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  1. Jon Spangler says

    Thanks for this account of how to “fix” a problem I have not yet encountered. As a non-technical inhabitant of thesocial media “cloud,” I am much more at the mercy of hackers and malware than others, so this really helps.

    I have bookmarked your story so it can help me if/when the day comes that the “foul owl” shows up on my tweetstep….



  2. Marshall Jones Jr. says

    Thank you for the help. I’m going through exactly what you went through. The advice about really helpful.

    Thank you for taking the time to post this.

    Marshall Jones Jr.

  3. Sean R. Nicholson says

    Glad to hear this helped. Good luck in getting it sorted out and be patient with Twitter. Once you get your site cleaned up, Twitter will get you back online and Tweeting.



  4. Jef Blocker says

    I sent my fifth tweet from my Palm Centro in May, and I was suspended for “strange activity.” I opened a support request and it was closed a month later with no resolution or explanation. I’ve opened two other support tickets, but Twitter automoatically closes the tickets and sends me an email saying that I’m guilty of user or technical abuse. This is frustrating because my user ID is my name, and I want to keep it for branding purposes.

    Although I see the potential of Twitter, I’m hesitant to invest more time with it, if my account may be suspended at any time without explanation or customer support.

  5. Sean R. Nicholson says

    Keep working at it, Jef! Twitter support can be slow and their responses to spam and abuse seem to be to lock the account and then not respond so that spammers and abusers get frustrated and leave. This makes it painful for legitimate users who fall into the system. Keep opening those tickets and asking for an explanation, eventually you’ll get it unlocked.


  6. MikeAnthony says

    Jef, I had the same problem. I was suspended, and wanted my account name for branding purposes. What I was able to do was log in to my suspended account and change my name… then create a new account with the previous name I used. Its been 3 weeks and my original twitter account is still suspended… I’m basically burnt out with dealing with their support.

  7. We are experiencing these same issues. We have cleared everything but cannot get Google to respond to our request. After we demolished the malware from our site, we still have a lot of visitors still getting the the dire warning because we can’t get Google to clear our site. They just won’t respond to our request. I wish it was only 12 hours, but it’s been like a week. UGH! This is getting very old. We still have Twitter but cannot link anything back to our website. So far, the Facebook account is OK. Thanks for all of your suggestions. If anything else comes to mind, please share! Thanks

  8. Jean Kelsey says

    Thank you for sharing your story and so sorry it all happened to you. I’ve seen several people feeling the heart ache of ‘suspended’ and the loss of of blogs in the last few days. My stomach sinks when I hear or read about these events and it just dropped again while reading your story. Glad you are back! I appreciate you sharing Dasient, too!

  9. Richard Townsend says

    I had two self hosted wordress blogs… about 150 posts…. the data server of my host was compromised and I lost all posts. No one has been able to retrieve the data so I now use blogger and a public wordpress blog….! Can’t say for sure that a hacker was involved in the loss of the data however I won’t be going down the self hosted worpress road again.

    I feel your pain… and thank you for the excellent information!

  10. Marchel Peterson says

    Wow, what an experience! It was good that you had some experience to draw upon to help you but I wonder what nightmare this would be for someone without that experience.

  11. Fang Feng says

    What a horrible situation. We all hope that would never happen to ourselves, but it does happen to us sometimes. I like your ideas to share this with us (some of us consider this like a shame and would keep it to ourselves). Thanks a lot.

  12. very interesting and well written. thanks

  13. Janet Callaway says

    Sean, aloha. this post is going to live on my computer. While I hope that neither I nor anyone else I know experiences what you did, “just in case” I want to have your oh-so-informative post handy.

    Thanks so much for the detail. Aloha. Janet

  14. Susan Davis Cushing says

    Incredible, Sean. So sorry! As Janet just mentioned, I “locked down” this article. Twelve days! I would need an IV. Spreading the word now.

  15. Lucas Wyrsch says

    Dear Sean,

    What’s wrong with twitter?

    Is Weibo better than Twitter?

    Twitter actually suspends in the millions because its management has lost control over the tool!

    Twitter will become as worthless as MySpace wrote Jeremy Schoemaker on July 13, 2011, before we started to use Google Plus.

    Since July 13, 2011, the problems with Twitte’s suspensions have worsened!

    I doubt that twitter still has control over its tool!

    Have a great and happy weekend!



  16. Jeff Mayernik says

    Twitter ‘support’ is all but useless in my opinion. I had an account suspended for ‘Potentially violating the TOS’ but they never did tell me what they thought that I had done. I only found out it was suspended when I went to tweet something. The initial response from support was that I should review the TOS. After I asked specifically (and politely) if they couldn’t maybe let me know which rule that they thought I had violated I got another canned response advising that my account would be reviewed. And when they did finally reinstate me they did not let me know that they had reinstated me, nor did they ever say which rule they thought I had violated to get suspended in the first place. Since it was a new account with exactly one tweet posted and only a handful of followers, I’m still mystified.

  17. Catherine White says

    That must have been a horrid experience.

    I fess up, in previous blogs I said I wasn’t addicted to blogging, but if I was locked out of twitter, they would have to call the white coats. Can I have the contact details for your therapist, should I ever need couch time.

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