Updated: Path Makes My Social Network REALLY Easy To Manage By Offering Me Nothing Of Value

———-Original Article Published 11/15/2010 – See updates below——-
There’s a new social network on the block that’s claiming to make it easier to manage your social network.  The idea is that Path limits your social network to 50 users, presumably the 50 that you really care about. The new network was founded by Dave Morin, a former Facebook developer and is focused on allowing people to upload and share photos (aka “moments”), and tagging people who are present in them. Users can then share with others in their network.

The problems, however, are many:

1) Don’t I already have a social network? I have spent time and energy building a network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and a host of topical forums. Do I really need another one? No.

2) I don’t own an iPhone. I understand that there is an infatuation with iPhones out there, but last I checked Android ownership has surpassed iPhone ownership, so why on earth would someone launch a new social network without an app for both?

3) The website. After registering and logging on, this is what I see. Wow. Underwhelmed. Don’t know what to do. Really…can’t do anything.

Path.com from the Web. Nothing to see here…..

Since there’s no Android app and no website to check out, I think I’ll go check Facebook.

Update: 11/1/2010 – Checked back this morning to see whether yesterday’s odd behavior of Path was a fluke. Unfortunately, it looks like it was no fluke. When I clicked the link to leave feedback for the site admins, this is what I got. Pretty sure this site isn’t ready for launch…let alone being a contender with social networks like Facebook.

Updated: 01/18/2011 – Apparently Path has added emoticons to their new all-Apple social network, allowing people to assign smiley faces or frowny faces to their posts. Unfortunately, my Path experience is still a big blank screen because I don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch. Maybe the next code investment should be in an Android app.

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