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Should I Upgrade My iPad To iOS 5? For Now….No!

Okay…to be candidly honest, I haven’t been a huge fan of Apple products. Although I grew up on Apple II computers and my first programming language was Apple Basic, I was never a big fan of the closed architecture and I always liked to build/fix/upgrade my computers, so I switched to PCs in the 90s.

That recently changed with the iPad, though. I originally purchased an Android-based tablet from a Chinese manufacturer, but was less than thrilled when the power supply died after 3 months and it would have cost me $150 to ship it back to China for warranty work. So I stopped pinching pennies and paid the premium for the iPad and it has been a rock-solid tablet, everything that Apple claims to be. Easy, dependable, feature-rich. Oh yeah…and issue-free. Over the first year that I have used it, I’ll bet it crashed twice. The solid hardware and quality control over apps in the iTunes store has guaranteed a great experience that has me considering buying more Apple products in the future.

Until iOS5 came along.

Now, in the last 24 hours I bet my iPad has crashed more than 20 times. Safari crashes, email crashes, Notes crashes, EverNote crashes….everything crashes.

But it doesn’t happen all the time. No, my iPad works for 15-20 minutes, behaving like everything is okay, but then…in the middle of something important…CRASH! And my iPad is not the anomaly.

Just spend a few minutes browsing Google and you’ll find that I’m not alone in my frustration with iOS5:

Google Pulls Google Voice From Apple App Store Due To Crashes On iOS5

Third Party Apps Crashing on iOS5

iOS 5 Crashes Evernote

GoWalla Crashes On iOS 5

Safari Crashes Constantly On iOS 5 For iPad

…and that’s just a few examples. I could probably list another 20 apps that are experiencing issues after iOS 5 was released. The point in the blog post isn’t just to complain about iOS 5, it’s to point out that the issue isn’t likely with the apps, but with the OS architecture. If a large number of apps are experiencing issues, Apple should probably look at whether every one of those apps (their own browser and Notes app included) were badly coded and impacted by the OS upgrade….or maybe the OS is the issue.

For now, if you’re thinking about upgrading your iPad to iOS 5, I would advise against it. Let Apple work out the issues for a couple more weeks and issue any patches to resolve the crashing. Hopefully, there’s enough of a clamor on the Web, Twitter, and Facebook to make the pay attention.

Are you experiencing similar issues? Have tweeks or fixes that might help resolve the crashes? Feel free to share them in comments or a link to your blog articles.


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