Social Media Comic: The Social Media Timesink

Do you let the timesink of online channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest take you away from your real life? How do you avoid getting “sucked in” to hour of online engagement?

Updated: How To Remove the Yahoo! News, Washington Post, SocialCam or Spotify Notifications From Your Facebook Ticker

I’ve been asked this question more than a few times, so I thought I’d pass it along here. If you hate that Yahoo! News, SocialCam, Pinterest or Washington Post is pushing articles into your Facebook timeline, there is a quick way to get rid of them. The app gives you the opportunity to hide a specific story, but doesn’t give you the chance to hide everything from these apps.

Good Or Bad – You Must Engage With Your Customers Through Social Media

Participating in the social space is becoming a cost of doing business for most companies and requires preparation for engagement with customers who have had both positive and negative experiences. Are you ready to engage?

Social Media Ostriches – The Corporate Hypocrisy Of Blocking Employee Access To Facebook and Twitter

I find it mildly amusing that some companies are becoming social media ostriches and sticking their heads in the sand by denying access to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In this article, I cover my top five hypocrisies in corporate arguments for blocking employee access to social media.

Pinterest Revises Their Terms Of Use…But Are The Changes Enough?

Pinterest has made some adjustments to their Terms of Use, but did they really make the site any safer to use for you and I? Is the legal liability for Copyright violation still all on the user?

Why I Just Deleted All My Pinboards From Pinterest – Hint…It’s Their Terms Of Use

Have you read the Pinterest terms of use? If not, maybe you should, before you give away all your intellectual property rights to Pinterest.

3 Reasons Why Pinterest May Succeed Where Google+ Has Failed

Pinterest continues to draw traffic, offering significant advantages over Google+. But can they stay out of legal trouble over copyright law?

My Top 5 Favorite Organizational Social Media Myths

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time, but it seems as though every time I make my top 5 list of social media myths, I hear a new one that feels like it should make the list. But rather than keep pushing it off, I have decided to go ahead and publish my top 5 favorite social media myths, but I reserve the right to update the post and expand the list beyond 5 in the future. In fact, if you have an addition to the list, let me know and I’ll consider adding it.

Uncovering The Social Media “Secret Sauce”

Social media doesn’t have to be hard. Just follow a few simple rules. What rule would you add? How would you help those new to social in their initial efforts?