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How to Contact Facebook Support Using Social Media

Have you fallen down the rabbit hole of trying to contact Facebook support? You’re in good company. I’ve spent years approaching Facebook support from every angle, both for myself and for clients of mine, and I will be the first one to tell you, it’s not easy.  

Fortunately, those years and trials have allowed me to compile a long list of resources and approaches you can take to try to get your specific issue resolved, no matter what it is.  

You can access that long list in my article on how to contact Facebook support. 

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Today, I want to drill down specifically to using your other social media accounts to get in touch with Facebook support or to get help from other users who might have answers for you.   

Facebook Does Not Make It Easy 

“Wait, what?” you ask. “I have to use social media to contact Facebook support?”  

Facebook Does Not Make It Easy 

Yes. Maybe.  

Look, Facebook intentionally does not put resources into a support system for Facebook users. Think about it, Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, prides itself on the power of artificial intelligence. Of course they would pour resources into designing an AI system that can respond to all of your needs.  

Sadly, that system can and does fall far short of helping the real people out here who are locked out of our accounts, have been hacked, or are being scammed in some way, among other Facebook issues problems.  

This does not mean that we have to give up, of course.  

On the contrary, we must use all resources at our disposal to get our problems resolved.  

Try Your Other Options First 

Whatever your issue is, I strongly encourage you to explore your other options first, before resorting to using social media.  

Try Your Other Options First 

The primary means of support for personal users is a series of navigation tools that will get you in touch with artificial intelligence chatbots or contact forms you can fill out.  

Once you’ve filled out those forms, you can hope to hear back.  

But you may not.  

Facebook also makes it clear those forms are primarily for feedback.  

There are other approaches – email, business portal if you are a business user, etc. – all of which are covered in my other article. They may actually get you somewhere, especially if your issue is a simple one or if you are a business customer.  

Business accounts do actually have live agents who will respond in a matter of minutes if you contact them during business hours.  

But if you’ve exhausted all those resources, then yes, you should absolutely try using your social media platforms.  

Social Media Options 

If you have a platform, use the platform! You have options to either get in contact with other Facebook users or with staffers outside of Facebook for help via other social media platforms. 

Linked In 

Venturing outside of Facebook is another option. If you have a LinkedIn account, use it to find a Facebook staffer who might be able to help.  

Linked In

Hey, it’s worth a shot! 

Log in to your LinkedIn account and search for Facebook on the search bar at the top of the page. The search will return the corporate LinkedIn account for Facebook.  

Next, click on the link at the top of the page for the more than 60,000 employees who work at Facebook. That link will take you to a page of every person on LinkedIn who has Facebook listed as a current or previous employer.  

Then, narrow your search results through the “filter connections” on the filter bar to choose the option to only display first- and second-level connections, which will show you only people who are already in your network.  

Contact one of those people and ask for help!  


As a last resort, put Facebook on blast on Twitter.  


Again, why not?  

Seriously, asking a question on a wide-open forum like Twitter can often get you a ton of attention, and eventually attention from the right person or people.  

Just log into Twitter and tweet out your specific question to @Facebook via Twitter. You could also try following them and sending a direct message to their account.  

It can’t hurt.  

Remember, you have these platforms for a reason, and two of them are community and attention. Using LinkedIn and Twitter to get help for a real issue you are having on Facebook is using these platforms exactly as they were designed to be used.  

Have you had any success in the past using LinkedIn or Twitter to contact Facebook staff or get help with a Facebook issue? How did that work out for you? Let me know in the comments below.