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  1. Hi Sean,

    Just a quick note to thank you for including my infographic in your blog post – much appreciated!


  2. Great website, I really enjoy reading and sharing your stuff, thanks!

  3. Talk about seredipity, Sean … I saw this post earlier, was wowed by the infographic, then promptly got lost in other trivia. Visiting EA tonight and checked out your mission, so here I am right back where I need to be:)

    Sharing away, because this is a very good message.


  4. Brother, I know your pain..

    I work at Wishpond, a SaaS company that builds contest and promotion apps for Facebook, Twitter and websites for businesses –

    Tons of businesses come to us that are gung-ho to do social media, but are incredibly averse to spending even $19/month (our cheapest plan) on social media software.

    Our biggest weapon to convert these types to paying customers is our live online chat support team, which is present on each webpage via our SnapEngage plugin. Our team explains the details of social media ROI that we can’t cram into our product pages, along with case studies and examples of current customers to show them how they can easily generate positive ROI using our products.

    Many businesses have a hard time seeing the connection between social media marketing and new sales for their business, especially if they have not been successful in the past. But once you show them how they fit together, with concrete examples and data to back up each point, these businesses will usually make the purchase. The only tough part is that this convincing usually requires a personal conversation, which requires a large support team to handle the requests.

  5. really explains well

  6. Besides the typos which are a bit distracting, very insightful article with an outstanding graphic. Especially helpful for non-profits that need social media more than anyone but rarely harness it the way they could.


  7. Hi,

    I love this article. As a beginner professionnal in Community Management, I am confronted to what to do to improve my management. I especially struggle with research and curation. Any ideas about how to improve my methodology of managing social media, like tools or website to find content online to post and share ?
    What would you say is the typical day of a Community Manager ?

    Thanks and best regards,

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