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  1. avinash_machkuri says

    My dear Instagram my lsseus is my account problem back to my account Instagram please help

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for this useful article but my account was disabled 2 months ago and I don’t have the option “APPEAL” when I’m trying to log in. I tried to report as hacked but no one ever acknowledged my request.
    I’m lost to the point I have been tweeting them and looking for a member of stuff to help me on LinkedIn.
    What would you do in this case?

  3. I made an account in november, and it got banned in dec. then i made another account in a couple of weeks ago, and it got banned again. i post pictures, and videos that i film. i am now afraid of even using ig. also i do not like uploading bills, id’s or any of that

  4. Emily Anderson says

    The same thing just happened to me when my boss asked me to set up an account for our business — so weird to have an instant ban! We did all of the dumb photo taking, document uploading, etc, so I have hope we will have our account in a few days!

  5. My Facebook and Instagram has been disabled, What can I do to take back my accounts? Please help me, I have important files and docs in my account as well, Can anyone please help me

  6. Here’s my own experience here, a totally normal instagram account, uploading pictures from time to time, nothing special, my face mostly, scenes around town, a few stories from time to time. Really nothing special at all. One day, instagram tells me this cryptic and totally useless message that they noticed UAD “Unusual Activity Detected”… my ass. They won’t tell you what this UAD is, when it happened, the IP, the device/devices, nothing.
    I recover my account, a few days later, it’s banned with the possibility of appeal but… BUT… guess what? The appeal bounces back “Unable to process the request”.
    Now if instagram is asking you to do ALL of that to prove you are human, it’s going further than the justice system, further than homeland security, you should refuse and move on to a competitor like Evo. Don’t accept a company like instagram to bully you, to menace you, to intimidate you and to accuse you of doing something but NOT EVER tell you what. Don’t.

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