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  1. Laura Blair says

    If so few people other than your own bad self are liking your posts and you feel you need to like your own post, perhaps you should consider revising your content?

  2. Nothing wrong with ‘loving oneself’ or ‘licking’ . . . basically . . . in private . . . but when done public and always in other people’s faces . . . it’s a BIG turnoff in my book.

  3. If I didn’t do it…. who would

  4. Damn, you’ve just reminded me about something I did as a newbie website owner: after having set up Google plus and Facebook likes capability on my site I clicked on them to see if they would work :-/ I’ve meant to go back and delete those, can this be done? It looks a bit ridiculous just having one like for each of them, and that being me LOL!


  5. How weird I don’t know anybody who does this!

  6. Gotta love yourself right? 😀 yeah funny

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