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[Infographic] Is Your Brand Really Engaging Or Are You Just Wasting Time With Social Media?

Social media engagement isn’t easy. You can’t just create a Twitter handle, Facebook page, and YouTube account and call it a day. It takes time, dedication, and yes…budget. Some brands understand that building relationships with the members of their community takes a lot of planning and commitment. Others just consider themselves successful if they’re tweeting and posting links to their commercials and marketing materials. #blech!

Realistically, brands that take the time to engage, build relationships, and open 2-way lines of communications with their customers are going to benefit in the long run because they will have a stronger understanding of the wants and needs of their community and will be able to adjust their product and service offerings to meet those needs. So, the question remains whether your brand is actually engaging with your online community or just marketing to them. The following infographic provides a series of steps to determine whether you’re engaging or just yacking….

As always, I’d love feedback on whether you find the infographic useful or whether there are enhancements you feel would make it even better.

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Is your brand actually engaging with yoru customers via social media? Or are you just yacking at your community with marketing messages?