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How Do I Get a Verified Blue Checkmark on Twitter?

If you’ve ever been on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a blue checkmark on some accounts, but what exactly does the blue checkmark mean? These checkmarks are found only on verified accounts, meaning that Twitter has done its best to ensure that the person behind the account is who they say they are.

If you’d like to have verification of your own and command that respect, there are ways that you can go about it. If you aren’t sure what it really means to be verified by Twitter, this guide will help.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Verified on Twitter?

What Are the Benefits of Getting Verified on Twitter_

Can you still get verified on Twitter? Yes, many accounts can.

When an account has been verified, it gets the blue checkmark identification badge. Since its inception, other social media sites have also implemented it. The checkmark simply means that the account is authentic.

This is just a way to let Twitter users know that an account is real, especially in the cases of celebrities, brands, and various notable people. Twitter offers verification to protect brands and people from being impersonated.

The main benefit of having a verified account is to let others know that it’s really you. A lawsuit against Twitter concerning a case of impersonation and criticism from celebrities who were being impersonated on the platform led to the implementation of the verification program.

This program clears up the confusion as to who owns an account. The accounts also command a certain respect, as the account owner is notable enough to get the blue check.

Does Getting Verified on Twitter Really Matter?

Does Getting Verified on Twitter Really Matter_

For many people, getting a verified Twitter account doesn’t really matter. They are available to friends, and that’s all that they are looking for.

However, if you have larger aspirations, you may need a verified account. People who own businesses, write books, or otherwise make a name for themselves can benefit from the clout that comes from a blue checkmark.

When you put your name out there, a verified account can speak to your importance so that your name is more trusted.

What Types of Accounts Does Twitter Verify?

What Types of Accounts Does Twitter Verify_

How do you get a blue checkmark on Twitter? To get the blue checkmark, an account must be three things:

  • It must be an authentic account.
  • It must be from a notable person or business.
  • It must be an active account.

If the account meets these criteria, it may be reviewed by Twitter for verification consideration.

What Does Twitter Mean by Authentic When It Comes to Verification?

What Does Twitter Mean by Authentic When It Comes to Verification_

When it comes to Twitter authentic simply means that you are exactly who you say or that you are the owner of the business that you claim ownership of. The site will ask for your website and have you verify ownership of it.

If you are not a business, the entity that owns the website needs to be verified. You will also be asked for your photo ID issued by the government and your email address.

If the account is for a business, the domain should have something to do with its notability category. Individuals need to submit an email from a domain that has been verified. For instance, Vans, the shoe company, is verified to have an authentic account owned by the company.

What Does Twitter Mean by Notable When It Comes to Verification?

What Does Twitter Mean by Notable When It Comes to Verification_

Notability sounds like it would be hard to prove, but there are criteria for it. If you have a name or a business name that is notable, there will be searches for it as well as references to it.

The person or brand needs to be recognized prominently. To get the account verified, the individual who has the account will need to be verified as being affiliated with the notable individual or the brand.

Confirming notability is done in a number of ways. Verification seekers can present one or more news articles from mainstream news companies that mention the person or brand several times. For some categories, you may need to submit articles that refer to both the person or business and reference their Twitter handle.

You may also need to submit a Google Trends search history that includes the person or business. There should also be a permanent Wikipedia article about the person or business.

Twitter may ask for other types of notability verification such as an IMBD page or other information. In many categories, having a mention or follower number that is in the top .05% of accounts can mean notability. For instance, Nathan W. Pyle has a high number of followers and is notable for his comic series.

What Does Twitter Mean by Active When It Comes to Verification?

What Does Twitter Mean by Active When It Comes to Verification_

To be considered an active account, it must have an image as well as a profile name. The account has to be public when you apply to be verified, and that account must have been logged into within the past six months. The account also needs to have an email address, or a phone number, that have been confirmed by Twitter.

In addition, the account can’t have had a 12-hour lockout or a 7-day one within the last year. If you had a lockout and successfully appealed it, it doesn’t count against you.

If there are safety concerns or the person or business is likely to be impersonated, Twitter can make an exception to these requirements. If the activity on the account has not been authentic and was created by artificial means, the account can be unverified.

What Activities Can Keep You from Getting Verified on Twitter?

What Activities Can Keep You from Getting Verified on Twitter_

There are many activities and account types that can preclude you from being considered for verification. If the account is for unofficial fan groups, a newsfeed, is a parody of something, or simply provides commentary, it is not eligible.

If the account is for a fictional character or a pet, it is ineligible unless it is tied to an entity that has been verified.

If the account commits serious violations of the policy against spam and platform manipulation, it may be ineligible. An example of this is buying followers and/or engagement. If the account is offering its checkmark for sale or offering to help people to get one, this is a violation.

Accounts that are involved with harassment or inciting violence or discrimination against protected groups are also ineligible.

What Steps Can You Take to Make It More Likely to Get Verified on Twitter?

What Steps Can You Take to Make It More Likely to Get Verified on Twitter_

How do I get verified on Twitter this year? You have to be chosen by Twitter in order to apply for it. To make this more likely, keep your account active and engage with others through comments as well as posting regularly.

Make sure that you have a good profile photo and that you post high-quality images. Pin your best tweet to the top so that everyone will see it. Use timely hashtags to stay in the most pressing conversations. Be careful to post only well-written posts that are grammatically correct.

Now that you understand what it takes to get verified on Twitter, let us know in the comments about your experiences in applying for and gaining that little blue checkmark.

— Sean