Social Media Cartoon: Old School vs. New School And The Death Of Print Advertising

If you’ve ever tried to advocate for social media in an environment filled with “old school” media folks, you might empathize with the social media strategist in this new cartoon. While more and more marketing dollars are shifting to digital, there are still people who believe that traditional television, radio, and print are the best for their brand. And maybe they’re right…if they sell televisions, radios, or magazines 😉

And if you’re surrounded by those social media ostriches that still believes social is a fad and doesn’t have any impact on traditional media, be sure to have them check out the recent article from showing the death of print advertising in 1 graphic. If that doesn’t tell the story, I don’t know what does. A reduction in ad spend from $60 billion in the late 1990s to $20 billion in 2011 is pretty telling. Sure, I’ll take $20 billion a year, but what will that number dwindle to in the next 5 years? $10 billion? $5 billion?

Feel differently? Will there be a resurgence in print advertising? Passionate that social media and digital communications are a fad? Would love to hear about it in a comment!



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