New Featured Video: Google Self-Driving Cars

I’m curious as to where Google is going with their self-driving car. Living in Kansas, I would like nothing more than to put my car on automatic and take a nap while my car drives me across I-70 to the ski slopes in Colorado. I’m not, however, willing to put the safety of my family in the hands of someone else asleep at the wheel.

Have thoughts/concerns about auto-driving cars? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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  1. 10% of all new cars in 2035 will be self driving

  2. I almost got hit by one of these today in SF, causing me to question their pedestrian sensors (in some stroke of fate after having read about them only hours earlier)…

  3. How expensive would this equipment be? A car’s navigation system still costs $1,200 plus as an option.

    We know GPS is off, so we are going to need to put sensors and magnets in the road. The laws will be created that you are unable to use these systems in neighborhoods or near schools because children (don’t tell me the car is going to sense every kid. Think of the screaming mother who’s child is 17 years old at a city council meeting where the law will be build.)

    The costs on a system like this between technology in the car, new utility cost to the public, laws in place to restrict where it could be used… why put anymore time into a project? The first driverless car was in 1920. It’s not going to happen in the next 80 years.

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