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Social Media Comic – Anti-Social Social Media Experts

You know them…the social media “experts”, “wizards”, or “gurus” who are just too important to make time for the “little people” of the world.

They’re too busy promoting their latest book on how to engage, but don’t have time to respond to personal emails or @ tweets. They love to present case studies at conferences, but have no practical experience actually engaging in the social media space because they are too busy jetting from conference to conference to actually do any real work.

When pressed to provide thoughts on real challenges facing businesses like federal regulations on communications, crisis management situations, or the constantly changing customer journey, they stare at you like you just grew a second head. But they’ll autograph a copy of their book for you.

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Social media gurus who behave in anti-social practices are the slimy, smarmy used-car salesman of the digital marketing space.

Don't you love social media experts who refuse to behave socially in the space?

Remember, all of my social media comics come from real-life examples like this one. Names are blurred to protect the not-so-innocent.

Real-life social media "experts" who behave in anti-social ways

BTW…half of those 20 comments were other social media experts supporting him.


Brooke Ballard

Friday 5th of February 2016

LOVE the message you're sharing here. And *totally* know the types you speak of. Sharing for all of the real peeps and marketers ... because we actually encourage #RealTalk.