Social Media Is Killing The WWW

Okay…before the flame comments begin, let me clarify that I mean that social media is killing the need to type “www” in the URL for your site.

The popularity of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have resulting in the shortening of the messages we share. Since Twitter has a character limit, more and more people are expecting to be able to drop the WWW from your URL and still have it work properly. In other words, sharing (no www.) should work exactly the same way sharing does.

If you havent’ already done so, it’s worth the 10 seconds it takes to check your site to be sure that both or your URLs work the way you expect. Just type both variations of the URL to ensure that both work correctly.

If you find that they aren’t working correctly, here are a couple of suggested readings that might help you in configuring your site to work correctly:

For Windows IIS servers:

Remove WWW. Prefix from URLs with URL Rewrite Module for IIS 7.0

For Linux servers running Apache (.htaccess)

How to remove www from your URL with mod_rewrite

If you don’t have access to your server configuration or just aren’t tech savvy, I’d recommend reaching out to your host and asking them to adjust your site settings to ensure that both variations of your URL work correctly.

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  1. Shouldn’t this also mention making sure www and @ in DNS both point to your site? (And make your SSL certs work for both?)

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