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One Suprising Way To Skyrocket Your Profile Views On LinkedIn

What one tip can increase the number of views to your LinkedIn profile?Having worked in social media and digital marketing for quite a while now, I often get asked questions by my clients about gaining more Twitter followers, attracting new Facebook fans or generating more subscribes to a YouTube channel.

From a personal perspective, however, the question I hear a lot when it comes to career grow relates to generating more profile views on LinkedIn. As human beings living in a digital world, our ability to advance our careers and increase our professional network has become more intertwined with our online presence. Regardless of whether you work in Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Product Manufacturing or Logistics, your LinkedIn profile is often the first place a potential employer or recruiter will go to evaluate your skills and experiences.

Because of the growth of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, it stands to reason that the more profile views you can generate, the more potential connections you’ll create and hopefully that can drive potential employment opportunities. Some folks believe that they key to driving traffic is to treat your profile like any other Web page and optimize it for keywords.

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Still others (including the authors of the LinkedIn Sales blog) argue that stuffing your profile with keywords is a practice best avoided. What most folks do agree on, however, is the more complete your profile is, the more likely it will draw views and, in turn, opportunities. A problem arises, however, wen you’re working in an industry that is highly competitive when it comes to the volume of profiles…especially when those individuals all know that their profile should be complete as possible.

For example, in 2014 LinkedIn reported that SEO/SEM was one of the hottest skillsets that got people hired. These are folks that know the value of attracting attention via digital channels, so it’s highly likely that folks searching for SEO/SEM jobs have completed profiles. That means it can be really tough to differentiate your profile from the rest of the pack. The same holds true when it comes to Web development, mobile development and marketing campaign strategies.

So, how do you increase those profile views and generate more traffic to your LinkedIn profile? It’s simple….just leave your job.

Recently, I left my position to pursue a startup dream and, although I really haven’t told anyone about my change, views of my LinkedIn profile have skyrocketed. Maybe it’s the curiosity of those who I previously worked with wondering where I’m going, or maybe it’s the buzz in my local network that I’m “back on the market”, but the numbers just don’t lie.

As you can see from the image below, I was getting 15-20 profile views each week up until the point at which I announced that I was leaving the company.At that point, even though I haven’t updated my place of work, my profile views have continually increased.

Changing jobs might just create an increase in your LinkedIn profile views

This week, alone, I’m tracking toward 50 views, which would represent about a  150% increase in profile views. When I update my profile next week and start engaging in heavy networking around my startup, I’m expecting that number to increase even further.

So…there you have it. Keep in mind that I didn’t say this way was easy, or even recommended. Not sure I would ever tell anyone to leave their job just to get more profile views on their LinkedIn profile, but it was an interested after-effect that I thought I’d share.