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  1. Yeah… thats indeed something we all a victim of, ones in quora I received a flag for something don’t even in the comment… it was a spam link alert even though there’s no affiliate link inside … I appeal and things resolved… 🙂

  2. Simran jit singh says

    My instagram account was disabled how we get it back this way is not useful for me

  3. MWAHAHAA 😂 yesssss REMINDS ME OF my stupid email from fbook! apparently I srepped into copyright infringement? 🤔 no idea what I did? 🤔 😃 says “image” I put up. with my status quote. 🙄 noooo 😜 can’t even remember! so was given a telesales brand company email to respond to. First off I messaged fbook o site and emails… no response! so begrudgingly I emailed the tele brand direct. they said”wasn’t us. if your account is disabled. use thisssss code?! “🤣 🤣 but don’t know what I’ve done to avoid in future! fbook and Instagram (sister companies and more) have gone data 🤪 crazzzzzy! hence now I don’t want to go back! how do I send u the email? 🤔 😃

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