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  1. Your article has given it the best shot.

  2. Apoorva Sinha says

    i know my email , username and password but i had set up two step authenciation and had lost my phone with the app.Now i m not able to open my insta id with my email , username and password as it ask for security code from the authenciation app.Now what’s the way to open my account , do help please..

  3. Hello sir , I am in a big problem . Sir , i mistakenly post my nudes on instagram and the instagram community removed my post immediately . I want to confirm sir , my nude pics has deleted forever or instagram community save that pics? Please help me

  4. Abdul haseeb says

    I made an account in instagram. My ID is abdulhaseeb461.
    I lost my Password and when i try to get back to reset the password so i lost my sim number also that was used for log up. Now tell me the way get back to my account because i dont want to lost my account

  5. My account was hacked over a week ago, I went through the process and got my account back(for a few hours). Meanwhile when my account was hacked I had some of my followers report the hacked account. So Instagram then disabled my account. I’ve been trying for days, submitting every type of form to try and get it back, but i don’t get any responses. What can I do???

  6. i am havinf dufficulty logging in to my in to my instagram account as it’s saying “user not found’ and wrongly been disabled

  7. i am havinf dufficulty logging in to my in to my instagram account as it’s saying “user not found’ and wrongly been disabled

  8. What’s ridiculous is that in order to get a disabled Instagram account appealed via the Facebook Ad Support’s end, you need to spend at least a total of $100 on Ads within the last 30 days in order to be eligible for Instagram support. This includes for disabled Instagram accounts, Instagram Shopping and any issue related to Instagram. To even get support for losing access to your Instagram account, you need a Facebook Account Manager and there’s not even a way to request an Account Manager. Don’t bother contacting Facebook Ad Support unless you spent at least $100 on Facebook/Instagram Ads within the last 30 days. What a stupid policy they have!!

  9. Shawn Prosser says

    I posted a pic of a tornado as my pic ID. My mistake. Now I am disabled from Instagram. There is virtually no way to recover the account or make the the change of taking my picture to correct the problem. Nor can I create a new account because my email is connected to the disabled ID. Are you kidding me. Seriously. I have found zero ways to connect with anyone to find a solution. This is extremely poorly managed.

  10. Hi Sean I don’t know if you’ll get to see this but if you do pls help me . I keep getting messages from Instagram that I shared my account with an app that helps me gain followers and likes and that’s not true now my account is being blocked temporarily for a week. It’s a business account and I absolutely do not know what to do since I have reported the problems about 20 times, send them series of mails all to no avail. I also tried to run a promotion and I got another notification telling me I was no longer eligible to run branded content ads and I still reported that but no response either so I’m really screwed and I’ll appreciate a response from you on how to get out of these problems. Thank you

  11. Breanna rosel says


  12. Rebecca Ibarra says

    I have found zero ways to get my account back. Also one new day I went to Instagram and it said “You have been logged out”, taking into consideration that NO ONE has access to my account but myself alone. And when I tried logging in it kept saying “user not found”, I tried through Facebook since both accounts are linked (same email) and it kept saying error. I tried contacting Instagram several ways ( is NOT helpful at all) and when I finally could try fill a form to submit a report it told me “invalid parameters” and cant send anything. Its stupid. I have tried everything. I just want my photos of my travels and my pregnancy back if Im not getting my account.

    Username: bebeckieh
    email: [email protected]

  13. lol rip shivan says

    Lol shivan ? that made me spit my coffee lol

  14. gmail accounts says

    very good blog thanxs for sharing i love it

  15. i cannot remember my password and i have lost access to my email/number. i am supposed to be taken to a submit a support request page, (‘Need more help’ does not come up as an option to click on) the button/page does not come up. it only takes me to the option to reset my password via email/number (it does not allow me to click on the further option to submit a support request)

    I have tried submitting a support request but it does not take me to that page when i am entering my email/username. it works for other usernames/emails. i have submitted a support request to instagram on my friends accounts explaining the situation , but they have claimed they cannot help me, and stated i need to submit a support request from my account – but i can’t!!!! it will not take me to the submit a support request page!

    i have tried on so many different devices. i have reeinstalled my instagram app. i have tried on new devices.

    please help i have lost access for almost a year and it is so upsetting

  16. Gaelle Frangieh says

    Most of the stories in My instagram archive does not open what can i do?

  17. majicspy says

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  18. I have a question I don’t think Instagram had in their FAQs, so on Instagram, I call my friends and stuff but recently it won’t let me make calls or join them and I’ve tried restarting Instagram, uninstalling it and installing it again and I don’t know how to fix it. Can someone help? Also, in my recent calls it would show that I called someone on Instagram but now nothing, not even previous calls will show up in my call history.

  19. Vanassa Hawthorne says

    I put in the wrong year for my birthday on my Instagram account an now. I can not get

  20. If some one tried and miss use your phone and instaaccount due to which my both account get disable and that person try to voilate the terms and condition after that i have appeal several times and how could i get my account back

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