5 Easy Ways to Organically Increase Your App Downloads and Lift Rankings

Ever wonder what it takes to optimize a mobile app so it reaches the top of the search rankings? Guest blogger Robert Everett shares his tips and tactics on driving mobile app downloads and adoption.

Mobile Applications Infographic

Some great information about the profitability of mobile applications in this infographic provided by OnlineMBA. It will be interesting to see whether the Google Android Market starts to compete with Apple’s App Store, now that Android has passed the iPhone in the number of total users. Additionally, since Google is built on an open platform, it will be interesting to see whether or not Google will be able to generate the profits that Apple has seen since Android users have more of an expectation of free or low-cost.

HomePipe – A New Way To Stream Your iTunes To Your Android Phone. Kind of.

Having iTunes and an Android phone seems a bit of an odd match, but the iTunes store is pretty much the standard in the industry for buying music and since I have a couple of iPods around the house, it has always made sense to use it as the defacto music source. So when I got my Samsung Moment, I figured there must be a good way to stream my iTunes to my Android phone, right? Wrong. There are a couple of apps out there that claim to do it, but HomePipe seems to be the most commonly discussed. Since it’s free, I thought I’d give it a try.