My Reaction To Facebook Reactions

Yes, they’re here….and they’re taking the digital world by storm like Beatlemania!

The end-all-be-all-amazing-wonderous-supercalifragiliticexpialousdocius Facebook reactions. Now we can FINALLY respond to people’s posts with more than a simple “like” by also including “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry” to our responses to posts. And the response in the social media space is nothing short of incredible!


The news channels are covering it, social media experts, gurus, and wizards are clogging up the blogosphere with posts about how amazing they are. And it seems like everyone has their opinion on which reactions Facebook forgot. It’s almost like we were never able to express those emotions prior to THIS. VERY. MOMENT and now Facebook has advanced the human race to the next evolutionary level because was can finally express five new emotions in the world of Facebook.

Me…I’m all…MEH!


“Why?”, you might ask. “As someone who is obviously deeply passionate about social media, how can you NOT be amazed and overwhelmed by these new reactionary buttons?”

The answer is simply this. Comments.

We’ve been working our way around the fact that there wasn’t a “dislike” button for years now by actually interacting with them through comments. When a friend or family member posts something like “Just found out I have cancer, but I’m going to beat this thing”, no one wants to click the “Like” button. Yes, you like their attitude, but by liking the post, are you liking the fact that they have cancer?

Sometimes, it's just not as easy as clicking the like button

But would clicking “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” or “angry” help with that?

You love their attitude, but don’t love that they have cancer.

You’re surprised with “wow” about the cancer, but are you surprised at their response?

You’re sad that they have cancer, but not sad that they are willing to do the work to beat ti.

Are you angry that they have cancer? Maybe. Are you angry that they want to beat it?

You see…Facebook reactions are just another gimmick. They actually shortcut our emotions by giving us a quick, easy way to avoid actually typing a comment that expresses how we really feel. Emotions aren’t easy and they can rarely be captured in a single little icon. So, don’t be expecting any reactions from me on your Facebook posts….I’ll just keep on liking it if I like it and commenting regardless of how I feel.


Now…you kids get off my lawn!

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook reactions. Feel free to leave a comment (because I don’t have reactions enabled on this blog).


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