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7 Common Questions I Hear About Facebook Groups and Their Answers

As business and marketing have moved increasingly to social media, Facebook groups have become a haven for many business owners to gather followings and provide content to their customers. Today, you can find a Facebook group for virtually anything, from DIY and automotive to knitting and cosplay.

The basic concept of a Facebook group for users is that topics in the group are typically designed around a topic then members can expand upon the topic, adding new questions, support, and comments of their own.

If you’re navigating the world of Facebook groups, wondering what the point is, how to create your own, or how to grow it, fear not. I have answers for you here.

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Facebook Group Question 1: What Value Does a Facebook Group Offer?

Facebook Group Question 1_ What Value Does a Facebook Group Offer

A Facebook group can add tremendous value both to the owner of the group as well as the members within it. It is an excellent collaborative tool where you can find like-minded individuals, get help with issues you’re facing, or simply find support for work you’re doing.

Sometimes they are just fun spaces to share common interests or information like beautiful pictures of travel or goings on in your city or town.

The key to real value in any Facebook group is that the membership is active. Some groups are small but very active, with members contributing and checking in daily. Others have thousands of members but little movement in terms of new posts or interaction among members.

Facebook Group Question 2: How to Create a Facebook Group

Facebook Group Question 2_ How to Create a Facebook Group

If you want to create your own Facebook group, it’s a simple process.

First, know that there are two ways to create a Facebook group: either from your Facebook personal profile, where you have your “friends,” or from your Facebook page, where you have followers and likes.

If you’re starting a group to promote your page, then definitely create a Facebook group from your page. This will allow you to promote your page from your group and drive more traffic for your business.

Otherwise, you can just start a group from your personal profile.

Start a Facebook Group from Your Facebook Page

First, go to your Page Settings.

Next, click on Templates and Tabs in the far left column and turn on the tab next to Groups.

Once you have done that, you have to activate groups in your page, so you can return to your home view page and find Groups under More, along the top bar of your page that includes other options like Home, Services, Photos, and Videos.

Once you find Groups, click it, and you will see the option to Create a Group. Click that.

Doing so will activate a pop-up form for creating your group where you can fill out your group information.

You can choose your photo, edit your settings, and even make rules. Once you’re done, you can start inviting people to join.

Start a Facebook Group from Your Personal Profile

From your personal profile, it’s even easier to start a group.

You simply click on the Groups icon at the top of your Facebook page from your profile. It’s the icon that looks like a group of people. It also kind of resembles a paw print.

Once you click on that, you will see the option on the far left to Create a Group. Click on that.

You will then be directed to a Create a Group form you can fill out much like the one above, where you can edit your privacy settings and begin to add friends.

Facebook Group Question 3: How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Group

Facebook Group Question 3_ How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Group

If you don’t have a ton of time to run your group yourself, or your group has grown quite large and you need help with administration, you can always add an extra administrator or two or five, so you are not alone in moderating what happens and the content created there.

To do this, the person you want to add as an admin will need to be a member of the group already.

You can go to Groups, then Members, and find the member you want to make an admin.

Once you find the member, click on the three dots next to that person’s name and choose Add as Admin or Add as Moderator. Then send the invite.

It’s that easy!

Facebook Group Question 4: How to Invite People to a Facebook Group

Facebook Group Question 4_ How to Invite People to a Facebook Group

Perhaps the most important part of your Facebook group is adding people to the group to keep it thriving and active so your members will stay.

As soon as you create your group, you’ll want to figure out how to grow a Facebook group without followers.

Of course, from both your personal page or your professional one, you can invite your friends and followers, but you will want your group to extend beyond just the people who you know and who already know you.

First, as your Facebook group grows, it will attract more attention on Facebook. But to get more involved yourself, you can start interacting with others in your existing groups or join new groups with similar interests as your own and start organically inviting people to join your group.

If the connection is authentic, it is a sure-fire way to get new members.

Facebook Group Question 5: How Can You Change the Name of a Facebook Group?

Facebook Group Question 5_ How Can You Change the Name of a Facebook Group

Don’t worry! You’re not stuck with the name you started with.

You can always change it.

Simply go to your Group Settings and click on Group Name. From there, you can type in the new name then click Save.

Facebook Group Question 6: How Can I Link a Group in Facebook to Another Group?

Facebook Group Question 6_ How Can I Link a Group in Facebook to Another Group

Another great way to get more traffic to your group is to connect your Facebook group to other Facebook groups.

To do this, tap the three lines at the bottom of Facebook, then tap Groups then Your Groups.

Under Settings, tap Linked Groups and Pages, and tap Recommended Groups. Then you can hit the plus sign and start searching for groups like yours to link so people in those groups can find you.

Facebook Group Question 7: How Can I Tag a Group on Facebook to My Post?

Facebook Group Question 7_ How Can I Tag a Group on Facebook to My Post

Finally, if your group has relevant activity in a post you are creating, you can tag your group so people reading your personal or page post can find your group.

To drive more traffic to your group, all you have to do is create your post as you normally would, and then type @ and the name of your group. Your group name will populate as you begin typing the letters, and you can click it.

Then, everyone who sees your post will also have the option to click on that tag and see your group and ideally ask to join it!

I hope this information has been helpful as you navigate the world of Facebook groups. If you have been working on these issues and come across interesting bits of information or have additional questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I love to hear from my readers!