[SOLVED] Getting Rid Of Those Annoying Facebook Messenger Pop-Ups On The Desktop Site

A while back, I wrote a post about clearing the Facebook Messenger notification icon when there were actually no unread messages. The post quickly blew up, showing that there were a lot of people who were frustrated with getting  a notification when there were clearly no unread messages to be found. Just read the comments at the bottom of that post and you’ll see what I mean.

As a result of that post, though, another user mentioned that they weren’t so much frustrated with the Messenger notifications in the mobile app as they were with the annoying Facebook Messenger popups that occur when you are browsing the desktop site. Basically, she was looking for a way to turn off Facebook Messenger in the desktop view. Or at least limit how annoying it is.

If you use the desktop version of Facebook a lot AND you use Facebook Messenger, you’ll know exactly what she’s talking about. Those annoying pop-ups that show all the conversations that are going on in Messenger. It’s almost like Messenger is invading your Facebook timeline by covering up your feed, and irritating you as the conversation continues.

Here’s the comment that the original commenter made on the other post:

My frustration isn’t the notification button, but I came across your blog while searching for a solution to this issue, “why do messenger windows keep popping up, after I have read, and responded to them?” So, while on my desktop, which is where I usually am, I go through all the new facebook notifications. Each time I click on a notification, the browser then takes me to that page, and with that navigation, the last 3, or more, messenger windows pop up again, taking up real estate on my monitor. I constantly have to “x” them out, but when I navigate to another page, they pop up again. So pissed that this issue is wasting my time. Unlike most people on facebook, I am responding to business, client questions, and trying to make a living. Oye!!!

–Lisa James

I now exactly how she feels and have had times when I just wanted to completely turn off Facebook Messenger completely. Heaven forbid you engage in a group discussion on Messenger that becomes very active. The back-and-forth between those involved in the Facebook chat can pretty much overwhelm any browsing your are engaged in via your feed.

Sure, you can go in and mute the Facebook Messenger conversations 1 by 1, but that gets really annoying. It kind of feels like that “Pop-Up Video” show from VH1 that was out a while back.

The good news, however, is there is a way to turn off that Facebook Messenger “feature” and stop Facebook from overwhelming the desktop experience with notifications. You aren’t technically turning off Facebook Messenger, but you are disabling the notifications and limiting the number of chat popups that can overwhelm the desktop site. 

To turn off the Facebook Messenger Notifications within the desktop view of Facebook:

Step 1 – Login to Facebook (I have to put this step because some people skip it)

Step 2 – Click Messenger in the left navigation

Step 3 – Next, click the Gear icon that is the settings for Messenger. It is located in the upper-left corner of Messenger

Step 4 – Click Settings

Step 5 – In the Settings box, uncheck the box next to “Desktop notifications enabled”.

Step 6 – Click Done.

Disable Facebook Messenger Notification Pop-Ups With These Steps

Once you have unchecked that box, you will essentially turn off Facebook chat instant notifications and will no longer see those annoying pop-ups. instead, the Messenger notification icon in the top-right navigation will light up and display the number of unread messages you have waiting in Messenger.

I hope that helps alleviate some frustrations. Thanks to Lisa for sharing her frustration and I hope that the tip helped her, and you, get rid of those annoying Messenger pop-ups.

Have a frustration with the Facebook user experience or have a tip that might help someone else? Be sure to share it in a comment!


 Side Note: Solutions To Other Frustrating Facebook Problems

Quite a few people have emailed me or reached out to me via comments/social about other frustrating issues with Facebook. If you’re experience any of the issues below, here are the links to the articles to help solve them:

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Disabling the Facebook Messenger chat popups on your desktop
Steps to disable to Facebook Messenger chat popups on the desktop site
Get rid of those annoying popups on the Facebook desktop site

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Comments And Reactions

  1. That’s just for messenger – what about group posts and replies? I get a TON OF THOSE.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Jennifer, are you talking about group notifications in the Facebook mobile app? Let me know if that’s what you’re asking and I’ll dig in and find an answer.


  2. Barby Wolfish says

    It did not work for me, still getting the annoying Messenger pop ups

  3. Does not work for me. Following the instructions, I do not have a checkbox.

    I have the following: “You can allow Messenger to send you notifications from your browser notifications.”

    • Finally figured it out.

      Click on the padlock at the left of the URL in the address bar when you’re logged in to Facebook.

      Then you will see “Notifications”. Make sure it is set to allow. It should ask you to reload.

      After the web page reloads, follow the instructions above and you should see the checkbox.

  4. Hi there and thanks, this is not working for me either, my notification box is not ticked and I’m getting messenger pop up on any tab I have open when someone messages me through messenger :/ so frustrating

  5. This does not work. I still get the window popping up when someone messages me. It it extremely annoying.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hey Cheryl, I’m checking on a few more potential fixes. I’ll reply when I add them to the post if they work.


  6. Matt Caruso says

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! Fix #2 worked for my tablet issue.

  7. I’ve worked this out, on your computer, logged into facebook go down to “Chat” which is bottom right hand side – even if you have chat turned off. I have chat ALWAYS TURNED OFF as I don’t use it, but go to the Cog on chat anyway, now press “Turn off chat tabs” – now you will not get those annoying messenger pop ups, even if your chat is OFF you have to tick the “Turn off chat tabs” in Chat so that your messenger doesn’t pop up in all your open tabs. Why has this suddenly become an issue? No idea. Why is messenger popping up because something in chat isn’t ticked is beyond me, as I said, I never use chat, I hate it, it’s always off. The Chat feature should not be controlling messenger pop ups but it does

  8. This didn’t work for me. I think their might be a miscommunication here, because the original commenter posed a problem I can definitely relate to, but the solution here doesn’t fit. I don’t think they meant Desktop popups, because those don’t crowd the desktop at all, and she mentioned opening new browser windows and it still happening, which means it’s within the browser. I believe that she, like me, wants them to stop when browsing within Facebook. It’s a complete violation of privacy. When I’m on Facebook and people send me private messages, I have a bunch of chat boxes opening up and exposing private conversations, side by side. Chat is off. Desktop notifications is disabled. What can we do about these popups within the FB page itself? I don’t want to see my private messages until I choose to go into the messenger archive itself. Please help. I see options here.

    • I agree. I have the same problem and it’s making me crazy. I’ve turned all possible notifications off and it’s still happening. What’s more, I don’t even have the “desktop notifications enabled” option in Firefox. It’s not the solution to this problem anyway, just thought I’d mention it.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says


      If you’re trying to block popups in the browser completely, then look at tools like AdBlock Plus. They can completely block popups and chat windows, regardless of the site.


  9. Hi,

    do you know is there any way to make facebook stop force-opening chats windows, when I enter a company fanpage?

    – Z.

    • THAT is my problem! Every time I go to a FB page their messenger pops up! For each and every company!

  10. Does NOT work.
    My “Desktop Notifications” were already “unchecked”.
    It’s NOT notifications we’re complaining about, it’s entire message popups that take up a fifth of the screen. ALL my “chat” features are turned off, so it’s not connected to that either.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Tracy,

      Maybe post a link to an image of a screen of what your are frustrated with. If I can better understand what you are frustrated with, I might be able to find a solution. Be sure to cover up any private information.


  11. However, the entirely different solution provided by Shauna did work in my situation. Similarly, I’ve always had ALL chat features turned off, so it made no sense that FB suddenly “activated” this a while back, unbeknownst to us.

  12. Well written.

  13. Thank you!

  14. That feature no longer has a checkbox.
    It simply states: You can allow Messenger to send you desktop notifications from your browser preferences.
    pfft, good luck with that.
    (using Chrome)

  15. techtutor says

    Great tips and well-documented. I think with this guide, one will be able to curtail some of those unnecessary pop-ups. Thanks for sharing

  16. Is there a way to turn off the newer popups that you get on your mobile phone through the messenger app? I am not talking about the chat heads. I have a screenshot if you need it or don’t know what I’m referring to. It’s super annoying and is constantly getting in the way of doing everything.

    I just started using EPIC browser, and I like it a lot! It helps keep your online experience private from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others who want to collect, store, trade, and sell your internet usage data. A few minutes after logging into FACEBOOK, a small window tells me Epic has blocked 10 trackers.

  18. Nope, did not work. No gear box on messenger, still lots of pop-ups

    • At least this site asked permission to send notifications. Also, once you selected “No Thanks”, did you get another pop-up asking again? No, you didn’t. In the article it says “annoying pop-ups” meaning more than one, and the question that inspired the post says “3 or more windows pop up” and “I constantly have to “x” them out, but when I navigate to another page, they pop up again.” So your attempt to basically call the writer a hypocrite and find fault where there was none, failed. I’m sorry if you’re unhappy enough to try bringing others down with you, or maybe you’re just one of those people that have to criticize every little thing no matter what; whatever the case, next time you critique something, make sure your criticism has a leg to stand on.

  19. Bobby Peekaboo says

    I love how while I’m reading how to disable “annoying facebook desktop notifications” your site is literally asking if it can send me desktop notifications.

  20. So I am having the same problem that the original poster had but your solution doesn’t address that particular issue.

    This has started the past week for me and it’s driving me insane. I use facebook on desktop constantly which includes messaging people. I don’t want to disable notifications for chat messages because I need to be able to see new messages pop up in the chat boxes. The issue is that past messages some from even days ago with no new messages are constantly popping back up every time I navigate anywhere in facebook. Everything from the past couple of days pops up any time I click on a notification, group link, literally anything within facebook. They are all marked as read and there are no new messages. Again I don’t want to turn off notifications because I use them, when these pop up they don’t pop up as new notifications, it just reopens previously closed chat boxes for no apparent reason.

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