Removing Trending Articles From Your Facebook Timeline

Steps to remove trending articles from your Facebook timeline

Facebook does it again! First, it was adding ads to your timeline, next it was posting articles and updates based on what your friends were doing.

Now, Facebook is hijacking your timeline and inserting “Trending Articles”. While I’m not positive about the source, it’s likely that Facebook monitors the articles/blog posts that your friends are clicking on and sharing and then presumes that you’ll want to see them too.

Want to remove the trending articles from your Facebook timeline? Here are the steps and instructionsFacebook inserts these trending articles to your timeline, presumably because your friends or family are sharing them.

Personally, I want Facebook to stay the heck out of my timeline.

So, in the spirit of reserving my timeline for my friends and family I did some testing and came up with a few steps that should remove these “Trending Articles” from my timeline. Give them a try and see if they work for you.

NOTE: Before you start, realize that the steps I’m detailing will block a series of apps and is a bit of a manual process.

I get that…but right now, I haven’t found a better way.


Also, each app that you block may impact other areas of functionality. For instance, if you use Spotify or Yahoo! News from within Facebook, blocking these apps to stop them from posting to your Trending Articles might also cause them to not work in other areas of Facebook. So…be cautious and evaluate whether you want to actually disable each app before you do it.

Ok…let’s get to it. To disable the apps that are posting to your Trending Articles, do this:

1) Log in to Facebook (yes…I actually typed that, but you’d be surprised how many people skip this step).

2) In the top right, drop down the triangle and choose Privacy Settings from the menu.

3) Next, scroll down and choose Blocked People and Apps

Choose to manage that apps that you block from within Facebook

4) Type the name of the app that was posting to your timeline and you’ll see the app and any related apps. Just click it and it will be added to the list of apps that now are not allowed to interact with your Facebook account.

Select the Apps That You No Longer Wish To Interact With Your Facebook Account

5) As you see apps post to your account, simply block them…which should cut down on the clutter in your Timeline.

I know it’s kind of a pain to have to manually block these apps, but Facebook it constantly trying to “bring your timeline to life”, meaning that they are going to continue to push apps to your timeline that they think are important to you.

For a list of all the Timeline Apps that Facebook has in it’s annoying toolbox, you can go here:

In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight and don’t let Facebook butt into your conversations with friends and family.

Have a better way to do this? I’d love to hear it in a comment!




Update: For those who are a little more tech savvy and don’t mind installing browser add-ons, there is an add-on/plugin that you can install called FB Purity that will “cleanse” your Facebook timeline. If you’re a little more daring…you can check out the details here:


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Comments And Reactions

  1. It’s interesting how many people and apps are on this “blocked” list after a while.
    I actually routinely hide these apps by clicking the little arrow on the top-right of game and app updates.
    Thanks Sean! This article is a good resource I’ll send others to

  2. Sandor Benko (@SandorBenko) says

    Thanks, great article. I’ve had people come to me for advice on how to do this. Now I can just refer them to your article. Handy. 😉

  3. Janet Callaway says

    Thanks for the tips, Sean.

  4. Jessica Martinez says

    This is excellent. I do get so tired of reading about the kardashians that I could barf, so to find out they are trending, right in the middle of my Timeline, is so annoying. Thanks!

  5. Catherine White says

    Cool bananas, thanks for this.

  6. Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana says

    That’s interesting–sounds a bit like Facebook is taking a page from Google+. Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Chris Yule says

    I find it hilarious that Facebook have introduced an element that is so hated, there are spamming posts on how to remove it.

  8. FacebookZombie says

    There’s a much easier way. This is you can do it in the simplest way possible:

  9. Bill Lazdowski says

    Thank you very much for your insights on this topic.

  10. Joe 12-Pack says

    It’s very telling that we have to go outside Facebook to get help on Facebook.

  11. keepourfreedoms says

    I tried blocking this, but there was no button to update or accept the block. Now what?

  12. You start out by talking about removing Trending Articles – that’s what I’m trying to do. You end up talking about blocking apps that show up when you start to type in the name. Trending Articles NEVER shows up, so you can’t click on it. Is there any way to get rid of it without adding an app?

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Penny,

      Apologies if I wasn’t clear in the article. Trending Articles are published by Facebook apps. In order to remove the Trending Articles, you have to manually the access that these apps have to publish to your timeline. There isn’t any way (so far) to remove the Trending Articles module and there isn’t any way to globally block all apps from publishing to your timeline.

      As I said in the article…it stinks that this is a manual process, but for now it’s the only way that I am aware of. If others have tips/insights on how to remove it, I’d love to hear them.



  13. Thank you for this!

  14. Marcelo Ross says

    Thanks, Sean.

  15. Ergh, was very displeased when I logged into FB today and saw this.
    Another solution: (1) Close your FB account (2) Populate and post in a Google+ account. Much more control and only small list of trending hashtags on the page to suggest possible content.

  16. Nick Booky says

    :3 Thank you so much!

  17. Remove the timeline altogether with Google Chrome and the timeline remover extension.

  18. Add this:“ogAggregationTrendingList”]

    in chrome adblock
    it works 🙂

  19. Joseph Kildare says

    ive found a much better and more automated way of doing it.
    1) install the safe, free and very highly rated FB Purity browser extension
    2) tick the “hide trending articles” option on the FB Purity options screen

    and bobs your uncle, all trending article boxes will be hidden from your newsfeed.
    as a bonus it also stops the links in those boxes from redirecting via the corresponding Facebook applications, and instead re-routes the links directly to the articles themselves, which saves time and also the annoyance of having every article you read posted to your timeline

    it works great for me, and yet another bonus is, if you click on any facebook applications by mistake, FBP adds a block app button directly to any application popup window

  20. I got rid of ALL my apps and it didn’t make any difference.

    Can someone please figure out where these things are REALLY coming from?

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