[SOLVED] How Do I Post A Tweet To Facebook?

First off, let me say how much I love my blog subscribers. I get a lot of really good feedback from my readers who ask questions that often go quite a bit beyond the articles the I write. As an example, I wrote an article a while back testing different methods of posting photos from a desktop photo to Instagram. Some worked…some didn’t. But the feedback, recommendations, and additional tools that have been tested led to a follow-up article. Just read the comments in the follow-up article and you’ll see the great input from readers.

In other words, my readers often help shape the content here on SocMedSean.com. Your questions and input help me identify common questions and develop content that tries to answer them.

This post is no exception. I received an email from a subscriber asked a great question:

Hi Sean – I’m trying my darndest to figure out how to post a tweet on my Facebook timeline. Any ideas how to make that happen?



The good news, is it’s actually pretty easy to do this. So, if you are like David and in search of a way to post a tweet to Facebook, here are the steps:

1) Find the tweet that you want to share. In this case, I’m sharing a tweet of one my social media comics.

Step one to posting a tweet to Facebook is finding the tweet you want to share

2) The next step is to click on the down arrow in the upper-right corner and choose “Copy link to Tweet”.

Step 2 in posting a tweet to Facebook is choosing the menu item Copy link to Tweet

3) In the popup that opens, you’ll see the full hyperlink to the tweet. Just select and copy the URL of the tweet.

Step 3 in posting a tweet to Facebook is copying the URL of the tweet

4) Next, just head over to Facebook, create a new post with your commentary, and paste the hyperlink to the tweet after the status. Facebook will search for, and display, the preview of the tweet. Once the tweet preview is populated, I like to delete the actual URL to the tweet from my post. It just looks a little cleaner.

Step 4 in posting a tweet to Facebook is just pasting the URL to the tweet to your Facebook status update and then publishing it.

5) Just click “Publish” and you’re done. The tweet will be published to your timeline for everyone to like and share.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. Well, kind of. Just a couple things to keep in mind as you do this:

  • If the user deletes the tweet, it will cease to show in your Facebook timeline anymore.
  • If the user makes their Twitter profile private, only those that are allowed to view their tweets will actually be able to see the tweet.

Other than that, pretty straightforward.

Keep those comments and questions coming. I’ll do my best to answer them as best as I can.


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