[Sponsored] Buffalo Wild Wings Takes Finger Football Mobile And Social

Disclosure: Buffalo Wild Wings did compensate me to write this post in the form of a gift card. The gift card was used to purchase meals for my family while we tried out the new mobile app. The opinions in this post are mine and do not represent those of Buffalo Wild Wings.

From a social media perspective, I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Buffalo Wild Wings.  Not only do they provide value to their fans and followers in the form of promotional coupons and updates on sporting events, they actually engage with their customers.

Yes, you heard me. They actually use social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to talk with their customers…something that a lot of other big brands are still trying to figure out.

So when BWW reached out to me via Twitter and asked if I would be interested in checking out their new Big Kick Challenge mobile app, my curiosity was piqued. I love the Texas Hold ‘Em and trivia table games that they offer in their restaurants, so why not check out their new mobile game to see what it offers. Oh yeah, and they offered to buy me and my family dinner if we’d stop by our local BWWs and give the app a try. Ummm….hello, no brainer!!Buffalo Wild Wings Takes Finger Flick Football Mobile With Their New App

After I agreed, and BWW sent me a gift card in the mail, I downloaded the app from the Google Play store, packed up the family and headed down to our local Olathe BWWs. FYI, the download is pretty quick via Wi-Fi since the app is not very big.

Note: My wife and daughter tried to download the app on their Samsung Galaxy Epic (slider) phones, but it wasn’t available to them in the Play Store. I’m assuming that this is because their phones are Galaxy 1-class and are stuck at an older version of the Android OS. If you don’t see the app in the store, you might be in the same situation.

As we anticipated, there was a placard on the  table-top describing the app and giving instructions on how to play. Basically, if you have ever played finger-flick football in elementary school, you already have all the skills necessary to rock this app. You remember finger-flick football, right? The folded-up triangle of notebook paper that you used to flick at your best friend in a feeble attempt to score a field goal between his or her fingers without poking them in the eye with the sharp corners of the triangle? This game is essentially the same thing in a mobile format.

For those of you who were deprived of the joys of finger-flick football, you might find similarities between the Big Kick Challenge app and Paper Toss, a similar app where you attempt to throw crumpled up paper balls into a wastebasket.

The Table Sign Associated With Buffalo Wild Wings' Big Kick Challenge Becomes A Virtual Reality Goalpost

The difference between the Big Kick Challenge and Paper Toss, however, is the augmented reality aspect to the game, which means you can point your phone at the sign on your table and it will transform the goal posts on the sign into a virtual football field on your phone. Based on how you move your phone, you can position yourself as a kicker, ready to send the ball through the uprights. You can then use your finger to flick the ball through the upright. There is often a cross-breeze that impacts your ability to kick straight to the field goal, so pay attention to the wind indicator! Additionally, your score is being recorded so you can compete with other challenge players nation-wide.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Big Kick Challenge Takes Finger-Flick Football Mobile And Adds An Augmented Reality Component

BWWs takes finger-flick football a step further with their new Big Kick Challenge App. Think finger-flick football meets mobile meets augmented-reality!

Also, keep in mind that the further your camera phone is from the sign, the further the kick will be. If you make it….that’s more points!

Be sure to register, so your best scores are registered and you can compete to win a trip to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl game!

My overall impression of the app is that it’s a pretty simple, straight-forward take on one of my childhood favorite lunchtime activities. The augmented reality piece is pretty cool and worked flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy S3. The other nice thing is that you can play offline and don’t need the table sign if you’re sitting somewhere and want to practice your finger-flick skills.

There is a social media component to the game that allows you to see the nationwide leaderboard of scores and also allows you to start some smack-talk as you share your scores to your favorite social network. So get practicing and start thinking of your best witty football banter to challenge your friends and family to beat your score!

With The Big Kick Challenge, Buffalo Wild Wings Also Let's You Share To Facebook And TwitterOverall, by adding the game to their already-great poker and trivia games, Buffalo Wild Wings has continued to develop a suite of in-restaurant entertainment that keeps me busy while I’m waiting for my wings.

So, if you’re in the mood for some wings and football, definitely check out the app. Just remember to wipe the spicy buffalo sauce off your fingers before you start flicking 😉




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