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Six Common Twitter Issues and Steps to Resolve Them

Twitter is one of the largest and most engaged-with social media networks in the world. While most of the time, the network works perfectly, you may occasionally experience a problem with it. When that happens, we can help you to resolve the problem.

Why Does My Profile Picture Look Blurry on Twitter?

Why Does My Profile Picture Look Blurry on Twitter

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Your profile picture is your calling card, and you want it to look great for everyone. However, it’s common for a profile picture to look blurry. When this happens, it often comes down to the size of the image and its resolution. It may be a low-quality image or an image that is too small so that it becomes pixelated when it is enlarged.

When the picture is too big, Twitter will actually compress it, so it may look blurry for that reason. It also needs the right aspect ratio to not be compressed.

Twitter pictures are 400 x 400 pixels, and the image you upload should be under 2 MB. Never go under 400 x 400, or the results will be pixelated.

The quality of your camera also plays a big part in whether the photo will be blurry. If all of your photos are blurry, it may be time for an upgrade to get better-quality images.

When you update your Twitter profile picture, make sure that you do it on your desktop instead of using a mobile device. This will allow you to see any problems with the photo as well as to easily size and shape the image.

Why Is Twitter Not Loading Images?

Why Is Twitter Not Loading Images

When Twitter images aren’t loading, it can be incredibly frustrating. Many messages don’t make sense without an image. If it’s loading blank images, there could be many reasons for this.

It’s a good idea to clear your cache of the site as well as to log out of the site and back in again. You may also need to delete the app completely and then reinstall it. This will not affect your account.

You might also need to check your network permissions to make sure that your mobile device will let mobile data be accessed by Twitter. Or it’s possible your settings need to be changed so Twitter can be used with mobile service.

Another fix is to install an older version of the app. You can do this with an APK file, so you have an earlier, working version of the app.

Why Can’t I Like Tweets on Twitter Anymore?

Why Can’t I Like Tweets on Twitter Anymore

If you suddenly can’t like tweets, the problem is likely to be that your account has been limited because you violated the terms of service. If you have been flagged as a rule violator, Twitter can limit your account in this way.

Twitter may have suspended your account temporarily, or you may be banned permanently. If either of these is the problem, you should get an error message when you try to like a tweet or perform other functions of your account. That error message will tell you what kind of limitation you have.

Another issue may be that you have been tapping the like button too often in too short a time. Your account is limited in the amount of likes it can give out.

If your account has reached this limit, you will simply have to wait until your ability to like tweets comes back. It may be a few hours or the next day before your potential likes are restored.

Twitter Keeps Logging Me Out!

Twitter Keeps Logging Me Out!

If you’re constantly getting logged out, there could be any of a number of reasons behind it. We’re working on some posts about each of those reasons.

Until then, there are four ways that you can try to fix this problem:

  • Clear the app in your mobile cache.
  • Turn cookies on in your browser if they were off.
  • Turn off incognito mode or switch to a public browser.
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Why Is There a Lock Next to My Twitter Name?

Why Is There a Lock Next to My Twitter Name

When you see a lock next to your Twitter name, it means that your account is protected. When your account is protected, your tweets are not available to the public. Instead, they are only available to users you have allowed to follow you.

When you allow someone to follow you when you’re in that mode, they will be able to see what you post and engage with you. However, keep in mind a follower can always copy what you say and posting it publicly.

This privacy mode isn’t the default setting when you signed up for your Twitter account, so you had to have set it to private at some point in the past.

To change it back to public, go into the Settings icon (the gear) and choose Privacy and Safety. Then, choose Audience and Tagging. You can then switch the toggle so that your tweets are no longer protected. Once you have removed this protection, everyone can see your tweets, likes, etc.

I Don’t Get Notifications from Twitter

I Don’t Get Notifications from Twitter

If you’re not getting any Twitter notifications, this may be caused by your settings in the app. It could also be that your email spam filter is filtering them all out.

Twitter sends out a variety of notifications, including when your account is mentioned, when a tweet is liked, when you get replies to a tweet, and when there’s breaking news.

If you aren’t getting push notifications, you can tap your profile icon, choose Privacy and Settings, then choose Notifications. This will allow you to control all the push notifications.

If you aren’t getting your notifications via email, go to your spam folder and find one of the notification emails. Often by unmarking it as spam, you can help to redirect the incoming messages.

In Twitter, go to Notifications in the menu and choose Email Notifications. If it is toggled off, you can turn it back on again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this information. If you have any other tips for solving Twitter problems, let us know in the comments.

— Sean