Social Media Cartoon: Going Viral

Viral videos…we love to watch them and share them. Sometimes, however, some folks get the wrong idea that any video content can be made to “go viral”. Social media strategists (no matter how good they are) don’t have some magic button that makes a video something that the masses will share.

Just ask me to make your social media content go viral...see what happens!

So forget about making viral videos, and focus more on creating videos that offer value to your viewers. It might be value in the form of information, instruction, or humor but be sure it’s something that your audience will not only want to view, but share with others.

Social Media Cartoon - Going Viral

This cartoon is dedicated to my good friend, Laura Nguyen (@lauran546). I know how much she loves it when someone asks her to make something “go viral”. Cheers, Laura! 🙂

Comments And Reactions

  1. I LOVE this!!! So so so true in the social media world that we live in. Now you know you’re going to have to make a continuation of this about going “biral.” 🙂

  2. Pretty ‘simple’ request…right? 😉 ha

  3. Awesome 🙂 If it were just that easy..

  4. Love this Sean! LOL!

  5. It is painful how humorous this is. It is humorous how painful this is.

    The 2nd comic hurts.

  6. True ….the idea is to go viral even if it for wrong reasons.

  7. I suspect you are just holding out for more cash!

  8. Funny, except that Antibiotics won’t stop viruses, that would be antivirals!


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