LinkedIn Tip: Be Sure To Add Skills To Your LinkedIn Profile

The Skills feature of a LinkedIn profile is one of the most often overlooked features, but one that is critical to anyone leveraging LinkedIn to develop a social network or look for a job. In addition to listing your education and experience, the skills section can help your profile by adding tags that ensure your profile is more attractive to search engines and easier to locate for those using the LinkedIn search. The Skills feature let’s you select up to 50 different tags that describe your skill sets and experiences.The program is still in beta, but it’s definitely worth the five minutes it takes to set them up.

To add skills to your profile, follow these steps:

1) Log in to LinkedIn

2) Visit the beta page for the Skills feature at

3) Search for, and add up to 50 different skills to your profile. Note that when you find a specific skill, related skills are listed on the right side of the page. So if you search for”social media” as a skill, you will also see related skills like blog, blogging, blogger relations, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

4) Once you have added the appropriate skills, you can then view your profile and they should be listed just below the “Experience” section and just above “Publications” (if you have publications).

Document Management, Records Management, Social Media, Blogging, Knowledge Management, Internet, Wikis, Policy, SEO, Online Marketing, ECM, Social Networking, Writing, Extranet, Copywriting, Information Management, WordPress, Editing, Content Management

Be sure to add your skills and experience to your LinkedIn Profile. The skills feature is still in beta, but worth the time to set up since it can help make your LinkedIn profile more search engine friendly

If you haven’t already, also be sure to add your Twitter handle and blog activities to your profile if you have them.



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  1. I agree about adding skills. Also, updating the skills section whenever you learn something new is also a great idea. Helps people understand what you are good at. Thanks for sharing!


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