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My Experience

Over the years, I have had great opportunities to gain experience in a broad range of topics:

  • My undergraduate degree in Spanish (and the travels associated with it) opened my eyes to cultures beyond those here in the US and taught me that communication barriers can often be overcome with time, understanding, and willingness to learn.
  • As an elected official and law school graduate, I understood that people look to their government to provide them the services and protection required, but don’t need that same government peering into their personal lives and dictating what we can or can’t do inside our own homes.
  • Studying intellectual property in law school in the 90s (think Napster, Microsoft, and Netscape) and writing books at the same time offered me a great opportunity to realize the practical applications of copyright, trademark, and patent law in a digital world. I even had a major newspaper plagiarize one of my articles…big mistake.
  • My technical experience, both as a Web developer and as a manager of software development teams has taught me that people come first. Code is important, but in the enterprise if it doesn’t connect people or help them do their job easier, faster, or cheaper….it’s not of much use. ROI on technology is critical, as well. No point in building something if it isn’t going to help the company grow, improve a business process, or help sell more product. ROI on technology, however, is not the same thing as ROI on relationships. There is an element of public relations and consumer perception that isn’t about profitability. It’s about whether your consumers trust you and want you to recommend your products and services to others.
  • My years spent publishing technical books taught me several things. First, writing is hard work and I have a deep appreciation for those who choose to do it as a full-time job. Second, it’s amazing how much goes on behind the scenes when publishing a book. The number of people who are there to tear your work apart and build it back up into something even better is amazing. It’s a tough process, but I encourage everyone to give it a try…at least once.
  • My online social media experience began back in 1993, when I got involved with the BBS scene and in CompuServe’s groups. Since then, I have managed online communities, as well as corporate Intranet communities ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. These experiences taught me one thing…people are powerful and the knowledge the carry in their heads is amazing. Organizations that understand this and leverage their employees’ experiences and knowledge (and reward them for it) can accomplish great things!
  • While working as a Director of social media, my focus has been on connecting people with organizations. Basically, I believe that traditional marketing is dying. Fading are the days that consumers care about TV, radio, and magazine ads. Instead, people care about what other people think about products and the only way for companies to have impact is to have GOOD products and MEANINGFUL relationships with their consumers.
  • Finally, and probably most importantly, is my experience leading teams. I have accomplished amazing things in my career so far, but the most deeply satisfying activity of all has been leading the teams I have been involved with. I have had the honor of working with some great individuals who have been able to accomplish amazing results in unbelievable timeframes.  We’ve built applications, Intranets, and Web sites. We’ve written books, journal articles, and conducted research studies. We’ve implemented social media strategies for organizations in highly regulated industries. Heck…we’ve even convinced people that it is a good idea to jump off a 75ft bungee tower with a giant rubber band attached to their back. So, to all who have been on my teams up to this point, I say “thank you”. To my teams of the present and future, I say “let’s get to work doing something great!”

If you’re interested in seeing PDF version of my resume, please click here. If you are interested in getting in touch with me regarding consulting opportunities, speaking engagements or publication collaboration, please feel free to use my contact form.