Sex, Drugs, and Social Media – A Guest Post About Talking With Your Kids

Recently, Kurt Kloeblen, of Pop Goes Dad, asked me to write a blog post on the top of social media and parenting. If you’re a parent (or ever planning to be one), take a look at my guest post and let me know what you think. I’d be interested to hear how other parents have approached the “social media talk” with their kids or whether you even think it’s necessary.

Click here to read my guest blog post on Pop Goes Dad about Sex, Drugs, and Social Media

Click here to check out my guest blog post on talking with your kids about Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels

Thanks for checking out the post and extra special thanks if you leave a comment and share your experiences.



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  2. Allen Harper says:

    A must read article for all parents! Truth has been spoken all in it. Nowadays we can’t find a kid who doesn’t have a facebook, twitter accounts etc. and they are totally addicted to it. They may not mind an elder person speaking while if they are chatting or doing something on phone. Not only social media, more kids are getting addicted to drugs nowadays and later parents need to take them to some addiction recovery treatment and all. World has changed a lot and we all should change the way how we speak or behave with our kids.

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