[Comic] Why Are We On Facebook?

Engaging in social media isn’t easy. Before jumping in and building channels, think through what you want to accomplish and what your customers need from you.

[COMIC] Parenting In The Age Of Social Media

Social media can present challenges for both teens and parents. But sometimes it offers us the “persuasive” tool that we need to get things done.

[COMIC] Who Is Running Your Social Media Channels? Is It Your Intern?

Are you willing to risk your company reputation by putting an intern in charge of your social media channels? Would you be prepared if their activities sparked a social media crisis for your company?

Comic: Social Media Strategy From A Book

A social media strategy isn’t something you can get from an eBook. It’s something that needs to be uniquely tailored to your specific business goals.

Social Media Comic: Do You Really Need All Those Gadgets?

Mobile technology and social networking have certainly converged and are helping us stay in touch. But do we need to be “always on and always on-call” in our lives? Does the social/mobile connection actually cause issues?

Social Media Comic: The Social Media Timesink

Do you let the timesink of online channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest take you away from your real life? How do you avoid getting “sucked in” to hour of online engagement?

Social Media Comic – Communicating With Your Customer Community

Let’s face it…sometimes things go wrong. Communicating with your customers about issues that arise and letting them know what steps you’re taking to resolve can go a long way.

Social Media Isn’t About The Numbers! Or Is It?

When judging the success of your social media activities, are you using the right criteria? Artificial numbers like friends, followers, and klout might not be the best measures.

2011 Round-Up Of My Social Media Cartoons And Comics

All my social media cartoons and comics linked in a single post. Feel free to use these in your blog posts or presentations with the proper attribution.

Think Twice About Automating Your Social Media Efforts

Do you schedule or automate your social media activities? It is useful or does it actually undermine the purpose of social media…to connect individually with your customers or community?

Cartoon: Social Media Resources

Some organizations treat social media as a part-time activity and don’t dedicate the required time and resources. Be sure that you’re not undermining the success of your social strategy by expecting employees to maintain your social channels in their “spare time”

Cartoon: The Social Media “Me-Too”s

Everyone wants to create the next “Facebook-killer” or “Twitter-killer”. Maybe what entrepreneurs should be focusing on is coming up with new applications that offer brand-new features and functionality, instead of just copying what Facebook and Twitter have and bolting on some extra features. {ahem…Google+}

Social Media Cartoon: Old School vs. New School And The Death Of Print Advertising

If you’ve ever tried to advocate for social media in an environment filled with “old school” media folks, you might empathize with the social media strategist in this new cartoon. While more and more marketing dollars are shifting to digital, there are still people who believe that traditional television, radio, and print are the best for their brand. And maybe they’re right…if they sell televisions, radios, or magazines 😉