[ANSWERED] Permanently Set Facebook Feed To Show Most Recent Instead Of Top Stories

Quick Note: There is an additional tip for getting to the Most Recent view of your Facebook feed on the mobile apps at the bottom of this post, courtesy of a reader. Be sure to check out that update. I also added an update about reports that Facebook has been limiting the number of posts being displayed in the Most Recent view. 

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Sometimes the big social networks roll out features (or forget to roll them out) that work for the majority of the users, but just don’t make sense to some of us.

For example, I’m still trying to figure out why Instagram doesn’t have a good way to upload photos from the desktop or why Twitter makes it so hard to switch to desktop view on an iPad or tablet.

Another strange one is the fact that Facebook loves to show you the “Top Stories” that it thinks are important in your life and while that works for some, there are those of us who prefer to see our feeds in chronological order.

In the desktop view of Facebook, there is an option to change from Top Stories to Most Recent, but Facebook only maintains that setting for about 24 hours and then it automatically reverts back to Top Stories.

You can manually change your Facebook feed to display the most recent posts, but Facebook will change it back to Top Stories after about 24 hours.You can manually change your Facebook feed to display the most recent posts, but Facebook will change it back to Top Stories after about 24 hours.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to permanently change this setting in your profile, an option that I feel Facebook has mistakenly overlooked.

Facebook doesn't allow you to permanently set your feed to show Most Recent entries, but here's a workaround that can help. Click To Tweet

I’m sure that “Top Stories” probably garner Facebook more opportunities to learn about what is popular or what topics you are more likely to respond to…which can also lead to increased revenue for them.

It also gives them more control over your feed, as opposed to Most Recent, which simply dictates that the posts will be show in chronological order.

Unfortunately, a lot of us think of our Facebook feed as a chronological feed of events that are happening. We check-in multiple times each day, expecting that new things will have occurred since the last time we checked.

In other words, we expect our feed to be presented to us in chronological order.

The good news, is that there is an easy way to adjust Facebook so that it ALWAYS shows you the most recent.

The key is in the URL you use to access Facebook. Instead of using the standard http://Facebook.com URL to access the site, try clicking this link instead:


With the ?sk parameter at the end of the URL, Facebook will now always display the most recent stories and will cause the banner to appear that indicates you’re viewing Most Recent.

To make this more “permanent”, just set a bookmark in your browser to that URL or add a shortcut on your desktop and then just click that link or bookmark when you want to access Facebook.

By doing that, Facebook will always start in a mode where the most recent stories are shown, instead of top stories.

Success! By using this URL, Facebook automatically switches your feed to Most Recent instead of Top Stories!Success! By using this URL, Facebook automatically switches your feed to Most Recent instead of Top Stories!

NOTE: I know, I know…it’s not the ideal solution that we want where Facebook adds a setting to our profiles and asks us whether we prefer to view our feed as Top Stories or Most Recent.

Unfortunately, we have little control over what features Facebook gives us as options. In the meantime, using a bookmark and accessing the desktop version of Facebook through that bookmark will always show you Most Recent if it has the ?sk=h_chr parameter assigned to the end of it.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a great way to switch the Android or iOS Facebook mobile apps over to Most Recent, but for those of you on Android, if you click the menu icon, you can always select “Most Recent” from your list of available feeds.

You can manually change the Android and iOS mobile apps to show the Most Recent feed, instead of the default Top StoriesYou can manually change the Android and iOS mobile apps to show the Most Recent feed, instead of the default Top Stories

In iOS on your iPhone or iPad, you can do the same thing by selecting the menu icon at the bottom of the app and choosing More > See More> Feeds > Most Recent.

I know…it’s a lot of steps, but it’s worth it if you really want to see your feeds in chronological order.

In the Facebook app for iOS, you can also view the most recent view of your Facebook feedIn the Facebook app for iOS, you can also view the most recent view of your Facebook feed

Hopefully that helps those of you who like to see the most recent posts from your friends and family!

If you another way or a better way to make this change permanent, definitely share them in the comments.


Update 1 – Another workaround to getting to the most recent

One of my readers reached out through my contact form and sent an interesting note that there is a quicker way to get to the Most Recent view of your Facebook feed without having to navigate through the menus.

Hey Sean, Thanks for the tip on setting up a bookmark to show the most recent feed in the desktop view of Facebook. I thought I would return the favor with a tip that I use on the mobile app. To get to the Most Recent view on the mobile app, I just searched “Most Recent” in the search bar at the top of the app. If you do that, it auto-fills “most recent posts” and clicking that takes you to the Most Recent view of your timeline.

Here’s the best part, though. Once you do that, it saves “most recent posts” at the top of your recent searches. That means, you can simply click on the search bar and then click on the top item in your recent searches and it gets you there in two taps.

Hope that helps your readers, keep the tips coming.


…and sure enough, Wesley is correct. I opened my Facebook app on Android and typed “most recent” and the menu auto-populated the most recent posts option.

Searching the Facebook mobile app for Most Recent will get you to the most recent view of your Facebook feed quickly

Once I tapped on that most recent posts, it took me right to the Most Recent view of my timeline.

When I tapped on the search bar again, the first entry in my recent searches was “most recent posts”, which is PERFECT.

Saved search for most recent includes a shortcut to the most recent posts in the mobile app

I don’t actually do a lot of Facebook searches, so it’s nice to have it at the top of my recent searches. Even if it did drop down a couple spots, any time I tap on it, it would come right back to the top of my searches.

Thanks, Wesley! Hopefully this tip helps speed up the process of getting to the Most Recent view of your Facebook feed until Facebook actually listens to us and adds a setting to make it permanent.

Update 2 – Users Reporting Issues With The Most Recent View Of Facebook Feed Being Limited

A few folks in the comments and via email have been reporting that Facebook is tinkering around with the “Most Recent” view of the Facebook feed…and not in a good way. Specifically, Facebook has only been showing 5-10 articles and then forcing people to switch back over to the “Top Stories” view. 

A limited version of the Most Recent view would suck, because it’s our chronological view of posts. If they limit it to only 5-10 posts, then it makes it very difficult to go back and find a post that you saw and wanted to look at again. You can always search for the post, but the Facebook search feature is cumbersome.

The good news is they don’t seem to have rolled the changed out as a permanent “feature”. Last week, I experienced the limit on desktop but this week my desktop Most Review view continues to load article. I scrolled down until I had reviewed about 100 posts, so it doesn’t seem to be limited anymore. 

I never have experienced the scrolling limit on Most Recent in mobile. I’d be interested to hear if others have. 

Hopefully, it was just a glitch in a Facebook code update and they resolved it my removing the limit. If you’re still seeing it, let us know in a comment.

If you have a tip, be sure to share it and I’ll update the post!



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Is there a way to permanently set your Facebook feed to show posts in chronological order?
Tips on how to set your Facebook feed to show most recent instead of top stories
Permanently set you Facebook feed show it displays the most recent posts instead of the top stories

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Comments And Reactions

  1. Good tips for surfing facebook it will give more convenience to users

  2. anu hospitals says

    Thank you

  3. Or just click ‘news feed’ and select ‘most recent’ instead of clicking a bookmark way up in the browser.

  4. The problem with the solution presented is that you need to always remember to click the bookmark. For an easier “set it and forget it” solution, get the safe and free FB Purity browser add-on, one of its many useful options is the option to keep the newfeed permanently on “Most Recent”, the option is titled “News Sort: Most Recent”.

    As well as letting you do that, it has lots of other benefits such as hiding all the ads and telling you whenever anyone unfriends or blocks you, and also lets you filter out posts from the newfseed that you dont want to see by the keywords or phrases that you specify.

    I really can’t recommend this highly enough, check it out via http://fbpurity.com

  5. تجهیزات فست فود says

    thanks for sharing the good tips. it was really helpful
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  6. YES…and modded my firefox entry icon and now

  7. HenryThurstingtonIII says

    so then your headline is bullshit?

  8. Madam Cheeky says

    This does not work. I clicked on the link and got a post from 16 hours ago and an ad. nothing more. I then clicked on top postings and there is a post on there from 3 hours ago. Time waster.

  9. Sean R. Nicholson says

    Hi Madam,

    It should work just fine. The link in the post is the exact same link that Facebook provides when you look in the left navigation of the desktop site and click Newsfeed –> Most Recent.

    If doing that works for you, then just bookmark that URL and you can use it to make sure Facebook always shows your feed in chronological order, instead of their “top news” order.

    • It use to work, but now the most recent button doesn’t work at all. No matter what you do. You might have the most recent post at first but after one or two you will get one from 8 hrs ago and then 2 hours and than then one from a day before. So far I have found no way to get most recent posts. If you can find one please let me know. I’m about done with Facebook.

      • I haven’t used the suggestion here yet, but I have noticed that when I have my feed set to most recent the posts will seem to be out of order- until I noticed that the older ones that are mixed in with the new ones seem to have new comments. I don’t know if this re-ordering when a comment is added happens to all posts or just those I clicked or commented on at some point.

  10. Cool!

  11. OMG It works! Only I didn’t even have to use your link. I was being cautious because i haven’t yet researched the background on this site.

    But you said the link in your post is the same as the one FB uses when you click Most Recent. So I went to the Facebook site on my phone as usual (in Safari, not the app) and selected Most Recent. Then once there I bookmarked that link. I labeled it Most Recent so I could tell it from the regular bookmark.

    Then I closed that page completely so there was no Safari window for Facebook open. Opened a new tab and clicked on that bookmark and it popped right up with Most Recent.

  12. Clicking “most recent” doesn’t work. Typing “most recent posts” doesn’t go to my timeline.

    • This post and comments are not dated so no idea when this was written. I’m commenting Dec 2018. Perhaps these suggestions are a few years old. No way of knowing. But they didn’t work for me.

      • Sean R. Nicholson says

        Hi Jo,

        This post was just updated last month, so it’s pretty fresh. Try typing “Most Recent Posts” and see if that works. I just tried on my Samsung Galaxy and both “Most Recent” and “Most Recent Posts” worked perfectly. Tried it on my daughter’s iPhone and it worked, as well. Be sure you are typing the words without quotes and in the search bar, not in the status update field.

        Hope that helps!

    • Jo, it doesn’t work for me either (Android). What magic, I wonder, are these other users tapping into? Also, tapping FB’s Most Recent doesn’t give anywhere close to the most recent posts. I’m glad some people seem to always have luck but I’ve never been able to work around FB’s own algorithms via my Android.

  13. jacob fuller says

    If you are viewing facebook on a desjtop browser, theres an even better way of keeping the newfeed permanently on the most recent setting, just add the amazing fb purity browser extension to your browser, it has a set it and forget it setting titled “news sort: most recent” . Once you turn that on, fb purity will make sure your newsfeed is always on most recent. Ive been using it for years! You can get it at their website fbpurity.com

  14. I am not sure if a bookmark works or not, but I do know that selecting “Most Recent” does not put your feed in chronological order, as this article claims. You would think it would, but it doesn’t. When I select it I get posts that are 1-3 days old at the top of my feed. (With not recent comments added.)

    I have about had it with Facebook. If it wasn’t for getting invites to social gatherings/parties I would definitely be gone from the site.

  15. As of 4/13/19, I believe that FB has ‘disabled’ the ‘Most Recent’ function. Over at FB Purity, the programmer responsible for the sorting filters has pointed out that even FBP is having issues trying to get users’ timelines to display posts in chronological order. The problem isn’t with FBP, but with Facebook itself. The company is doing some shady things with the ‘Most Recent’ feature, and limiting the posts that a user can see if they select that function, rather than the ‘Top Stories’ (which includes a bunch of commercial sites and LOTS of Sponsored posts and ads, to the detriment of friends’ posts). My timeline, sorted into ‘Most Recent’ posts, only displays posts from two days ago. This includes using both methods outlined above.

    Evidently, FB has decided to herd as many people to their preferred settings (good for sales, good for Zuckerberg’s bottom line, good for share prices) as possible by breaking or hamstrining the features that aren’t as profitable for them, even if those features are what their users want. We don’t really, as end users, have much say in this, and there’s not much an outside entity, like FBP can do if the issue is on Facebook’s side of things. I’d love to be able to ditch FB, if there was a more user-friendly option, but our options are limited to putting up with it, or abandoning the platform en mass. Remember, we ARE NOT Facebook’s customers… those are the advertisers. We and our data are what FB is serving up to their REAL customers. We’re the product, and they’re under zero obligation to give a damn about what the product wants.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      On Android and desktop, it still exists. On Android, you just have to scroll further down in the menu, but once you use out a few times, Facebook bumps it back up. I use out every day, so its third in my menu list. I’ll check a little later tonight to see if it’s still present in the iOS app.

  16. Natalie Burton says

    I’m finding CJ’s comment at the top of this thread to be true. Though annoying, I’ve never minded doing the extra step of going to “Most Recent” to see the string of chronological newsfeed updates; however, recently (last couple weeks?), choosing this option has only presented with 10+ entries then it appears not to “refresh” with more. This subtly encourages the user to use the Top Stories feed if you want to stay on FB. I thought it was just a glitch for a few days, but it appears to be a purposeful step FB has taken to limit users of the Most Recent option. I wish this weren’t the case, but I guess this is what we get for getting attached to a free service. (FYI: I’m using iOS mobile apps 99.9% of the time)

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      My gut tells me this is a bug with the iOS app. The Android app and desktop view of Facebook still have infinite scroll of articles in Most Recent view. The more I scroll down on android and desktop, the more articles load.

  17. Hi Sean,

    What do you advice to have a FB Groups Posts displayed by the latest posts? I find it so difficult to keep-up with the latest posts in big FB groups. Hope you have an answer. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  18. Hi
    Since ten days ago when FB had all the major issues, it is defaulting to top stores on my laptop despite my bookmark. At each opportunity it will reload as facebook.com instead of the chr extension. Any advice?

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Joy, just curious what operating system and browser you are using. I have tried on Windows with both Chrome and Firefox and it looks like the Recent Posts still works. Let me know and I’ll try to replicate and see if there is an ongoing issue with a specific OS/Browser combo. You might also check to make sure you aren’t running plugins or extensions like ad blockers in case those are causing the issue.


  19. Nice one Sean. It’s very informative

  20. Great post…Glad you share

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