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  1. Amy Stewart says

    I LOVE this!!! So so so true in the social media world that we live in. Now you know you’re going to have to make a continuation of this about going “biral.” 🙂

  2. John M. Weaver says

    Pretty ‘simple’ request…right? 😉 ha

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      It’s super-simple, John…right? Just publish and press the “Go Viral” button 😉

      Hope all is great with you!


  3. Anne Thomas says

    Awesome 🙂 If it were just that easy..

  4. Love this Sean! LOL!

  5. Toby Elwin says

    It is painful how humorous this is. It is humorous how painful this is.

    The 2nd comic hurts.

  6. True ….the idea is to go viral even if it for wrong reasons.

  7. Harold Gardner says

    I suspect you are just holding out for more cash!

  8. Funny, except that Antibiotics won’t stop viruses, that would be antivirals!

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