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  1. I like your DropBox idea. But free, let us know your size and amount of images.
    I am on Onedrive, currently with more than 600Gb photos and around 200Gb other stuff. This makes the handling possible, but not easy and fast as I sizewize prefer to edit in my phone before uploading.
    But, it is doable 🙂

  2. jean michel guiraud says

    when this stupid instagram developpers will handle a correct web application if they are not clever enough i can help them

  3. This was a really helpful article. Has anyone heard about/tried Binfer? The site is

  4. I use the developer mode in Chrome to upload and it’s so easy and incredible! Here’s the link how to do it

  5. I work from a Mac and Gramblr works just fine.

  6. Instagram is such an ahole of a program. It’s forced its way into the professional world, and yet it makes it impossible to upload from desktop. I hate their guts until the end of time.

  7. Touraj Aminfar says

    very gooood

  8. Brad Blosser says

    This is getting more and more annoying. Instagram for Windows 10 is as worthless as tits on a bull. The stupid thing can find any of the images from my camera roll and instead has 2 images that aren’t even on my pc. All the flippin apps everyone in here is suggesting have all ripped their sites down. Why the frick should I have to fork over $80 a year for a stupid ass piece of software to get another stupid ass piece of software to accept my images. This is the new wave of on-line marketing? I give it 6 months before someone hunts down instagram and goes postal for making it so hard to use as a busy business person

  9. Brad Blosser says

    The problem with your explanation that was a reasonable explanation 4 or 5 years ago, is also invalid like the tools you mentioned. Instagram is heavily pushing their Social Media for business accounts. How many business people do you know of that want to spend 30 minutes figuring out how to upload a frickin video or image. Why the hell does instagram have to make it so hard? If they want to compete with Pinterest and Facebook and Google+ as a valid business app they need to seriously rethink their model.

  10. Mahreen Faizan says

    I have been using follownotify to Schedule my Posts, Increase my Followers & Grow my Business as if we have real & targeted followers, then we can get better conversion. I Recommend you all to Test it as i am very conscious about my Money & Time!

  11. Daily Royal says

    not a real solutions

  12. another Post on Instagram website
    No need to download any software on desktop.
    One drive,dropbox support

  13. Seriously, Instagram, you are garbage if you can’t do this…

  14. Smart Jewelry says

    I tried with the gramblr, however, it showed me that connection timed out
    when i tried to sign up an account? Can you tell me how to deal with it?
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Queenideas says

    Thanks for sharing this solution. Quite helpful.

  16. Julia Balandina says

    Downloading different apps on laptop is difficult and not convenient way for some users. For example, I’ve got not enought storage on my laptop, so I found another way to schedule pics in Instagram.

    The best online tool that I ever tried for uploading and scheduling photos from PC is I have been using it for 6 month and it works great!

  17. Martin Pea Meany says

    Finally, there’s a new and improved way to do this completely free and Instagram have made it possible. They’ve just launched a mobile version of their site. Sure, this may sound underwhelming but this is huge if you want to use Instagram on desktop.

    Load up developer tools and view the page as a mobile device, then you can use Instagram just like in the app.

  18. Rahul Kumar says

    Gramblr is the best. I tried this and loved it.

  19. Thiago Ramos says

    Gramblr now asks you for your Instagram username and password too, so… :/

  20. it is possible to add a photo from you PC to Instagram using the bluestacks +Instagram app – yes specifically a photo from your pc (in my case a windows 10 folder). but that is ‘A’ photo..not several. I guess restarting it would let a second one be uploaded. rubbish.

  21. Prateek Khurana says

    Hi everyone. I have been using Piktoria( for scheduling posts on Instagram.
    The good thing about this tool is that they really post using a real device and not some hacks.
    Why its good then? Instagram treats those posts as if they are coming from a real device and hence it does not breaks your hashtags and presence. I have used Deskgram and Gramblr in past but I found out that the hashtags that I have used were not visible when I search them on Instagram

    • This is interesting. Can I try it before paying?

      • Prateek Khurana says

        I think they have a 14-day free trial in which you get 20 or 30 posts free to try out the tool. I would suggest, subscribe to a plan as apart from scheduling posts they give other features like search Instagram posts based on location, monitor a hashtag’s performance or see how well you are performing against your competitor brand (this is the reason I subscribed actually – discovered there scheduler later.)

    • Previously, I’ve used Buffer for Instagram automation but it sends me a notification all the time before posting anything. I mean, what kind of automation is that 🙁 Just one question: I manage 5 Instagram accounts for my client’s so will it be possible to manage all of them from 1 dashboard OR do I have to create 5 different Piktoria accounts for that?

      • Prateek Khurana says

        I can understand your pain 🙂
        Even I am running a small agency and have connected 2-3 accounts. Yes, you can manage all those accounts through a single login username and password.

  22. Truecove Home Design says

    Bluestacks is the worst – it crashes every time now, since January of 2016. I tried to install a home design app for my site, only to have it reject the code outright. The Windows store Instagram app wont let you upload photos – only send them to friends. what use is that?!?!?

  23. Theres an official app in the Windows Store now

  24. Zen Starwalker says

    Instapic works perfectly with no issues so far, using on windows 10 acer laptop. it’s in the app store

  25. The Asia Jade says

    Probably THE MOST helpful blog about uploading content from your computer. Thank you so much Sean, you ROCK!

  26. Gigi Marsten says

    Thanks! Very helpful.

  27. Re Dropbox option, but isn’t what is needed is to be able for one to sit before his desktop and post the photos direct from there onto Instagram, right?

  28. Sue and Art Cloutman says

    I have a Mac and can’t figure out how to download from drop box to instagram. “Long-pressed to open it in photo gallery”? Help?

  29. I don’t like to say bad stuff about things i’m not familiar with, but i tried deskgram and it froze my PC three times in a row so i had to restart it all over again. Maybe smth is wrong with the PC, but i doubt that. I use Zengram to post from desktops. You just log in, press upload button and choose the picture – done. No installatons or browser plug-ins. I kind of freaked out when i learned i have to enter my login and password, but nothing suspicious were spotted during these six month i’ve been using it.

  30. Gramblr works. Thanks!!!

  31. this is good, if you have a tablet i no longer have my iphone and i have no smart phone. i would like to find a way to upload directly off my laptop to instagram

  32. What is the best way to manage multiple accounts? Any workarounds or solutions. I cannot find anything reasonable. Similar to multiple acct. managers fror Facebook and Google apps.

  33. I just downloaded the installer today (in zip) but it won’t let me extract it to my laptop 🙁
    I use Windows 8 and my internet connection was more than fine when I was downloading the file. I’ve tried to download it 3 times and the problem is still same.

    Anyone have the same problem?

  34. Valentina Portnova says

    I want to add one more way for upload pohoto to instagram from PC

  35. Johnny Plan says

    there’s a better solution for this – try :

  36. MichaelSidney says

    Latergram, people. Latergram.

  37. i use, send my photo on pc to one of myself numbers via, then download the photo on my phone’s whatsapp, so easy and no problem.

  38. Jose Colina says

    What a piece of crap “solution”… what kind of “from your desktop” solution is that if you have to use your phone??? You’d better say that you don’t have any solution at all than trying to make us feel as incompetent as you seem to be… Do not post something if it’s not a solution… **WASTE OF TIME**

  39. Jessica Bedy says

    I think is the best site ever!!
    I just love it. You can easily upload photos from your pc to instagram

  40. Or simply use this if you are a Mac user:

  41. Ilya Kirichek says – another one service for post photos to instagram from pc or mac.

  42. meowingwool says

    Now there’s also push bullet, where you can ‘push’ things to your devices, they have a chrome extension as well!

  43. Steven Graves says

    If you’d just buy Mac products then there wouldn’t be an issue, would there? Assimilate.

    • Steven Graves says

      Share your photo stream to the cloud and they are already on your phone or tablet to post. Pretty simple.

  44. Willl Gamblr work on a Mac running Yosemite?

  45. Rosemary Anne Neave says

    Thanks – helpful. I set up an album in Iphoto and set it up to sync to my phone. works easy peasy.

  46. Roger Patterson says

    Hi Sean,

    Wanted to let you know about another solution: Latergramme ( )

    It’s not completely automated like Gramblr, (the Latergramme app uses the IG app on your phone) however this is because Instagram’s Terms of Service disallow fully automated systems (and your account may be at risk if you do use fully automated systems)

    Also – Latergramme is free for the basic account

    Disclaimer: I’m one of the founders of Latergramme so could be slightly biased!

  47. Mashirnani Mohd Tahir says

    life saviour! lots of loves…thanks sean!! xoxxoxox

  48. Christina Ann Tenti says

    Gamblr freezes my PC completely. Had to delete the program and run my CC Cleaner. Someone suggested emailing photos from your to yourself and post from your phone.

  49. grambler o fucking stupid!!! square photo? what does square look like then because all photos are square. who wrote this fucked up code?

  50. Danna Cruzan says

    Gramblr works great for me and all of my hashtags are there.

  51. BlueStacks freezes itself at the “edition’ stage, for ages now.
    Gramblr stops at the “saving caption” stage (or, if you try to upload a photo without a caption, it simply says “try again”) for 3 days.
    Botio says “file upload temporary disabled due to technical reasons”.
    Any other options, guys? Any other sites/programmes?

  52. Christina Reuter Mitchell says

    What a wonderful article offering Non-How-To guidance.

  53. Agung Pambudi says

    If you cannot use instagram in bluestack because hang or not working, you can use duos-m for alternative……

  54. A new website claims that they can upload Images from PC. I checked and it works perfect. check it out.

  55. At the top of my desktop page there is a collection of my pictures that alternate. Problem is it only covers the first 4 rows of my pics. Is there any way to make it include all my pics?

  56. Hey, i used gramblr when trying to download it and open the zip file, it said it was only for windows, help? I’m using a mac.

  57. You can also make an album in Iphoto then fill it up with photos and transfer that album to your phone in itunes. Then upload those photos to Instagram.

  58. Use Dropbox to get your pics onto your tablet? Wow, that is real rocket science. 🙂
    And still it takes several clicks to upload a single pic to Instagram.
    If you use Dropbox then you should use Dropsync, too. That way you can fully syncronise (or only upload) a folder to your tablet or Smartphone. After that you can use the gallery.

  59. Gramblr isn’t working anymore, it did once. (Literally)

  60. theres no solution.
    i dont want a shitty smartphone.
    gramblr stops after edit my caption…….

  61. i installed grumbler on my mac and now my hastags don’t work either. anyone has a solution? i will not ever use this program again, but how do i make the hashtags working again for my instaaccount? pliiiz

  62. Eric Sornoso says

    Any idea on how to upload video from desktop?

  63. I tried Gramblr now (Mar 9, 2014) and it wont launch. I t says qt5webkit.dll is missing from my computer. I have a windows 7 PC.

  64. Do not use Gramblr it broke my instagram account so now my hashtags don’t work. Even if I upload a photo from my iPhone app. Lots of other people have reported this as well. If anyone knows how to fix please share =D

  65. Nice tips for sharing photos and pics to the instagram from desktops and personal systems.

  66. I use Gramblr. It work .but you must have square size photo ready on computer.

  67. My wife has 8,290 pics and videos on her iPhone that I want to get on Instagram. How on earth, without losing my mind, am I going to do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

  68. Just downloaded Gramblr for my Mac (OSX 10.7.5). The file unzipped just fine, but when I tried to install it, it said it couldn’t do it. I double clicked on the program to install it and it said it had an error and that it couldn’t be installed. #FML

  69. Well, I used Gamblr and didn’t like that it accessed the web, soooo I went a different route. In your graphics program in edit resize your image to 650 pixels to 650 pixels since that is what Instagram requires. Uncheck the box that says constrain proportions or unlink the link that ties width and heighth together. Then rename picture. Upload pic from Gambler it bypasses resizing using the web. I have had no problems with this other than you have to login to the program every time.

  70. gramblr doesnt work for me it keeps rejecting altho i have resized the pic

  71. I already downloaded GRAMBLR and couldn’t get it to work. It downloaded fine,but it keeps rejecting my photos again and again eventhough the pic resolution is 650×650 px. I tried to crop again and again but sigh it keeps rejecting~ how to solve it? thanks

  72. Great instagram desktop software. I am looking for this function so lone

  73. Geez, I always copy my photos from my DSLR camera to my mac, do some photoshop-ing then sending them by email. from me, by me. open them on my iPhone, download them then post them to instagram.

    Thanks for a better and faster solution!

  74. This was very helpful. I was looking for an alternative to BlueStacks and Gramblr is just the app that I need. Thank you. Cheers!

  75. Thank you! I tried the first two, and they both didn’t suit. Dropbox hadn’t even crossed my mind.

  76. Thanks so much for this! I was just about to try BlueStacks when I decided to do a tiny bit more research, and I’m so glad I did because the Dropbox solution you suggested was so simple to setup and use.

  77. This is just what I needed! Thanks!

  78. Rene De Leon says

    Hi Mr. Sean,

    Did you encounter the same problem that upon posting a photo from gramblr, my hashtags are not working anymore..

  79. Dude your a hero

  80. Rene De Leon says

    hi, i used gramblr, and i successfully uploaded one photo, after that I uploaded a photo straight from the app, there is one problem, my hashtags does not work anymore, when I clicked on my hashtag, it does not appear on the hashtag feed even though my account is public, please help, thanks a lot

  81. Michael Driscoll says

    Haha! This query has been a Bain in my existence for 3 months now. I used to be an Instagram champ, having lived and worked in beautiful mountains of Western NC, SC, CO, and AK, snapping pics & uploading them like a boss from the comfort of my DROID device.
    Then I moved to Panama for a project.
    DROID phone didn’t work and the company gave me a Blackberry. No bueno. Blackberry does not offer the Instagram app, but instead of using my DROID as a camera (which I should’ve been doing), I used the Blackberry and digital camera, thinking I could upload from the laptop later. Ooooops.
    Are 3 months of capturing some amazing photos on my digiCanon, now I have dozens that I’d really LOVE to share with my Instabuddies.
    I have an iPad, but wasn’t sure how to get my photos from my digi to the iPad, using the iPad to work with Instagram (Only the iPhone app is available, but works on iPad).
    iCloud? Dropbox? Gramblr?
    Glad I found this article. It was the very first one that comes up in any web search!
    You tha’ man!
    I’m going to work on getting some photos uploaded today.
    Reckon I’ll try the Gramblr app first. I’ll post again and share my trials.

  82. Great post, I’ve been trying to figure out how to post my pictures from desktop for a while so this is great, Thanks!

  83. Fantastic! As a DIY blogger, I am so frustrated that my gorgeous DSLR pics are not on Instagram. I love Dropbox, thanks for the warning on the other programs, I was about to try one. Great article. Awesome tips.

  84. Warren - Photographer Goa says

    I’ve been searching for a solution to post from desktop. Gramblr seems to be working again! So, thank you 🙂

  85. I dont really have a phone and I was looking for the instagram button but all there was is a fb, twitter and email icon. I thought this was supposed to send photos from pc to instagram. why isnt it working

  86. see this could be useful but i need to be able to use instagram without a phone so in a way not so helpful

  87. i can’t download on this laptop…are there any options that do not require downloading or installing?

  88. i hope it works
    my laptop is slow
    so it may not work
    im trying bluestacks first
    and then gramblr
    pray for the best!

  89. [UNSOLVED] i thought that i would be able to upload photos to instagram from my pc. dropbox doesnt do that, botios offline, my computer doesnt allow gramblr, and i need a higher version of windows for cnet!
    any other solutions?
    email me at
    [email protected] PLEASE HALP ME

    • forget all that, most smart phones i.e. iPhones and androids have their chargers that can also be used a USB, just detach from adapter and plug into pc with phone connected. Once connected, wait sec, look at phone, choose to mount. A icon will appear on desktop like any other memory device. transfer photos you want to share onto it. Unmount, go to your phone photo gallery, find photos, and share like you would normally do!
      your welcome!
      Check me out at

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Definitely try Gramblr now. It seems to be working better, but only 1 image at a time.

      Hope that helps!


      • I tried Gramblr today and couldn’t get it to work. It downloaded fine, but it kept rejected my pics because it said it had to be a square image (650×650). I reset my pics and could never get it to accept one. I know how to crop and resize, but no matter what I did it kept telling me it had to be a square. I know what a square is! Ha. Ever run into this?

    • I agree!

    • use bluestacks and download dropbox within that & you will then be able to upload photos from your desktop.

  90. Hey guys,

    There is a much much much easier way that this. If you guys are on Wifi at home and don’t want something that chews your downloads try an app on your phone called WifiExplorer. Basically it sets up its own IP address on your local network (that way you don’t get charged for downloads pushing it out to the web – not only that but Dropbox really sucks for speed when syncing). Open the app in your phone. It will show a toast notification in the middle of your screen with an IP address. Put the IP address in to your PC browser and within 2 seconds you see your whole phone SD card what ever appear similar to Windows explorer but in your web browser. Drag and drop or go to file upload and choose all the pics you want, and click upload to your phone. Within a short while (much less time that what dropbox takes to sync) you are posting your pics via the instragram app on your phone. Done! minus the long wait.
    Also short of that did anyone consider using the USB cord provided with your phone?? Might be a great place to start?

  91. Well played!

  92. Connie Seattle Mom Blogger says

    Darn it! I was hoping there was a way to do this from the PC. With so many PR firms adding Instagram requirements to their blogger outreach, it’s made finding a solution a must for me. I like to edit my photos before posting and I HATE to do that on my mobile device.

    So frustrating. I was excited that some mentioned Grambler worked for them but they’ve pulled the software because of problems and said it’d be back up on the 28th – that was 3 days ago.

    Thanks for saving me the time of looking for a solution. I guess I’ll just have to use my SkyDrive but that’s completely annoying.

  93. Thanks, this really helps 🙂

  94. None of these are real solutions. You still have to access IG from your tablet or mobile device. Why can’t we have someone create a desktop app to do the same thing?

    And as far as uploading your photos from dropbox or from any device, IG is so anal that most of the time the pic is cropped automatically that you can’t see the entire image. You need ANOTHER app to resize your pic or image to fit instagram because the IG cropping or shrinking feature is all but useless.

    If you really think about it, IG is a really basic program…it’s actually quite pathetic or at least it was until Facebook created 15 second videos for it, but all that hype the media around it was a real joke as well. Media was saying there is a new app from Facebook…what a joke.

  95. thank you!!! I was about to follow the exact same route it seemed. Saved me a lot of time .. and now I’ve learned about dropbox. Seen it on my phone, but never used it. 🙂

  96. How do you take a photo from your droid gallery and import it to instagram, which I have loaded on my droid?

  97. I use gramblr all the time. It works really well.

  98. Hannes Grebin says

    Get CheetahSync or use AirDroid! Bluestack is sooooo slow. Then on Windows I use Instagrille for quick comments #10fingers — enhance this by free online service:

  99. Chap Clark says

    This was great, until you got to this line: “Then I headed over to my tablet, where I had the Dropbox app installed and then long-pressed on the photo to open it in the Photo Gallery. From there, I could share directly to Instagram”

    “From there…”??? But how? You didn’t say… wasted a bit of time on the only thing I didn’t know how to do – Dropbox is obvious, but the “from there…” didn’t help at all…

    Thought I’d let you know in this sea of admirers…

  100. If you need to transfer you can just email the photo and open up your email on your iPhone and save the image from their. I’m trying to find a way on how to actually UPLOAD your photos to Instagram.

  101. elcaveman says

    THIS IS NOT PROBLEM SOLVED not even KINDA SOLVED! you’re now posting to Instagram from a mobile device. The article suggests you have solved the issue of posting from a PC Desktop or Mac using the web.

  102. says


    I had seen Gamblr come up in my search results earlier, so even though you said it didn’t work I went back to check it out, and it’s working fine.

    I downloaded it, uploaded a photo, and it worked perfectly. It’s amazingly streamline. The one issue I had is that I guess the image is either uploaded too small, or I uploaded too small an image, so when viewed over (not app) it is tiled. But otherwise it works perfectly.

  103. Bo Gorcesky says

    Your final solution was such an obvious “duh” moment but a great and innovative way to work around this problem. Thanks!

  104. So easy and it works. Thanks for the suggestion. Im not sure why these sites dont’ make it easier to upload photos

  105. It’s way easier to just email the photos to yourself & check your email on your phone & save the photo & post it on Instagram. That’s what I do.

  106. PandayanBookshop says

    Mabuhay po! We are facing also this problem, we recently install this on to our phone we did is upload a photo from pc then synch it from the Galaxy Note then open the application from Note. There is two types of sharing, one is share but theres no instagram so we tried to click the other one. The export then the instagram appz appear so success the only problem is instagram doesn’t support full photos so it always a resized upload too sad for that.


  107. I came up with the same solution just a few days ago, I thought this article will offer something better, uploading photos without using tablet or smartphone at all.

  108. This didn’t help me 🙁
    I have a crappy phone that doesn’t allow apps, and my friends are begging me to get instagram; so I wanted to know if I could use Instagram without the use of a phone or tablet at all :/

  109. Online Shopping Singapore says

    means you still can’t upload the pictures directly from the desktop. 🙁

    I have tonnes of pictures to share~~~ they are also located in

    Also is it possible to share the links or pictures from too?

  110. Karen Fung says

    Actully, Even though dropbox is technically the easiest way, instead I use attatchment to an email and send it back to my adress. It will arrive on your phones email. ( You need a phone with the instagram app) You open it and save the image. Then I just post it using the app. I have no clue why the computer uploading is so much more confusing then the app on iphones

    • Karen Fung says

      oh yeah, using this method I can upload as many pics as I want :D!!! Also I didnt only mean phones just devices with the app!

  111. buythiscomputer says

    So nobody comes with a real solution to automatically send few photos once a day on instagram ?

  112. louis herman says

    how is posting to instagram via your tablet a solution to wanting to post on instagram via PC? Is a tablet a PC?

  113. Thanks a lot man! I downloaded, tried, and deleted bluestacks before I found your article. Well done Sean.

  114. Thank you for this post. You just saved me about few hours trying to figure this out on my own. I’m going with dropbox!

  115. Steve Kleine says

    Dropbox….Why did I not think of that? THANKS! As pointed out, Instagram was built to be a mobile only app. Yes, we would like it to work on our PCs/Macs, but Instagram realizes that the future is going to be mobile. For those that want to share photos on a PC/Mac there is Facebook (which owns Instragram). Even now, 50% of Facebook logins in the US come from smart phone and tablets. Rather than looking for a way to make the app do something it is not designed to do, I recommend you get yourself a smart phone (some of them are even free) or invest in a tablet to get the most out of Instagram. Trying to make it change is like trying to get a boat to work on land or get a fish to live out of water. Instagram is focused on the 13-24 set. They do not want to see 100 pictures from your last vacation all at once. They just want to share what they are doing right now, comment on what you are doing right now and engage in a friend to friend manner. If you want to share 100s of pics, create an album on Facebook or put them on Flickr or Photobucket et al. Instagram has become a bonafide mobile social network. It needs to be treated as such unless they decide to expand to the PC, which I doubt they would do. And as far as Gramblr…I would never give my password to one app to another, even if it is complex and unique.

  116. thanks for your time, tough luck your answer is still negative

  117. kristina v says

    It’s not a solution, when you don’t have a smartphone (was stolen) . Then you can’t share nomore photos to instagram.

  118. hi, used to have a smartphone, but would like to upload pics that were taken from my Blackberry handset and which are saved on my desktop or PC.

  119. thanks a lot for advice! it works!

  120. Brilliant….thank you!

  121. …so it’s impossible to upload photos to Instagram from a desktop or laptop …no solutions other than “download this app and use your phone or tablet?” Don’t get me wrong, I love DropBox, but I was also hoping for a more direct solution to this issue based on the title.

  122. Hi!
    I was searching through the web for solutions to upload photos onto instagram via the computer..because mum took away the i-pad and my smartphone doesn’t support the instagram app.

    I have tried all the solutions on here before I found this page.. none of them work BUT I TRIED A FEW DIFFERENT TIMES AND FOUND A SOMEWHAT SIMPLE SOLUTION ON BUESTACKS 🙂
    so here are the following steps

    1. Upload your picture onto facebook (change the setting onto only me)
    2. Open the Facebook app on Bluestack
    3. Download the instagram app on Bluestack.
    4. Use the Facebook app on Bluestack to open up the photo you want to upload onto instagram.
    5. Click take a snapshot on the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER.
    6. Click upload using instagram.
    7. Crop it.
    8. Upload it 😀
    and it’s doneeee :3
    *works best if the photo is taken with a CAMERA

    contact me if you have any problem 🙂

  123. AWESOME. Im using this method very successfully for Instagram

  124. Flying Purple Hippos says

    I was able to get Gramblr to install on my PC. When I went to upload a photo though, it failed saying that the photo had to be square (equal height and width), and who wants to crop all their photos just to upload them? Not worth it for me even though I was looking for a way to use Instagram without a smart phone.

  125. Terrible article. Long winded, and one of the worst ways to transfer files from your PC to your phone. Has nothing to do with instagram. You just disguised it as such. Best way to transfer files to your tablet or phone is with ES File Explorer using Wi-Fi.

  126. Awesome help, thank you! 🙂

  127. can you sign up, too?

  128. Yes, is a solution – I managed to upload one image, now it says that the size is not OK. Seems to be buggy but there is no support.

  129. Poor old phone has so little memory, can’t install many large apps. Had to uninstall a few to make room to reinstall Dropbox & Instagram again. But long-pressing on both the Dropbox folder, then just the individidual pics inside the folder would NOT share to Instagram!

    I’d already checked that Instagram sent a pic from my phone via wifi, And ES File explorer actually WOULD share a pic with Instagram―weird that you got it going, yet it failed with me. However, my phone was complaining about too much memory being used, so maybe that.

    So after ifttt wouldn’t, didn’t show a way to beam TO Instagram, your Dropbox―Instagram work-around didn’t work on my old phone, so I’m going to try since others here said it’s working for them.

    Gramblr WORKED On Windows 7 (after scanning each file in the zip for virus, didn’t require installing, ran straight from folder I unzipped it to). But be forewarned, it does require logging in with your Instagram Username+password! So before testing it, I changed my Instagram password to a totally unique, long (not saying how many characters) password with a PW Generator, just to be extra safe. I’ll post back if I notice any weirdness like autoposting, tagging, or if it breaks (probably eventually, as they seem he||bent on only phone users uploading―probably easier/cheaper to track us that way than with cookies/spiders compared to ISP accounts LOL) .


    Eventho you mentioned Gamblr didnt work, I trying stiil it, ANNNNDDDD WORTHIT!!!!

    Uhm, sorry before.. You said we can put photos in Dropbox. Then, upload it by our iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android. Helllloooooo… I dont have either, Babe….
    For me, Dropbox is 119283099% NON-SOLUTION. *blink

    But, Thanksthanksthanks for Gamblr-information. Kisskisskiss.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      I recently tried again and it seems to be working better. I’ll post an update to the post.



  131. Bayu Amus says

    I wonder is there any differences between using the workaround suggested (using Dropbox), with physically connecting your phone/tablet using USB cable and store the photos into the phone/tablet’s storage?

  132. I downloaded Gramblr today and it’s fine 🙂

  133. i’ve downloaded drop box but i dont understand how i upload photos to instagram from pc…plz help

  134. I used today and it worked just fine…I dont have a mac though.

  135. Great fix. Simple and elegant. Thanks.

  136. AH HA! I was wondering about this, too.
    And based on your prompting, I just verified that I can easily share photos from my Android Gallery directly to Instagram. So the process is:
    1) Take pictures with my real camera.
    2) Upload to Google+ (could even automate this with my Eye-Fi card)
    3) Then wait a short bit for these photos to sync to my phone.

    NICE! Thanks for sharing the tip! Instagram is now actually more useful for me.

  137. Love it, thank you for your help!

  138. The trick is though to find an app/program online, via your desktop (either mac or pc) to do a batch upload! The uploading single photos item per item is the annoying factor. So for you, you’ll be individually editing and uploading each photo, bogging down your page, and spamming the feed of your friends/followers. That’s the biggest problem i have w/ Instagram right there.

  139. I don’t understand how dropping the files into a folder on your PC allows you to see the folder on your………oh wait. You need a tablet? How do I actually get them on instagram from my PC? I have a galaxy note 2 phone. How might that work? Sorry to be so ignorant.

    • I also have a Galaxy Note 2, and was wondering the same thing. Really wish Instagram would solve this problem.

    • If you only have a few pictures you can always email them to yourself. Add them as an attachment and open them on your phone. You should then be able to save them on your phone and proceed to upload them onto Instagram.

      Hope this helps.

  140. works perfectly!

  141. is the only one that worked for me.

  142. Thank you! I’ve been searching for this solution for a while (I tried the bluestacks method and didn’t like it either). Dropbox worked like a charm!

  143. Yeah I agree with Junie. Problem completely not solved, you can quite easily transfer photo’s to tablets/phones, they’re made for it with leads and clouds and all sorts.

    The 4 none solutions were closer solutions than yours. But thanks for teaching people the more irritating way of photo transfer rather than the basics using hardware sold with their tablet devices/phones.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Yeah…they are all a bit of non-solutions. Try Gramblr again, Amy. Seems to be the closest think to a solution. Sure wish Instagram would offer the capability through their Web interface.



  144. does not solve the problem of uploading from desktop to instagram as you still have to upload from phone or tab. this should have been called how to transfer photos from computer to phone


  146. Lady Spring says

    You can also upload your photos using Apple icloud service. Once you install the app on your desktop it creates a folder called “Photo Stream”. Inside this folder there are 3 more folders (My Photo Stream, Shared, Uploads). “My Photo Stream” holds your synced photos from your iPhone or iPad to your computer. “Shared” (not sure! I haven’t used it) Then the 3rd is the “Uploads” folder, just drag your desktop photos inside. It might take a while for the photos to sync to your Apple gadgets. You can find them in the “Photo Stream” tab in your iPhone gallery. 🙂

    Oh also, if you delete any photo in the “Uploads” folder it will also be removed in the “My Photo Streams” 🙂

  147. Sarrah White says

    I can say that the step by step procedural ways to describe the photos posting on the Instagram is rather a good work. I had been in this issue since long. It had really drop down a large effort of me in posting and sharing the stock photos which I had with held with me. Thanks for the valuable information on the subject.

  148. Nice article going through different solutions. I’ve seen the dropbox solution, but in a pinch if you only have a few photos just email yourself the phones and pick them up on your phone quickly.

  149. Tried Botio. Terrible program. I signed up for their 7 day trial… which I had active for all of half an hour.

    In addition to allowing you to upload photos, it has settings to Like, Comment and Follow instagram users, all at random. You can set these things to happen at intervals of a few hours. Personally, I’m not comfortable with any of that (especially bot comments, ick). I set all 3 of those to “Never”.

    I was quite displeased to learn that despite choosing those settings, the app started Liking, Commenting and Following on my behalf anyway!

    Not only that, the one picture it claimed to have uploaded didn’t work.

    A useless app, and slides in comfortably as Non-Solution #3.

    • I so agree with you this app is useless and not comfortable to use

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Thanks for sharing. I think Gramblr seems to be the only true desktop solution. It seems to be working a bit better now.



  150. Angus Whitton (@LuckytheLurcher) says

    That’s a really useful article – it will save me a lot of time!

    Many thanks!

  151. Thank you! I have the same problem, having just returned from vacation. I was wondering how to transfer my photos, so this post is very timely for me.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Glad it helped. The challenge is that most of these solutions still only let us upload one image at a time.



      • I have just finished shooting 3000+ pictures at Country Thunder and the best solution is to add them to Facebook on the PC and then save them to my phone by saving my Facebook photos to my phone. No matter how I do it I’m going to need a bunch of time to do even a hundred of them!

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