Klouchebag Let’s You REALLY Know What Your Klout Score Means

Okay…I’ll confess. I can’t stand Klout. Anyone who discusses social media with me usually has to sit through one (or more) of my diatribes about how ridiculous Klout is, why it doesn’t measure social media influence, and why relying on the score is one of the most annoying noob habits of social media.  I have wrote several articles on this angst, and even created one of my social media cartoons about those who “Pout about Klout“.

And up until today, I was pretty much over Klout. I don’t care what my score is. I don’t care what your score is. I’m just over it and had not planned to devote any more blog space or conversation time to the topic.

That was until I found a hilarious Klout parody site that I just had to share. Apparently, Tom Scott has some similar angst over the validity of Klout as measure of social influence, so he created Klouchebag.com -where you can find out just how big of an online douche you are through your Klout Score.

Are you a social media Klouchebag? Use your Klout score to find out!

So…I’ll feed my Klout angst one more time just so I can  share this hilarious resource. In case you’re wondering about where I stand, I’m “A Bit of A Douchebag”, which I guess I’ll take 😉

Enjoy and let me know what you think with a comment!




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  1. I got an 8–and it said that I’m a nice person. I would have to agree. Ha ha!

    Klout may not be the best way to measure social media influence but it’s still kind of fun. 🙂

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