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How to Use Facebook Chat to Contact Facebook

If you have been having trouble with Facebook for any reason, and you’ve been trying to figure out how to contact Facebook support to no avail, rest easy.  

You are not alone.  

You are actually in really good company.  

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Such good company, in fact, that I have compiled a lengthy article on all the many approaches you can take, most of which I have taken with success, to contact Facebook support for help with virtually any issue. You can access my longer article on how to contact Facebook support here.  

This article is much shorter and to the point as it deals with how to contact Facebook support specifically using Facebook Chat, which is unfortunately only for business users.  

Facebook Support Is Not Easy to Access 

Before we begin, let me reassure you that Facebook Support is intentionally and notoriously difficult to access.  

Facebook Support Is Not Easy to Access 

Facebook is very clear that they do not budget resources to employ a strong support team, with the exception of business customer support. Instead, the company has created more than 100 contact forms users can fill out and send off in the hopes of getting a response.   

They have also designed an artificial intelligence system that will help you navigate to frequently asked questions and best answers.  

One of the ways you can attempt to breakthrough the noise and get answers is to use Facebook Chat.  

But only if you are a business user.  

What Is Facebook Chat?  

Facebook Chat is a system designed specifically for business users, and if you are a business user, take full advantage of it! You can access a real, live agent for help with any issue you may be facing.  

What Is Facebook Chat?

Millions of customers use it to engage with Facebook support for issues with their account. The department that handles Facebook Chat can handle a wide range of problems, including:  

  • Recovering hacked Facebook business accounts 
  • Recovering disabled Facebook business accounts 
  • Resetting passwords 
  • Assisting a business user to receive a code for a reset request 
  • Any problem with a Facebook business account 

How to Use Facebook Chat to Contact Facebook 

Great! You are a business user, and you have a problem you need support with. You fit the bill for Facebook Chat.  

How to Use Facebook Chat to Contact Facebook 

Now, how do you access Facebook Chat?  

You can start with this link: 

From that page, you will notice a button that offers you the opportunity to “Contact Support” or “Start Chat.” It will also give you an estimated wait time, which is usually around 3 minutes.  

Note also that some users have reported not being able to access Chat. This is likely because the Chat feature is not available 24/7.  

The two departments are in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Belize, and are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in those time zones.  

Quick Fix Potential 

If at this point you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, and you’ve run through the checklist on my longer article, it is worth mentioning what might seem obvious to some, but to others simply may not have occurred.  

Quick Fix Potential

You’ve heard the common advice about unplugging it and plugging it back in?  

Well, if you’re a mobile user on Facebook, your version of that would be to uninstall the app then reinstall it.  

On touchscreen phones uninstalling is a simple case of touching and holding the app you want to delete then responding that “yes” you want to delete the app.  

To reinstall the app, go to the App Store, search for it, then choose to add it back to your mobile device.  

Silly as it sounds, that may actually fix any bugs you’re dealing with on Facebook.  

Do be mindful that to log back in to your app once it has been reinstalled, you will need to know your login and password information. So, if you have lost your login and password for any reason, do not uninstall the app. You will only create more headaches for yourself. 

Another option, if you’re on a desktop, would be to check your software for any updates. A lot of times fixing an application on your desktop is a matter of getting your software up to date with the application itself.  

Remember, if you’re interested in reading about the many options you can try to access Facebook support, you can check out my longer article, “How to Contact Facebook Support”.  

Have you had success contacting Facebook support through their chat feature?

What has been your experience? Let me know in the comment section below.