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  1. this is good, if you have a tablet i no longer have my iphone and i have no smart phone. i would like to find a way to upload directly off my laptop to instagram

  2. Gramblr works. Thanks!!!

  3. I don’t like to say bad stuff about things i’m not familiar with, but i tried deskgram and it froze my PC three times in a row so i had to restart it all over again. Maybe smth is wrong with the PC, but i doubt that. I use Zengram to post from desktops. You just log in, press upload button and choose the picture – done. No installatons or browser plug-ins. I kind of freaked out when i learned i have to enter my login and password, but nothing suspicious were spotted during these six month i’ve been using it.

  4. Sue and Art Cloutman says

    I have a Mac and can’t figure out how to download from drop box to instagram. “Long-pressed to open it in photo gallery”? Help?

  5. Re Dropbox option, but isn’t what is needed is to be able for one to sit before his desktop and post the photos direct from there onto Instagram, right?

  6. Gigi Marsten says

    Thanks! Very helpful.

  7. The Asia Jade says

    Probably THE MOST helpful blog about uploading content from your computer. Thank you so much Sean, you ROCK!

  8. Zen Starwalker says

    Instapic works perfectly with no issues so far, using on windows 10 acer laptop. it’s in the app store

  9. Theres an official app in the Windows Store now

  10. Truecove Home Design says

    Bluestacks is the worst – it crashes every time now, since January of 2016. I tried to install a home design app for my site, only to have it reject the code outright. The Windows store Instagram app wont let you upload photos – only send them to friends. what use is that?!?!?

  11. Prateek Khurana says

    Hi everyone. I have been using Piktoria( for scheduling posts on Instagram.
    The good thing about this tool is that they really post using a real device and not some hacks.
    Why its good then? Instagram treats those posts as if they are coming from a real device and hence it does not breaks your hashtags and presence. I have used Deskgram and Gramblr in past but I found out that the hashtags that I have used were not visible when I search them on Instagram

    • This is interesting. Can I try it before paying?

      • Prateek Khurana says

        I think they have a 14-day free trial in which you get 20 or 30 posts free to try out the tool. I would suggest, subscribe to a plan as apart from scheduling posts they give other features like search Instagram posts based on location, monitor a hashtag’s performance or see how well you are performing against your competitor brand (this is the reason I subscribed actually – discovered there scheduler later.)

    • Previously, I’ve used Buffer for Instagram automation but it sends me a notification all the time before posting anything. I mean, what kind of automation is that 🙁 Just one question: I manage 5 Instagram accounts for my client’s so will it be possible to manage all of them from 1 dashboard OR do I have to create 5 different Piktoria accounts for that?

      • Prateek Khurana says

        I can understand your pain 🙂
        Even I am running a small agency and have connected 2-3 accounts. Yes, you can manage all those accounts through a single login username and password.

  12. it is possible to add a photo from you PC to Instagram using the bluestacks +Instagram app – yes specifically a photo from your pc (in my case a windows 10 folder). but that is ‘A’ photo..not several. I guess restarting it would let a second one be uploaded. rubbish.

  13. Thiago Ramos says

    Gramblr now asks you for your Instagram username and password too, so… :/

  14. Rahul Kumar says

    Gramblr is the best. I tried this and loved it.

  15. Martin Pea Meany says

    Finally, there’s a new and improved way to do this completely free and Instagram have made it possible. They’ve just launched a mobile version of their site. Sure, this may sound underwhelming but this is huge if you want to use Instagram on desktop.

    Load up developer tools and view the page as a mobile device, then you can use Instagram just like in the app.

  16. Julia Balandina says

    Downloading different apps on laptop is difficult and not convenient way for some users. For example, I’ve got not enought storage on my laptop, so I found another way to schedule pics in Instagram.

    The best online tool that I ever tried for uploading and scheduling photos from PC is I have been using it for 6 month and it works great!

  17. Queenideas says

    Thanks for sharing this solution. Quite helpful.

  18. Smart Jewelry says

    I tried with the gramblr, however, it showed me that connection timed out
    when i tried to sign up an account? Can you tell me how to deal with it?
    Thanks in advance!

  19. Seriously, Instagram, you are garbage if you can’t do this…

  20. another Post on Instagram website
    No need to download any software on desktop.
    One drive,dropbox support

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