[Presentation] 10 Tips For Using WordPress In Your Online Business

SocMedSean Presenting at WordCamp Kansas City 2018 - Sean R Nicholson

Me, presenting at WordCamp 2018 – Photo credit to @nthdegreemd

Over the last couple of years, I have had the privilege of presenting at the WordCamp Kansas City conference. If you’re located in or around the Kansas City area, you might consider checking out this great conference. Topics this year included:

  • Content marketing and how to write compelling content
  • The state of marketing technology
  • Branding your WordPress website
  • Podcasts and where people are consuming them
  • and a TON of other great topics

My presentation focused on the business aspect of WordPress, with the goal of providing 10 actual tips that entrepreneurs and business professionals could apply to their business. Each tip comes with my recommendation for a tool or plugin that I feel helps accomplish the recommendation.

I believe the full video of the presentation will be posted to the WordCamp KC site, I’ll post a link as soon as I know it’s live.

Have a favorite tip for using WordPress in a business setting? Be sure to post your tip in a comment.



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