Should I Upgrade My iPad To iOS 5? For Now….No!

Okay…to be candidly honest, I haven’t been a huge fan of Apple products. Although I grew up on Apple II computers and my first programming language was Apple Basic, I was never a big fan of the closed architecture and I always liked to build/fix/upgrade my computers, so I switched to PCs in the 90s.

That recently changed with the iPad, though. I originally purchased an Android-based tablet from a Chinese manufacturer, but was less than thrilled when the power supply died after 3 months and it would have cost me $150 to ship it back to China for warranty work. So I stopped pinching pennies and paid the premium for the iPad and it has been a rock-solid tablet, everything that Apple claims to be. Easy, dependable, feature-rich. Oh yeah…and issue-free. Over the first year that I have used it, I’ll bet it crashed twice. The solid hardware and quality control over apps in the iTunes store has guaranteed a great experience that has me considering buying more Apple products in the future.

Until iOS5 came along.

Now, in the last 24 hours I bet my iPad has crashed more than 20 times. Safari crashes, email crashes, Notes crashes, EverNote crashes….everything crashes.

But it doesn’t happen all the time. No, my iPad works for 15-20 minutes, behaving like everything is okay, but then…in the middle of something important…CRASH! And my iPad is not the anomaly.

Just spend a few minutes browsing Google and you’ll find that I’m not alone in my frustration with iOS5:

Google Pulls Google Voice From Apple App Store Due To Crashes On iOS5

Third Party Apps Crashing on iOS5

iOS 5 Crashes Evernote

GoWalla Crashes On iOS 5

Safari Crashes Constantly On iOS 5 For iPad

…and that’s just a few examples. I could probably list another 20 apps that are experiencing issues after iOS 5 was released. The point in the blog post isn’t just to complain about iOS 5, it’s to point out that the issue isn’t likely with the apps, but with the OS architecture. If a large number of apps are experiencing issues, Apple should probably look at whether every one of those apps (their own browser and Notes app included) were badly coded and impacted by the OS upgrade….or maybe the OS is the issue.

For now, if you’re thinking about upgrading your iPad to iOS 5, I would advise against it. Let Apple work out the issues for a couple more weeks and issue any patches to resolve the crashing. Hopefully, there’s enough of a clamor on the Web, Twitter, and Facebook to make the pay attention.

Are you experiencing similar issues? Have tweeks or fixes that might help resolve the crashes? Feel free to share them in comments or a link to your blog articles.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Gen1 iPad here, mayyyybe a half dozen crashes all last year. Upgraded to 5 last weekend and it’s been a nightmare. Taking more dives that a synchronized swim team. Safari loses tab titles, crashes. Email (exchange) and imap crash, twitter crashes consistently about 5 seconds after load, completely unusable. If I exclude my neurotic and repeated retries of twitter, I’ve still seen dozens of surprise crashes every day this week. Surprised its been able to let me make this post, I am typing fast! Don’t do it!

  2. Penny in Stockholm says:

    Same here. My main issue is Evernote, can’t use it! Tried everything from re-install to not syncing any offline notes… I’m in app-hell. Awful!

    • I hear you, Penny! I love EverNote as a note-taking app, but have had to switch to the standard notepad. Hopefully this is just temporary as I know that Evernote is a HUGELY popular app for the iPad 1, iPad 2, and for Mac users.

      Let us know if you find any resolution.


  3. I have had a lot of questions via Twitter DM, email, and contact form asking whether it’s possible to uninstall iOS 5 from the iPad 1 and iPad 2. The answer is that I am not aware of any way to downgrade to the previous version of iOS. Unfortunately, Apple holds the “move forward” mentality dear and they don’t give us the ability to move our devices back to the previous, more stable, OS.

    Sorry for the bad news…I wish there were a way to downgrade my iPad from iOS 5.


  4. I wish I read your post before I updated crash is the word lol
    My new goal is now find a way to go back to 4.3

  5. Whoa I’m so glad I read this. I’ve been trying for the last two nights to update my iPad2 and got a “connection timed out” error so I was just searching for a solution. Guess I’ll just forget about it for awhile, although I have app updates waiting that require iOS5.

  6. Arne Gunnar Harsem says:

    After the upgrade, my iPad (1. gen.) crashes several times a day. The crashes happens in all sorts of apps, and is not restricted to Safari. Everything I have on my iPad has crashed several times. Before I upgraded, there was perhaps a crash “once in a blue moon”. The new OS is not stable at all, so be warned!

    • I completely agree, Arne. This OS upgrade, coupled with the fact that there doesn’t appear to be anyone from Apple acknowledging the issue or addressing it has made me consider making my next device an Android-based OS. There are still stability issues with Android OS, but with those devices I get Flash, the ability to a micro SD card for storage expansion, 4G possibilities for additional speed, and broader range of applications in the Android market. Not to mention a lower price tag.

      If I’m not going to get the bulletproof stability that I expect from paying the premium price for Apple products, I’ll look to their competitors.

      Just my $.02…I’d be interested to hear whether others are considering the move to Android in my post here.


  7. I too now experience both lagginess and frequent crashes on my gen 1 iPad. I’m guessing that iOS 5 uses more memory and leaves less available for apps, and that the apps are actually being killed by OS due to low memory conditions. If this is the case then is 5 is simply not suitable for the gen 1 iPad and Apple should make that clear and provide a downgrade path.

    But with SJ gone I expect they won’t fix this and things will just get worse. Thankfully there will be Windows 8 tablets sometime next year.

    • I think you’re exactly right. Whenever the crashes happen, the app starts to open and load data, but then it appears that the OS runs out of memory and does a memory dump. The good news is that at least Safari remembers the tabs that were open when it crashed.

      As I search Google, I see more and more search results for people experiencing this issue, but I also hear a lot of people say that it hasn’t impacted them. This conversation on ShackNews seems to indicate that there are a lot of people who aren’t seeing the slowdowns:

      I guess my next step is to do a Factory reset, do the update again, and then reload my data. Yech….


      • Are we all insane ? Spending big $ on this ‘ RUBBISH’ product ? Apple ? Should be called swede, or something else nasty…….we’ve all been ‘had.’ First Apple product. LAST.. Apple product…..It’s ‘rotten to the core !’ Furious with myself for being sucked in by those money-grabbing £>~%<~{\~<#}^

  8. FYI…for those that are following this thread, not only is Apple not acknowledging that the issue exists on the iPad, they are unwilling to talk about it on their product “community”. See this post for details:

    Apple Support Discussions – A Great Example Of Community Management Gone Bad!


  9. Michael Gledhill says:

    Couldn’t agree more. My original iPad used to be fast, *reliable* and it just worked.

    With iOS 5, even Apple own apps (Photos, Safari and Video, in particular) just seem to regular stop running. Or you tap on the icon, it opens a blank screen, then gives up miserably and returns you to the front screen again.

    The same has happened on my 4th-gen iPod Touch.
    A year old, a beautiful device, but since upgrading to iOS5, it’s just utterly unreliable. It is rare for me to be able to watch a 30-minute movie without it stopping, and returning me to the list of Movies.

    Stay away from iOS5.
    It ain’t ready yet.

    (I’m a software developer, with 20 years of experience.)

    • Sorry to hear you’re experiencing the same issues, Michael. The sad part is that I don’t think Apple realizes (or maybe just doesn’t care) that this issue exists on a broad scale. I tried reporting it through their Apple Discussion forums and my post was deleted by the Community Managers. Shame.

      Interesting to hear that it’s impacting the iPod Touch, as well.

      I’ll keep my ear out for any mention of a patch on Apple’s part. It may be that we have to wait for iOS 6 🙁


  10. FYI…it looks like this issue is *finally* getting some traction on tha Apple support forums. Be sure to add your voice over there so Apple gets the message!


  11. FYI…it appears that Apple has issued iOS 5.0.1 beta to developers for testing. The first beta is primarily addressing the battery issues that iPhone 4S users are experiencing, but hopefully they’ve been paying attention and are addressing some of the memory issues that are causing crashes on the iPad as well.

    Hopefully, we’re on our way to fixes for this issue without factory resets.

    Stay tuned…


  12. FYI…it appears that iOS 5.0.1 has resolved some of my iPad crashes! I’d be interested to hear if others are seeing the same thing!

    Holy Cow! Apple iOS 5.0.1 Resolves Some Crashing Issues With The iPad


  13. Perhaps all the best of Apple is carried away along with the coffin of Steve Jobs. I am lucky I read these reviews before upgrading my jailbroken ipad2 to ios5. Currently everything is stable and runs everything smooth. It’s always best to study deeply before upgrading any Apple products. Most of times it’s a one way traffic….

    • Glad you read this first, Ismail! My experience has been that Apple upgrade were much more stable than Windows upgrades until this latest iOS update. It’ll be interesting to see whether this turn for the worse continues in Steve Jobs’ absence.


  14. I don’t think Apple is doing much to encourage a relationship
    between iCloud and iPad these days. iPhone seems willing
    but it’s on a one-way street with no headlights

    • I agree that it does look like all of their efforts are currently focused on the iPhone. Even the iOS 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 updates are specifically aimed at the iPhone 4S and the battery issues it is experiencing. Unfortunately, I think they are treating the iPad 1 as a legacy device, now that the iPad 2 has been released. Since most of my crashes are related to memory overloads, I don’t know that there’s much they can do for the iPad, since we can’t upgrade our processor or internal memory and we can’t add an external cache via micro SD or thumb drive because the iPad has neither a micro SD slot or a USB slot.

      All the more reason for me to look at an Android-based table in the coming months.


  15. IOS 5 is a major issue – I’ve tried all the recommendations on all the sites: restart, reset as a new ipad, eliminated cloud functions except for documents/data yet I still can’t update any of my apps – they are just frozen in waiting mode and new apps won’t download at all.
    unfortunately was “forced” to upgrade from 4 because some apps wouldn’t update unless I did.
    And yes, the performance is WAY slower,and the new safari stinks.
    last resort: will go into a local apple store and make a huge stink at the genius bar.

    Does IOS 5 work any better on the IPad 2?

    • Nancy,

      Sorry to hear about the issues. I haven’t heard much about updates locking. Sounds like one more issue we need to add to the ever-growing list of iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1 bugs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like an update from Apple is coming soon, as they put iOS 5.0.2 on hold because of memory leak issues.

      I would definitely make a stink at the Genius Bar and see if they can help. Unfortunately, my experience with the Apple Genius Bar has been that it needs some better geniuses.

      Good luck and let us know if they’re able to get your issues resolved.

      Happy holidays!


  16. Here I am in 2012 and iPad 1 / Safari is still a crashing demon with ios5. I’ve tried the various suggestions for preventing the crashing. Sent feedback to apple and posted on the support forum.

  17. If they take iPad 1 out of support at the release of the iPad 3 — and I know it’s just speculation — there should be many people reconsidering their allegiance to Apple. I bought my iPad 1 early on, and whilst I don’t expect it to last forever, I dont like being forced to buy new technology in such a blatant and disrespectful way, especially when there isn’t a compelling reason to upgrade. I don’t need the camera, for example. Like many others, I paid a premium price and now I’m using the technology, it’s not all roses, that’s for sure! Sigh… Might merit a blog post, me thinks.

    Also, I’m very disturbed to hear that Apple “censor” community forum posts. That’s disgusting customer service. I’ve heard other similar complaints about the service levels in the apple stores in Australia. Are we seeing a slip in standards?

  18. Also having the same problems here. The ios5 upgrade itself was very troublesome because of the itunes backup that got into some infinite loop. Finally I managed to get ios5 on the device by using an older backup to get all my stuff on. But then I immediately noticed the keyboard lag and the safari startup time was very bad. Disabeling iCloud helped a bit to reduce the keyboard lag and reinstalling the device from scratch made it start up Safari a lot faster, but the crashes of all kind of applications are still occuring. Lots of memory related crash-dumps appear, multiple every day, where I had only one or 2 per month on ios 4. The bad thing of it all is that I cannot even downgrade to ios 4, apparently that is only possible if you had it jailbroken it on ios4! Checking itunes regularly now, silently hoping for an ios update to fix the memory issues. But almost 3 months have passed and I’m starting to believe this will not be fixed.

  19. I, too, am very frustrated. Our first generation ipad has been a staple for my 7 year old son’s education and special app needs. The battery would last for hours on end, the system was stable, and truly the model educational tool.

    Since ios5, the system has slowed, apps crash without warning, keyboard lags, and the battery drains much, much faster. These issues – especially the random but often crashes – has made the machine an unreliable tool for my son’s education.

    We purchased our ipad pre-owned. Finding a 3G problem we took it to the St. Louis area Apple Store expecting to pay for a repair. Surprisingly, they advised that it was still under warranty and we left with a replacement ipad – which up until ios5 – worked perfectly.

    Though I have an Android phone I’m planning on converting to the iphone 5 when it arrives – BUT Apple has to show some concern and attention for its dedicated first generation users.

    Please advise if there have been any updates that I’m missing.
    Thanks all!


    • Brian,

      Until iOS 5.1 is released, we’re kinda in a hold pattern. The latest beta of 5.1 was shipped to testers yesterday, so Apple continues to work on it. The question is whether it will address all of these crashing issues. If the iPad 1 just isn’t built to run 5.0 and above, they may just call it end-of-life for the device. Which would be bad, bad form for Apple. Especially in light of the fact that Android tablets are competing very well.

      Check back, I’ll be letting everyone know when 5.1 is available and I’m more than willing to be the guinea pig to see if it resolves the crashes so no one else has to suffer through any more issue.



  20. After IOs 5, both our keypads are too slow and error prone and browser just drops. We have two at home. I have a system app and it is not due to memory as far as I can tell.

    How disappointing! What I thought would be a toy and unexpedly turned into a workhorse, has now become more of an aggravation than its worth. Yes, mie is an iPad 1 but that’s not an old, archaic piece of equipment. It does all I need and should not be forotten.

    Dropping in the middle of browsing and a slow error prone keypad arejust plain unacceptable for something more expensive than ny small laptops and notepads. P.S. left typing errors in jut to show the problem. It’s really a stupid problem to have. It misses the characters you enter.

    • I know how you feel, Danny. Typing on the iPad keyboard used to be a breeze, now with the serious lags after iOS 5, it’s infuriating. All the misspellings make me feel like novice typist. Forget Damn You AutoCorrect…now it’s Damn You iPad Keyboard lag 😉



  21. Marty Bloom says:

    Regarding iOS 5 problems: I have been in written and phone communications with Tim Cook’s Executive Office, The Office of Corporate Executive Relations, and with a proper intro by the Exec Office, high level tech support. It resulted from a letter from me to Tim Cook a couple of weeks ago with printouts of various threads/dicussions from the Apple Support Community.

    We dicussed the commonality of problems relating to IPad 1&2 crashes with heavily loaded sites, Safari back button pulling up old cached pages, exchange mail problems, web root kit indications of being a common factor, low memory logs, the Genius Bar’s inability to solve with standard fixes, people beginning to feel that the “post Steve Jobs” era would be associated with not putting the user experience first, culture of holding things too closely to the vest causing perception of Apple not caring or sweeping issues under the rug, etc…. In other words we dicussed the whole bag.

    Their response: they listened; wrote down example sites url’s; confirmed that these problems have been replicated in tech support/engineering, expressed understanding of how the “biggest bang” for the buck right now would be to acknowledge to the Support Communities and others that there are problems , that they do monitor the boards for user feedback and are working on fixes.

    The Office of Corporate Exec Relations committed to staying in touch with me. I’ve had 4 live discussions with them. I declined an offer to have a ticket & people assigned to my specific problems since the issues have been already replicated and would take away resources to solve the generic iOS 5 issues. In conclusion, they are aware of the issues, the potential impact on long time faithful users, and people that recently made the move from the PC Platform to Apple, “because it just works”.

    My background: I was on the field test and launch team of the Xerox Star/6085. That is where Steve Jobs got his inspiration for the Lisa, which preceded the Mac. I was the National Sales & Technical Training Manager for Xerox Corp.

    Hang in there & keep the faith.

    Marty Bloom
    Walnut Creek CA

    • Thanks for posting that on this thread, as well, Marty! I can’t believe that Apple continues to delete any posts on their “user forums” that have any potentially negative connotation. Just goes to show that their closed-mindedness about architecture obviously carries through to their community engagement strategy, as well.

      Let us know if you hear any additional information from Apple.



  22. Hey Sean,

    Apple deleted my response to you in that discussion we were having about the crashing issues.

    So much for having what is supposed to be a transparent forum. Apparently they are hell bent on censoring those who are trying to help others with this crashing issue. IMO, this needs to get out to the mainstream media, as here are more than just a handful if people experiencing the crashing issues and it’s not limited to the iPad 1. My iPad 2 is the wifi 64g model and is only 3 weeks old as it was a brand new Christmas gift.

    Unfortunately, I did the update to OS 5.0.1 as many others without prior knowledge I the crashing issues. Only after experiencing the redundant crashes did I investigate via google.

    After seeing multiple replies on the Apple Communities forums did I register and start participating. But Apple insists on deleting replies and not addressing the facts.

    Please keep your blog on this issue going and at the forefront as the public needs to know about theses issues.

  23. Ah, so it is definitely also a problem for iPad2. I wasn’t sure since most people are mentioning iPad1 but I still haven’t updated just in case. Mine is the 16g wifi one. My fiancé just got the iPhone4 and it doesn’t have problems that I know of, I’m guessing that’s because it was made with ios5 and our iPads weren’t. Maybe iPad3 will work with it if they make that.

  24. Hi Sean,
    Is there any hope?
    I ask because I updated to OS 5.0.1 – just today! Yes, I know, my research should have been done first. In any event, my iPad now will do NOTHING, nothing, at all. Cannot access any apps, cannot updage apps, cannot do anything except open Safari but not navigate away from home page. Everything is frozen in ‘spin’ cycle. It’s trying to do something but just cannot.
    I have just ruined my go-to piece of technology, haven’t I?
    Sad in Atlanta,

    • Hi Nan,

      Sorry you had to join the ranks of those of us with broken iPads. I would highly recommend that you connect your iPad to a computer with iTunes installed and do a restore of your iPad. It sounds like the install of iOS5.0.1 is corrupted. While many of us are experiencing crashes, the OS update shouldn’t have caused it to go into a loop.

      The instructions below will give you the step-by-step on how to backup and restore your iPad. Be sure to do the backup so you don’t lose any data.

      Hope this helps!


  25. Is replacement or repair because of these crashes covered by the built-in warranty if you don’t have the Apple care plan?

    • Laura,

      As you can imagine, I have read a LOT about this issue and have had a lot of conversations with other iPad users who are experiencing crashes after the iOS5 upgrade. I have yet to hear of a person who took their iPad in under warranty and wasn’t helped by the Apple Genii. However, most of the people left the Apple store with their newly refreshed iPad or a replacement iPad only to find that when they got home and started really using the device, the crashes started again.

      There are folks out there who have replaced their iPads several times because of this issue and it’s still behaving the same way. What this indicates is that it’s not because of a defective unit, but because the hardware can’t handle the new OS or that iOS 5 isn’t properly managing memory.

      I’d definitely recommend taking your iPad to the Apple store and seeing if they can help you by either resetting or replacing, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up that it will resolve the issue.

      Sorry for the bad news….


  26. Hmmm I’ll just wait some more then. Fortunately I still haven’t updated, but my fiancé was saying if I update he can jailbreak it if I want so I was showing him this thread and talking about the warranty and such.

  27. Sean,

    Exactly my experience. My ipad 1 was solid as a rock for the first year and a half. Now Safari crashes constantly after about 15 to 20 minutes. I dumps right at the wrong time ( Is there a right time?) and has ruined many a post. I wish that Apple would address this major pain in the arse that the latest IOS seems to have caused. Why are they being indifferent?


    • Pat,

      I soooo wish that I knew the answer to why Apple is being indifferent. My theory is that they are going to declare end-of-life on the iPad 1 as soon as they release the iPad 3, and those of us with the model 1 on iOS 5 will be left with a sluggish, crashing brick. Apple is so confident of their appeal that they believe we will rush out to replace our iPad 1 with the iPad 3.

      I have already started shopping for Android tablets and have bought a Nook Color and load native Android on it. Basically, I’m done with Apple products. From the way they handled “antenna-gate” (you’re holding it wrong) to completely ignoring this issue, I’m just finished with them.

      I wish I had more answers at this time, there are rumors that iOS 5.1 is going to launch in March, but we’ll see if that even addresses the memory leaks we’re seeing. All I have heard is that 5.1 is more focused on the iPhone 4S battery issues, not our iPad crashes.

      Stay tuned, I’ll report back as soon as I have more info.


  28. If Apple declares end of life for iPad 1 you could do a jailbreak and down grade to ios 4. I bought a t- moble hotspot that I plan to use with my iPad 1 if I buy a ipad 3. Read about jailbreaks and downgrading ios

    Marty Bloom from Walnut Creek CA

  29. Lin DeAnne Binns says:

    The ipad 1 is the one that made apple and the tablet what it is today! They did nothing
    better with the ipad2. No one likes the camera, on a huge flat device so really, they have
    now messed up the best selling item ever with crashing software — namely iOS5. Gosh it
    took the coolest device and turned it into a mess. Further, they wouldn’t let me have my
    old operating system back so I could have the item I orginally fell in love with. Well, the
    marriage is over. Apple sold all of us a bill of goods and then literally took away from us
    what we paid them money for — that was the ipad 1 with iOS 4.2! Shame on them for not
    letting us have it back once the new crashing software has proved it can’t meet the
    standards previously set. All should boycott Apple for this bait and switch. I paid for iOS4.2
    and I should have it available…especially from the manufacture and developer who took
    it away. We must promote other tablets if this is to be the way Apple chooses to treat those
    of us who really boosted ipad sales with the purchase of the ipad in August of 2010.

    In other words…it is not longer the great device that it was. Move on America…go Samsung.

  30. I wish I would have read this before I upgraded to 5.0. My keyboard lags horribly and every app I use crashes at least once in the first 15 minutes. Is it true that I can’t reset it back to the old os? I don’t want an ipad3. I like my ipad1 3G 64gb….at least I used to.

    • P.Davis – My understanding is that the iPad OS cannot be downgraded to a previous version without jailbreaking the device and once you do, you risk not being able to upgrade to future versions of the OS. At this point, iOS 5 is so bad, that I’m thinking about jailbreaking just so I can get my iPad back to where it was 4 months ago before the upgrade. I’m going to wait to see what 5.1 brings and then make the decision after that.


  31. Hi,

    I’m having the same problems with my iPad 1 64GB 3G/WiFi unit. Since upgraded to iOS5.01, apps crashes almost every day, Safari, Mail and Spotify being the most frequent. Regarding Spotify, it can easily crash several times during playing one song, most irritating.

    I also experience the problems with the extremely slow keyboard, sometimes several seconds before the characters typed shows up. The issue with the caching in Safari is also noticeable on my unit, but is the issue that irritates me the least.

    Hopefully v5.1 solves these issues, otherwise it’s time for a downgrade, the added featues of iOS5 just isn’t worth the problems.



    • Jonas,

      Sorry to hear you are having the same issues. There has been a lot of conversation about the crashes on blogs and the Apple forums, but Apple has yet to acknowledge that the issue exists. That makes me wonder if they are even working on a solution. All the things I have seen regarding iOS 5.1 focus on new feature functionality, not bug fixes.

      Hopefully, we’ll see soon. Apple has been working on the next version for months now, with no luck.

      Stay tuned and let us know what you decide to do and how it works out.


  32. I bought my ipad 1 a few weeks before ipad 2 was announced & released so my ipad is little over 14 months old and it feels to me like it has become redundant, I have had all the issues that others have noted, it seems like apple doesn’t actually care, no acknowledgment of the problems, no bug fixes as yet very disappointing. Up to the point where I bought my ipad I was a pc man i didn’t own a single apple product, the ipad for me changed that and over the last 12 -15 months i have completely changed to apple, i have an 27″ imac, iPad, iPod & iPhone a full convert only to feel very let down by ios 5 on the ipad 1. It is that bad some days that my ipad is basically rendered as useless very frustrating as we all know how much this device costs and it is after all only 14 months old!!

    I was delighted when apple announced Newsstand great I thought all my favourite hobby magazines in one place not piles of tatty magazines lying around, imagine my dissmay when it turns out just about every magazine crashes each and every time, some of them I have barely even got to load never mind have the chance to read them.

    I’m truly hoping for a fix because I refuse to buy new hardware after only 14 months because ipad 1 is outdated, if this is the case then apples newest convert shall be converting back to android!!

  33. I purchased several new iPad 2’s a week before IOS 5 came out. I was impressed with their reliability – everything worked as advertised. I upgraded to IOS 5, then to IOS 5.0.1, and finally to IOS 5.1 a few days ago. I remain the frustrated owner of barely six month old iPad 2’s that, frankly, have been useless since I made the mistake of upgrading to IOS 5.

    They all crash 20-30 times a day. I’ve been to the [not so] genius bar many times with no results. I opened a Tier II support case with Apple where I gave them links to web sites that are guaranteed to crash Safari. Their response… Buy a developer’s subscription and file a TSI (Technical Support Incident). What? I don’t develop applications for Apple devices! Why should I pay big bucks to become a developer just so I can request technical support? More to the point, why should I have to pay anything to ask Apple to fix their own software?

    I sorely regret downgrading to IOS 5. It has been an unmitigated disaster and has caused me to waste thousands of dollars in the purchase of iPad 2’s that IOS 5 has rendered useless.

    • I hear you, Hank. After this mess, I’ll be handing my iPad off to someone else and will be looking for a more powerful, more stable Android-based tablet. My iPad was the first Apple device I purchased in almost 20 years and I was thrilled with it until iOS 5 was launched. Then, when all the crashing started and Apple refused to acknowledge/resolve, they lost me as a customer.


  34. I’ve just upgraded my iPad 1 to iOS 5.1 Have you evaluated the 5.1 release? What have been your findings? I’m having Evernote issues and issues with overall response time.

    • Unfortunately, I’m still in the same boat. Safari crashes, StumbleUpon crashes, and Evernote is slow, slow, slow. Others are reporting that 5.1 resolved their crash issues, but I’m not convinced Apple actually made any performance enhancements in 5.1 (none are listed in their release notes).

      I may just have to chalk my iPad 1 up to become a toy for my kids and move on to a more powerful, Android-based tablet.

      Hope you have better luck, let us know if it gets better!



  35. The 5.1 upgrade has rendered my ipad2 almost useless. Battery drains at 1% per minute while in use. Just terrible. Also all kinds of hanging on safari. I was minding my own business and really liked the ipad2 primarily because of the battery life. Then came the upgrade last weekend it was mandatory because other apple apps such as Pages forced 5.1 in order to update Pages.. Now can barely use my Ipad2 need to keep plugging lit in and now dealing with safari hanging like never before. I called Apple support they told me to back up and restore and reload 5.1. It did not help. I am spending goo much time fiddling with this. Now I want my money back. I also have three iPhone 4s. I only upgraded one of them to to 5.1 because before i could get to upgrading all 3 I experienced these problems on my ipad2. I will be demanding my carrier to take back the iPhone 4s and replace with Androids. I have lost faith in Apple. I will be demanding that the apple store give me my money back for the ipad2. I will buy a Samsung Galaxy or one of the many other Android tablets. This may be a sign of the future for Apple. Look what happened to RIM.

  36. HI! I’m very angry since i’ve updated my iPAD 2; I didn0t actually had problems before, and I was really enjoying specially the iPOD app (iTUNES library for iPAD, very confortable and organized),and…suddenly, after updating…disappeared! VANISHED! and instead, they had configured these “music” and Videos” app that honestly SUCK!. It’s a real shame! I would like very much to go back to the previous version (plus, the new one doesn’t work properly) and I’m still under warranty… is it possible!?!?!?! need somehelp! Thanks for your post! from Argentina, mirchka

  37. Athena Noctua says:


    Total: – £21.15 x 2 = £42.30

    Cheapest return: – £46.95

    Difference: – £4.65 (about 10% – hardly worth doing!)

    Add me to the list! 4th gen touch, and I actually didn’t have (m)any probs with 5, but 5.1’s just about bricked it!

    Wi-Fi dying every 5 minutes
    EVERYTHING crashes (apart from Notes, though maybe I shouldn’t say that, as it’ll probably keel over now!)
    Keyboard lag 
    Couple I’ve not seen mentioned: –

    1.  My autocorrect’s developed dyslexia; seems to have an aversion to ‘E’, particularly at the end of words (e.g. if I mistype ‘because’, it corrects it ‘becaus’, same with ‘become’, ‘believe’, ‘therefore’, etc. It’s also begun sticking apostrophes in some plurals, and that’s NOT learnt behaviour, as I’ve an English degree and am something of a pedant when it comes to spelling, punctuation and grammar; I’ve cleared the keyboard history, but it’s made bugger all difference!)
    2. IT KILLS MY MUSIC!!!! Sorry for yelling, but it’s done it 3 times again today, and it’s peeing me off Big Time; and, when I say ‘kills’, I don’t just mean pauses it, I mean kills the entire album so, if I want to ‘continue’ listening to it, I have to begin over. Does it to audiobooks too; since upgrading, I’ve not managed to get to the end of an entire chapter! Most are books I have in print form, but it’s not exactly practical to read and do chores at the same time! I know us lasses are supposed to be adept at multitasking, but evolution has yet to provide us with the necessary extra limbs to read and Hoover (or, in my case, Dyson) simultaneously… Now, if I could only afford a Robovac…
    As far as music goes, it happens more with albums which began life on CD,  and then uploaded via iTunes on my Mac (which is currently 150-odd miles away at my parents) than with those I’ve purchased via iTunes (I think, at a rough guesstimate, it’s about 80%:20%). 

    Just going back to the autocorrect crappiness, has anyone ever had it work if you decide to insert something in a paragraph you’ve previously typed, because I don’t recall it ever working for me like that, it really is MOST irritating!

    Okay, rant over!

    P.S. Why do I have to insert a website when I don’t have one…?!

  38. Wow, did i just get lucky or what? I want to thank you all so much for this thread. I have ipad1 iOS 4.3. And it will stay that way! My kids will have to live without that new app they want that requires iOS 5. I will instead tell them a story about business models.

    I actually tried to upgrade a month or so ago but got an odd dialogue box so decided not to go ahead until i checked it out… I never exactly felt comfortable about Apples way of doing things.

    Am so sorry to read what you have been subjected to. I would be devastated.

  39. Im having same issues: everything takes A LOT of time to load; apps, browsing on web pages, even typing text with the keyword lags; it crashes frequently.
    I feel like when we started using the internet in the early 90’s or so, thats the speed I get when browsing in my Ipad 1.
    It wasnt like this when I bought it about a year ago!
    I wonder if the iOS they constantly update is only with Ipad2 in mind, and they say “screw the Ipad1 owners” or what…

  40. Kathy D. says:

    Ditto on thank you all for contributing to this thread…I have been wondering about the ios5 for awhile now and when I spoke with Apple tech support….oh no there is no problem….well I wasn’t convinced so didn’t upgrade despite their prodings. There are a number of ios5 apps I am interested in…but will definitely forget about them now that I know that the problem is still very much alive…thanks again.

  41. I think it’s more like they did it with iPad 3 and iPhone 4 in mind, since those (so far) have no problems (because they were built for it). That’s what they mean by “there’s no problem”. Some iPad 2s are having problems so I haven’t upgraded mine yet. And yeah I have a few apps that want to update for 5 and just can’t ’cause I’m afraid to upgrade.

  42. question for you – I have a gen 1 ipad with ios 3.2.2 and now for netflix to work, it requires ios 4 minimum. is there a way to update to ios 4 rather than going to the problematic 5?


    • Unfortunately, other than jailbreaking your iPad, I don’t know of any way to add a specific version of an OS. At this point, I may go that route because future upgrades are only going to make the crashes worse. The downside is that apps will continue to require higher versions of the OS, which further limits the iPad 1.

      It’s a bit of a catch 22.

      Sorry for the bad news. Glad to hear you haven’t made the leap to iOS5 yet.



  43. I’m between purchasing iPad 3 or upgrading iPad 1 for reasons set out above I.e latest apps all requiring op system higher than 4.2 but thanks for these posts, I will definitely not upgrade but rather opt for 3

  44. Shahzaib Shafiq says:

    Hey guys I have been experiencing crashes on safari , Evernote , MC3:FN , AND SOME other apps . I have already upgraded to ios 5.0.1 and now whenever I open my settings then general I see the software update thing catching ma attention it says upgrade iOS 5.1.1 . So any suggestions should I upgrade or not ? By the way my device is iPad 3 .

  45. My Ipad is slower every day. Just typing text is lagging…

  46. Hi, since it is now June of 2012, do you think it is safe to up grade my ipad2 to the newest OS 5? Now you have me even more afraid to try… What do you think now? I have never ( knock on wood) had a problem with my iPad 2 and I do not want to, I have had it for a year and all is well. I do have to set back to factory settings because my camera control app or whatever they call it was deleted and I can’t use my camera at all.. Thanks, your input now would be greatly appreciated

    • Nancy,

      I think the iPad 2 is at less risk than the iPad 1. I have only even heard of a few issues with the iPad 2 and when those came up, doing a restore from iTunes helped resolve the issue. These problems were primarily with the iPad 1 and continue to to this day, making it evident that the iPad 1 hardware just can’t handle the features in the new iOS 5. Since your iPad 2 is built on newer hardware, it should be fine.

      Just be aware, though, that it’s likely that there will come a time that your iPad 2 won’t be able to handle the OS upgrades. My recommendation is that if your iPad 2 is working well and you’re not missing out on apps/features, just leave it on the OS that is working.

      Good luck, let us know how the upgrade goes.


  47. No A/V Adapter will work on my ipad2 the Apple store idiots suggested updating to the 5.0 version is that necessary?

  48. Thanks to this forum, I haven’t yet upgraded my iPad 1 to ios5 and it fast and almost never crashes, although most new and updated apps only run on ios5. Apple, this is annoying! I want the new apps but I don’t want to ruin my iPad.

  49. just a shot in the dark but i think apple may be smarter than we take them for and make the os5 upgrade so that you can neither choose os4 or os5, nor remove of a device once it is uploaded to ensure you have to upgrade to the new model creating a nice security blanket for their revenue. quite sly if you ask me but what do i know, i could totally be wrong due to the fact i have no knowledge of computers other than what i have read in this thread/blog. either way sorry to those who were stiffed.

    • Blake,

      I think that was true 2 years ago when there wasn’t a viable alternative to the iPad. In my family, we now own 1 horrible iPad 1 that crashes all the time and 2 Nook Color tablets. I will be replacing my iPad soon with an Android-based tablet.

      If Apple’s intent was to force me to continue to buy their products by end-of-lifing the device via the OS, they made a grave error in their calculations. All they did was drive me to their competitors. I won’t be buying Apple products any more.


  50. can u erase the upgrde some how or remove it

  51. Ipad1 user here. I have not seen or heard a peep out of apple to fix this issue. Im quick to argue that this is a ploy to upgrade…. If anyone finds a solution please msg me.

  52. If anyone hears anything please let me know.

  53. Hi Sean, its 17July2013 as I write this. I am using iPad2 with latest iOS no problem. However, I have a Gen1 ipad that I have given to someone else to use. Referencing your article, is iOS stabilized to the point where its safe to upgrade? thanks

  54. hello, it’s been awhile, is this resolved yet? Safe to upgrade now?

    • Laura – Unfortunately, no. Apple is not going to address this issue because the new OS versions are simply too much for the Apple iPad 1 (and some think 2) can handle. Avoid upgrading as long as you can, once you do, consider purchasing a more powerful tablet. I spent $200 and got an incredible ASUS Android tablet that is sooooo much better than my iPad ever was. Sorry for the bad news, but your iPad 1 is basically at the end of its life.


  55. I am a 73 year old woman. I have a first generation iPad. I updated with Apple help, including backup. There was a warning about possibly losing apps. The five or so people I was transferred to gave me different procedures to follow about several issued including protecting apps, for which I also had conflicting advice. A published author, I have lost thousands of poems, dorm reviews, a full length play, chapters of a novel in progress, also paperwork necessary for renting a house to tenants. I am now deeply depressed.

  56. We updated to the newest ios on our ipad2 and didn’t have any issues with crashing until we had our broken screen replaced this week. The screen we replaced was the original, from 2012. Now that our ipad looks great, it crashes several times a day. Why would replacing the screen suddenly make this an issue?

  57. We have a first generation ipad and a new ipad. Both crash constantly especially in safari and naturally, when we are working on something important. All info is always lost and we have to start over. I have spoken to numerous friends who are having the same problem yet when I phone Apple they act as though they have no idea what I am talking about and feign as though no one else on earth has called with the same complaint. At this time I need to find a tablet or small laptop that will be reliable and would appreciate any insight. Apple seems to be riding high on prior sales with no attempt to address this widespread issue.

  58. Valentina Portnova says:

    I have the same problem!


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