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How to Contact Facebook via the Business Portal

If you’ve been struggling to contact Facebook support for help with an issue on your Facebook account and you feel like you’ve been hitting a wall, there may be an avenue you have not explored yet – the business portal.

I have a much longer, in-depth piece you can find here for all the possible ways to contact Facebook support.

But if you have a business account, this article may provide all the help you need.

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You Must Have a Business Account

First, let’s get this really important caveat out of the way: You must have a business account for this article to be helpful to you.

You Must Have a Business Account

Facebook is notoriously difficult to engage with for help with issues on your user accounts, from hacking issues to getting locked out.

This reality is not accidental either. Facebook has made it very clear that they do not allocate resources to customer support or service. They have tons of chatbot links that will direct you to various contact forms for all manner of issues – over 100 contact forms!

But getting a real, live, breathing person feels impossible sometimes.

That is, if you are an average, everyday Facebook user with a personal account.

If you are a business customer, particularly one with a paid ad account, you have access to the business portal with a number of tools.

What Is Facebook’s Business Portal?

Facebook’s Business Portal is a space available specifically for business accounts that pay for advertisements.

You don’t have to be paying much. As little as $10 is considered a paid ad account, and now you have access to the tools that will connect you to a live person for help.

You can use their chat option for a range of issues on your business account, including:

  • Policy and security
  • Billing and payments
  • Business pages
  • Ad management tools
  • Ads
  • Measuring and improving results

Even if your issue does not fall directly into one of these categories, choose the one that is closest, and use that as an avenue to chat with support.

Facebook has actually dedicated resources to having ad representatives available to its business customers once you are a paying customer. No surprise there.

So take advantage of the fact that you are a paying customer, get yourself to an ad representative, and let them guide you from there.

How to Use Business Portal

To use the business portal, be sure you first have an active ad account and that your account has an ad spend billed to the account.

Log into your account and navigate to the Ads Help Center. You can use this link –

Once there, scroll down and click on the option that says “Still Need Help.”

Then navigate to “Contact Our Support Team.”

From there, you can click on the “Chat” button.

Choose the options until you get to a representative. The nice thing is, even if you’ve reached the wrong spot, you will be redirected to the right one.

As a paying business customer, you have the opportunity to utilize features and tools you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Take advantage of it!


If all else fails, think about who you know!

As an alternative option, because you’re a business customer, you might also want to try contacting someone via LinkedIn.

You run a successful business, you’ve got contacts on LinkedIn, one of those contacts may work for Facebook or know someone who does.

Wrack your brain, and your network, to see if you might find someone in your business circles who can get you in touch with someone in Facebook support for your particular issue.

Follow these steps to find someone in your LinkedIn network who works at Facebook:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account and search for Facebook on the search bar at the top of the page. It will display the corporate LinkedIn for Facebook.
  • Near the top, you will see the option to view the more than 60,000 employees who work at Facebook. Click this link to get to a page displaying all users who have listed Facebook as current or past working experience in their profiles.
  • You can narrow your search results through the “Filter Connections” tab on the filter bar. Choose the option to only display the first- and second-level connections.
  • From there, you can see who in your network are first and second level connections.
  • Contact your connections and ask for help!

And don’t be afraid to do both – reach out through the business portal and find someone on LinkedIn.

When it is as hard as Facebook makes it sometimes to get support, you have to use all the resources at your disposal to get the help you need.

Have you had experience with Facebook business portal for support? Or have you tried the LinkedIn trick? Let me know what worked for you in the comments below.

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