can anyone help?

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