Social Media Comic – WordPress vs The .NET Shop

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Today’s social media comic is reflective of a conversation I have had with leaders at multiple agencies. Those agencies were so invested in their Microsoft partnerships and being  a “.NET shop” that they often overlooked the idea that every solution didn’t require a waterfall development process using .NET.

Just as every landscaping job doesn’t require a dump truck, many elegant Web solutions can be built leaner, faster, and with a smaller budget by considering alternatives like WordPress. I do recognize that there are times that .NET is the right solution, and it’s a great platform to build on, but I challenge all technology executives out there to also reach that same conclusion about WordPress. There’s a reason that it powers more than 25% of the Web.

Next time a potential project comes across your desk, take a moment to consider the alternatives. You might save time and budget for the client and earn another project from them.

At times WordPress is a better solution for web development than .NET

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