iOS5 Cloud Services Causing Crashes On iPad 1 – Not Resolved

After hearing all the great things that iOS5 has to offer the iPad, I finally got around to doing the update and I have to say…I’m unimpressed. Up until now, my iPad has a been a rock-solid tablet with few crashes over the last year and snappy response times. The iOS5 has now turned both email and Safari into slow apps that are consistently crashing and leaving me with a “white screen of death” while I wait for the iPad memory to catch up with the new OS.

Add to that the fact that iOS5 has not introduced a significant keyboard typing lag in Safari and I go from unimpressed to downright frustrated.

My iPad 1 has been slowed down after the iOS5 upgrade. The email client and Safari have been slowed down significantly email client takes FOREVER to turn on now that I have upgraded to iOS5.

So, in an effort to debug the issue and determine whether there was an identifiable culprit I did a bit of testing and I think I have found the solution. My first inkling as to the problem occurred after I took a screen shot of the email client stuck in the white screen, and then tried to email that photo to myself. I opened my photos and got a black screen that lasted for a good 10 seconds before Photo Stream asked me if I’d like to turn on Photo Stream for iCloud. Hmmm…if the photo gallery were checking to see if my iPad were connected to iCloud, I wonder if that was what cause the delay.

Not only does the email client and Safari slow down significantly, the photos app is really, really slow while checking iCloud services

Yes...This image is a black screen. Notice the title bar? The iCloud service seems to be really slowing down my iPad.

Following that train of thought, I started thinking about what iCloud is now connected to.

  • Email backup…check.
  • Bookmarks backup…check.
  • Photos backup…check.
Adding iCloud connectivity seems to be slowing down my iPad 1 significantly after the iOS5 upgrade

Hmmm...I wonder if turning off the iCloud connectivity will speed my iPad back up.


Hmmm….I wonder if iCloud is causing all of these performance issues. So I went into my iCloud settings and turned off all iCloud features except Documents and Data setting. Guess what…delays resolved. Safari is back to being snappy and email opens right up.

I’m going to continue doing some testing, but if you’re experiencing lags and delays with your iPad after doing the iOS5 update, you might consider turning off the iCloud features and see if that resolves the issue. I know, it sucks not to be able to use this new feature, but I’d rather have a snappy tablet than a brick with fancy features. So, for now this appears to be a temporary resolution. I’d be curious to hear if it works for others.

If you’re seeing the same crashing, please be sure to help raise these issues to Apple’s attention by:

1) Contributing your dissatisfaction on this thread at the Apple Support Discussions on the iPad crashes

2) Be sure you are reporting your crashes to Apple by going to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage and choose to Automatically send the crash reports to Apple. If everyone with an iPad sends their crash reports to Apple, they should get the message that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

If you’ve been seeing slowdowns on your iPad 1 (or iPad 2 for that matter) after the iOS5 upgrade, I’d be interested in hearing about them and any solutions. Please feel free to leave a comment with your input!


NOTE:After writing this post, I have continued to have issues with my iPad 1 and iOS 5, not mention an unfortunate incident with Apple Community Support. I have written 2 follow-up blog posts and I encourage you to read them, as they impact iPad owners and whether there is even any possibility of Apple acknowledging this issue or fixing it. Sorry for the bad news…Should I Upgrade My iPad To iOS 5? For Now….No!and

Apple Support Discussions – A Great Example Of Community Management Gone Bad


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