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[ANSWERED] Organizing Photos In The New Facebook Timeline

UPDATE: Normally, when Facebook updates the photos/album user experience, I just update this post.

However, recent changes have been pretty big, so I went ahead and wrote a new post with updated instructions, which you can find here.


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With the rollout of the new Facebook timeline to most users, there has been a lot of confusion about how you used to do things in Facebook and how you do them now.

For me, one of the most confusing has been the organization of photos.

Because I upload a lot of photos to Facebook from my phone, every photo lands in my “Mobile Uploads” folder (also known as an album) by default. In the past, I would go into Facebook and edit the photo and choose which folder I want the photo to live in going forward.

With the new Facebook timeline, there has been a LOT of confusion, with some people arguing that you can’t re-organize photos at all with Timeline. The good news is that is false.

You can still organize your photos, it’s just a little different.

If you have tried to move photos around to a different folder, you have likely noticed that there is no way to do this by editing the photo. As seen in the image below, you can edit all kinds of image attributes like description, location, and who was with you when the photo was taken.

Dropping down the little gear icon in the upper-right corner will even allow you to rotate the photo or set it as your profile photo. What it doesn’t allow you to do, however, is move it to a new folder.

Editing a photo within the new Facebook timeline allows you to adjust the description, who was with you when you took and the place where it was taken. You can't change what album it resides inEditing a photo within the new Facebook timeline allows you to adjust the description, who was with you when you took and the place where it was taken.

So, once you have edited the photo, how do you move it to a specific folder? You actually do that by editing the folder information. So, to move the photo of my angry bird I do the following:

Clicking the Albums link will take you to a view of all the folders you have created for your Facebook photos

1) First, decide on which album you want to move the existing photo out from. You can see the full listing of your current albums by clicking the “Albums” link next to your name (see image).

2) Next, click the album where the image currently resides. In my case, I am moving an image out of the “Mobile Uploads” album and into a new one I have created.

3) Click the “Edit Album” link which will change the view of the album, giving you more control over the album and the ability to move photos.

4) Find the photo you want to move and locate the  small drop-down image in the upper-right corner. Click that and choose “Move To Another Album”

You can move an image to another album with this new dropdown menuYou can move an image to another album with this new dropdown menu.

5) Select the new album and then click “Move Photo” and you should be all set!

Select your new target album, where you want the photo locatedSelect your new target album, where you want the photo located

Clear as mud? It’s a little awkward, but Facebook is still working out all the kinks of timeline and all the changes it brings.

Hopefully, they will realize that this is a user-experience nightmare and will adjust the process to make it easier.

In the meantime, I hope this tips helps you better organize your Facebook photos.

Know of a better/faster way or is this not working for you? Feel free to leave a comment!



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Facebook Tip - Uploding and organizing photos and albums in the Facebook timeline

Kees Sprengers

Saturday 9th of December 2023

I have currently 155 albums and well over 15000 photos stored in these Facebook albums. When someone asks me something about a certain subject relating to an album, I often send them a link to this album. In the past, when someone opened this link, they would get a series of thumbprints showing each photo, usually in sequence that I posted them, sometimes in chronological sequence as per date the photo was taken. Often people will comment on a picture, often providing additional information about the content, very important to my work. Recently I noticed that, when opening an album, it will display all the comments made on that album, sometimes pages of scrolling through text before it starts display of the thumbnail of the photos in that album. Since many of my readers are not fluent in English, this is a severe impediment to them being able to view the pictures. Any attempt to find out how to change the display back to what it was before, thumbprints first, has failed me. a web search asking this question mainly talks about changing privacy settings, which I am not interested in. Anyone here who can resolve this?


Thursday 4th of August 2022

Edit album is not an option for Timeline Photos or Mobile uploads. Wish I had known that earlier and I would have uploaded directly to an album instead of to my Timeline.


Tuesday 8th of June 2021

... [Trackback]

[...] Informations on that Topic: [...]


Sunday 6th of June 2021

Ugh, so annoying! June 2021 and still no way that I can see how to move photos to a different album. This was changed when facebook did an update, as most of you know now but for anyone not wanting to scroll up and read previous comments ... as of today there is no way to change a photos album so if you accidentally shared something to a wrong album, you cannot move it. Hopefully this changes soon. If you want to keep it there and wait until facebook fixes this issue, you could always put a particular photo you don't want there on "me only" so nobody else can see it but you and when/if facebook changes this issue you can move it then and change the view but at least for now it cannot be seen ... just an idea if this is an issue for anyone.

Jordan styles

Saturday 6th of March 2021

Has there ever been a solution? It’s March of 2021, and I still can’t seem to move photos. I uploaded some photos at the pumpkin patch last October I just want to sort into albums for my designated children and because I didn’t upload them individually I can’t separate them? Has anyone found a loop hole yet?


Tuesday 6th of April 2021

No. They haven't made the adjustment and it's been months now.