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Strategic Tips for Managing Your Facebook Marketplace Account

Facebook Marketplace has become one of the premier locations to buy and sell products, but if you’re just getting your feet wet, it can feel a bit overwhelming to navigate.

To turn Facebook Marketplace into a profitable venture, even more so than Craigslist or Ebay, you’ll want to take advantage of all the tips and tricks to make your page and products the most eye catching and desirable.

Please note: Some of the links in my posts are affiliate links. I get commissions for purchases made through those links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when you buy something from those links.

Alternately, if you’re looking to buy something but are wary of wading into those murky waters with strangers, you want to be sure you understand the basic rules of conduct.

We’ve gathered together some of the best tips and tricks for managing your Facebook Marketplace account.

Important Tips for Creating a Facebook Marketplace Listing that Gets Attention

Important Tips for Creating a Facebook Marketplace Listing that Gets Attention

First, sellers. How do you make sure the item you’re selling gets the most attention and the most potential buyers, getting you top dollar for your sale?

Add Pictures

Take a lot of pictures of the item! People want to see all the angles to be sure of any damage or wear and tear. They also want to be able to picture themselves owning it. So, give them what they want!

Add a Complete Description

Describe the item in full detail, the year it was made, how long you’ve had it, if you’re the original owner, the condition it is in, color, shape, and size. Everything.

In the case of selling something online, you can never give too much information.

Add a Price

Don’t try to get sneaky with the price and put a random dollar amount, zero dollars, or “make an offer.”

Buyers want to know up front what you expect, so they can imagine themselves paying for it.

Go online and price the value of your item. There are tons of sites that will tell you about what it’s worth. Then list the price you think is fair.

You can always lower it if you get no bites.

Add the Location of the Item

Tell your potential buyers where the item is, especially if you want them to come pick it up.

Even if you’re shipping, buyers will want a sense of where the item is coming from. It helps them imagine the seller, you, where you live, and how the item is being kept or stored.

How to Add or Update Your Address on Facebook Marketplace

How to Add or Update Your Address on Facebook Marketplace

If you’ve recently moved, you want to be sure to update your address or general location on Facebook Marketplace so the people you interact with will have an idea of where you are located for buying and selling items.

For sellers, simply go to Shipping Orders on Marketplace, select Create Shipping Label, then Edit Information.

Type in your new return address then select Save.

For buyers, from Order Details, click Create Shipping Label.

Then Edit Information.

Finally, enter your new details and click Save.

How Do You Find Saved Posts on Facebook Marketplace?

How Do You Find Saved Posts on Facebook Marketplace

You found something you love, and you want to buy, but you weren’t quite ready to make that purchase yet.

So you saved it.

And now you can’t find it.

Here’s what to do:

In the Facebook app, tap the menu tab and open Marketplace.

Then tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

Finally, tap the Saved option.

Now you can scroll down and see everything you saved!

From your desktop, go to Marketplace in the sidebar on the left.

From that webpage, click Buying on the left side.

Under Buying open the Saved option.

Now you can see all the listings you saved!

How Can I Block Someone on Facebook Marketplace?

How Can I Block Someone on Facebook Marketplace

It happens. Someone is trolling or harassing you, and it has become unpleasant. You do not have to put up with online abuse.

You can block anyone any time you want – and you should.

To block someone, simply go to your marketplace tab and tap the three lines in the top right corner and select People.

Scroll down and tap Blocked People.

Tap the red Block button next to the person you want to block.

Now you’re done with the trolls!

As a Buyer, How Can I Cancel an Order on Facebook Marketplace?

As a Buyer, How Can I Cancel an Order on Facebook Marketplace

Sometimes, you change your mind.

You thought you wanted that item, but you don’t anymore. You found a better deal. Or you don’t have the money you thought you did.

You can cancel an order on Facebook Marketplace with ease as long as the item hasn’t shipped yet.

Simply go to your Facebook News Feed.

Click Marketplace.

Click Your Account.

Select Purchased Orders.

Click the order you want to cancel.

And Click Request to Cancel Order.

And you’re done!

Note that if the order has already shipped, it is likely too late to cancel, but you can always return it. Facebook Marketplace has a 30-day return policy as long as the item is not a “final sale” item, so simply return the item within your window.

Also note that accepting your cancellation is up to the seller. They could refuse, especially if the item is a final sale item.

How Can You Update or Refresh a Facebook Marketplace Listing?

How Can You Update or Refresh a Facebook Marketplace Listing

If you’ve already created a listing, and now you realize you should be adding more details, more pictures, or you want to update the price, you can do that.

You can either edit the details of your listing, delete your listing entirely, or mark your listing as sold or pending.

To edit:

Click Marketplace.

Click Your Account.

Click on the listing you want to edit.

Click Edit Listing.

Edit your details then click Update.

To delete your listing:

Follow all the above steps, but instead of clicking Edit Listing, click Delete Listing.

How Can You See Your Rating on Facebook Marketplace?

How Can You See Your Rating on Facebook Marketplace

Your rating can make or break you on Facebook Marketplace.

It tells your buyers or sellers if you’re reliable, fair, and honest.

And in a free market like Facebook Marketplace, your reputation is everything.

Be sure to be reliable, fair, and honest in all things. It will ensure you get the same in return.

To check your rating on Facebook Marketplace, you must be on the Facebook app. Simply go to Your Account on the marketplace, which will tell you all your information, including your ratings, as a buyer and a seller.

In the end, Facebook Marketplace can be a truly wonderful way to buy and sell your items and create a network of like-minded buyers and sellers.

Do you use Facebook Marketplace? Do you have any tips or tricks based on your own experiences? We’d love to hear about them in the comments. I love hearing from my readers!

— Sean