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  1. Daily Royal says

    not a real solutions

  2. Mahreen Faizan says

    I have been using follownotify to Schedule my Posts, Increase my Followers & Grow my Business as if we have real & targeted followers, then we can get better conversion. I Recommend you all to Test it as i am very conscious about my Money & Time!

  3. Brad Blosser says

    The problem with your explanation that was a reasonable explanation 4 or 5 years ago, is also invalid like the tools you mentioned. Instagram is heavily pushing their Social Media for business accounts. How many business people do you know of that want to spend 30 minutes figuring out how to upload a frickin video or image. Why the hell does instagram have to make it so hard? If they want to compete with Pinterest and Facebook and Google+ as a valid business app they need to seriously rethink their model.

  4. Brad Blosser says

    This is getting more and more annoying. Instagram for Windows 10 is as worthless as tits on a bull. The stupid thing can find any of the images from my camera roll and instead has 2 images that aren’t even on my pc. All the flippin apps everyone in here is suggesting have all ripped their sites down. Why the frick should I have to fork over $80 a year for a stupid ass piece of software to get another stupid ass piece of software to accept my images. This is the new wave of on-line marketing? I give it 6 months before someone hunts down instagram and goes postal for making it so hard to use as a busy business person

  5. Touraj Aminfar says

    very gooood

  6. Instagram is such an ahole of a program. It’s forced its way into the professional world, and yet it makes it impossible to upload from desktop. I hate their guts until the end of time.

  7. I work from a Mac and Gramblr works just fine.

  8. I use the developer mode in Chrome to upload and it’s so easy and incredible! Here’s the link how to do it

  9. This was a really helpful article. Has anyone heard about/tried Binfer? The site is

  10. jean michel guiraud says

    when this stupid instagram developpers will handle a correct web application if they are not clever enough i can help them

  11. John Larsen says

    I like your DropBox idea. But free, let us know your size and amount of images.
    I am on Onedrive, currently with more than 600Gb photos and around 200Gb other stuff. This makes the handling possible, but not easy and fast as I sizewize prefer to edit in my phone before uploading.
    But, it is doable 🙂

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