Social Media Comic: I Don’t Get Snapchat

As you may or may not know, my social media comic strips come from actual conversations that I have had with friends, family members, and clients. This conversation in this comic strip about Snapchat has happened quite a few times, so I thought I’d capture it in cartoon format.

Do you understand the draw and value of Snaphchat? Many are still struggling to find value in the social network

Snapchat continues to be a bit of an enigma and the future of the social network remains to be seen. It’s IPO shows a strong backing of the network, but as Facebook and Instagram continue to roll out features like Stories and filters that were once proprietary to Snapchat, it remains to be seen whether the network can continue to grow.

What do you think? Can Snapchat survive as the older, and more stable, social networks continue to carve off their features? Will GenXer and Boomers ever really “figure out” Snapchat?

Would love to hear thoughts.


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