Social Media Comic: The Technophobe

Anyone else run into technophobes in their digital lives? You know…the one who never wanted to be on “the Interweb” or thinks that “the YouTube” is just about cats on skateboards? Funny how those same people who dismissed email and mobile phones are now seen carrying smartphones, tablets and sending pics of their vacation via GMail. How long do you think it will be before they are tweeting?

Do you know folks who are absolutely terrified of new technology? So much so that they just dismiss it as silly?

Enjoy the comic! Would love to hear your technophobe stories. If you found this video because you are a social media technophobe or you are generally afraid of technology, in general, I recommend you check out this great video by Chris Pirillo to help you understand why social media and technology isn’t as scary as you think it is. It’s a great video, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a 90 minute presentation that will help you understand the basics of tech.




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