[SOLVED] How Do I Copy And Paste Symbols Or Emojis Into A Facebook Post?

Being the big fan of coffee that I am, I was creating a post on “National Coffee Day” a while back and I was wondering how I would go about adding a coffee cup icon to my post. Facebook has added Stickers and Feelings, that can be added to posts, but I didn’t really like anything they had. I wanted something more like an emoji…you know…a coffee cup.

So, I ran a few searches to find what I was looking for and lo-and-behold, the Internet delivered. It took a few queries, though, to find what I wanted. Some of the searches I tried were:

  • Adding icons to Facebook posts
  • Copy and paste an icon to a Facebook post
  • Can you add emojis to Facebook?
  • Can you copy and paste an emoji to Facebook?
  • List of icons that can be added to a Facebook post

If was the last one that that resulted in the post I was looking for. Thanks to Steve Bizuns over at Bizuns.com, I found the perfect coffee cup icon that I could simply highlight, copy, and paste into my post. If you want a coffee cup for your post, you can find it, here.

Be aware, that the icons don’t always come over exactly as expected. For example, Steve’s coffee cup icons look like this on his page:

An example of coffee cup bullets that you can add into your Facebook posts

When I pasted them into Facebook, however, they came out a little different, looking like this:

What coffee cup bullets really look like when you paste them into Facebook



Just a little different, but no worries. It’s still a good looking cup of coffee.

If you want a TON of other icons that you can copy/paste into your Facebook posts, check out Emojipedia. They have a searchable database of fun things to spice up your posts, beyond just plain text and backgrounds. Apparently, they call their coffee cup “hot beverage”, which is probably why it didn’t show up in my search results on Google.

Hopefully, those resources will make your Facebook posts a little more interesting. Have a favorite icon, bullet, or emoji that you’d like to share? Do so in a comment. Have a great resource that has lists of icons and bullets? Share that, too!


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  1. Christine McCubbin says

    Hi – have you discovered any ways to add emojis to the titles on Facebook Marketplace posts (private – not business ads)?


  2. I used to be able to copy a text, from a facebook group, with emojis – and paste it into another facebook group. But now that facebook has a new layout, when I paste the text, the emoji’s are all replaced with a camera icon – and I am trying to figure out how I can still paste them in. No luck so far…

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