Social Media Comic – Why Don’t Our Customers Like Our Facebook Page?

Rule number one of succeeding in social media is to first ensure that you have a product or service that your customers like.

If your customers don’t like your product, opening up a Facebook page and/or a Twitter account is an invitation for them to tell you (and the rest of the world) about everything that they don’t like about your company, products, and services. Additionally, they’ll share every poor customer experience story they have ever experienced when working with your company.

If you’re a progressive, forward-thinking company that is interested in hearing how to improve your products, this can be a great opportunity to hear feedback. If you just want to have a Facebook page or Twitter account so you can tell everyone you have one, then get ready to hear some honest feedback from our customers….or….maybe no feedback at all:

Social Media Cartoon - Why Don't Our Cutomers Like Our Facebook Page?


Know of a product or service that has no business being on Facebook or Twitter? Leave a comment!

I’d be interested to hear examples of companies are spending time/energy on social media when they might be better off devoting those resources to improving their products.



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