Infographic: In Your Digital Agency, Which Lego Character Are You?

I’m a big fan of infographics…when they are done properly. A great infographic can easily convey a lot of information in a short, easy-to-digest manner, while also entertaining the reader in some way. Whether it’s sharing a hectic day in the life of a social media manager or simply relating the role of a social network in terms of coffee, I love to share infographics that both educate and entertain.

If you have every worked in a digital agency, the infographic below will probably entertain more than anything. The fine folks over at @thewebsitegroup had a little fun putting together the various roles in the digital agency and combining them with Lego characters. Just curious…which character would you be? Did they leave any out?

In case you were wondering, I definitely classify as a combination of the Geek, the Robot, and the Sheriff  😉

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.


Courtesy of: The Website Group



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