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[Humor] My AncestryDNA Results Came In And They Are Geekily Astounding!

Recently, there’s been a lot of sharing on Twitter by folks who took the AncestryDNA test and are showing off their results. Just check out the #ancestrydna hashtag and you’ll see that some are serious, some are funny.

Personally, I thought it might be interesting to send off for the kit and was surprised that every geeky thing I ever thought about myself was validated by my results. Check them out in the image below. I’m particularly happy that Ancestry validated my animal handling capabilities, as well as my value of history as a guiding tool for the future.

My ancestry DNA results are D&D amazing

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OK, OK….so it’s not my REAL ancestry DNA results, but as a child of an adopted parent, I am curious as to what my results my be. If you’re more interested in finding out what Dungeons & Dragons character you are, here’s a link to a survey of more than 100 questions that will tell you all about what character you would be.

Had good experiences with your Ancestry DNA results (or your D&D character)? Share them in a comment below!