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  1. My banned account is daryus.8.9
    Many times i have fill appeal form and sent them my photo and every information they wanted !
    But everytime they are just sending me their foolish out-dated guidelines and just telling me u have violated ! But as far as i remember i have never violate their foolish guidelines ! They are just playing with me ! Maybe around 100 times or more i have fill appeal form and sent them ! But they aren’t even responding !
    I hate inatagram so much . They are so disgusting …

  2. Kittie Valentine says

    I’m a graphic designer who tried to set up an Instagram for the business I’m setting up, it got banned during the account creation and I’ve had to follow the appeal route.

    Because I’m only setting up, I don’t actually have a utility bill specifically to the business so just sent them a copy of my design software bill that has my name on it. Fingers crossed they accept it, I did explain this in the email also.

    Thanks for posting 🙂

  3. Dinesh khilari says

    My instagram account has been disabled please reopen my account

  4. Lauren Graziano says

    The ha jet changed my email. Now hacked my new Instagram and changed the new email. What do I do?!

  5. David Direktorr says

    Pretty much the same thing happened to me. My IG account was opened less than a week and all of a sudden it was banned for “violations of terms of service,” or something like that. I never posted anything! All I did was like about 10 posts and follow the posters. When I emailed to find out their reasons, they wanted me to post a selfie holding a piece of paper with a single word on it. They banned me for something I know I didn’t do, they refuse to tell me what they think I did, and the they want me to submit a photo? How do I even know that IG or somebody else would connect my picture with whatever it is they think I did?
    I never responded to them.

  6. Philippe Noth says

    Thanks a lot Sean for your help. The exact same thing happened to me and I was almost sure that I would never be able to recover access to my account. Well, I just had to send that silly picture – step 3 only, there was no step 2 – and after 3 days my account could be used again.

    All pages about getting help from Instagram say it’s impossible, I am so pleased it wasn’t. The trick is NOT to use Instagram in a PC browser to get help because, AFAIK, the offer to appeal will not appear.


  7. Don’t know if anyone actually monitors or still checks this–but I changed my username earlier today because I’m reworking my account and content. I then attempted to post a selfie of my face in sunglasses and a comment about how I fell on the sidewalk shortly after I took the photo (but with slightly more vulgar language, but not derogatory at anyone or myself), and the post loaded, then told me it went against the community guidelines. I attempted the post a second time, cleaned up the copy to not be so vulgar and the same thing happened. I then had a random photo of a pack of cheese from the grocery store that I attempted to post with no caption, the same thing happened. I then attempted the selfie again with no captain, and the same thing happen. The account doesn’t appear to be banned, and I can still like, comment, and post Stories, but I can’t post actual photos or videos to my feed. Any clue why that might be or how I can fix that? I reported the problem to Instagram directly through the app and will wait for a response, but I would really like to be able to post again! Especially since I didn’t do anything wrong!!!

  8. I’ve created my account on my pc and got it disabled right after. BUT i cant appeal! if i try to log in with my phone, the app says that my account username does not exist! so aparently my account was kind of half-createad. Tried to create new account but name was already taken… by myself! so sad i need that nameeee

  9. Eric White says

    Yeah… thats indeed something we all a victim of, ones in quora I received a flag for something don’t even in the comment… it was a spam link alert even though there’s no affiliate link inside … I appeal and things resolved… 🙂

  10. Simran jit singh says

    My instagram account was disabled how we get it back this way is not useful for me

  11. MWAHAHAA ? yesssss REMINDS ME OF my stupid email from fbook! apparently I srepped into copyright infringement? ? no idea what I did? ? ? says “image” I put up. with my status quote. ? noooo ? can’t even remember! so was given a telesales brand company email to respond to. First off I messaged fbook o site and emails… no response! so begrudgingly I emailed the tele brand direct. they said”wasn’t us. if your account is disabled. use thisssss code?! “? ? but don’t know what I’ve done to avoid in future! fbook and Instagram (sister companies and more) have gone data ? crazzzzzy! hence now I don’t want to go back! how do I send u the email? ? ?

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